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Your Kids Get Life Skills, You Get a Break

Kids Cook Real Food is an online video eCourse helping kids of all ages be confident in the kitchen!

Kids Cook Real Food eCourse cooking class for kids
10 Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make ebook

Want a little taste?

Download our free eBook “10 Snacks Your Kids Can Make” NOW and solve snacktime once and for all.

  • Kid-friendly recipe format
  • Gluten-free, 90% grain-free, 4 incredible veggie dips
  • Secret “frosting” on the fruit pizza is healthier than most kids’ lunches
  • Healthy snacks that look like other kids’ junk food

Your kids of all ages can make snacks for themselves instead of asking you!


Don’t worry, no spam here, no selling lists. I’ll send you the download and some tips about kids and cooking, and you can ditch me at any time (although I can’t promise not to cry).


“As a chef and a mom, the high quality of Kids Cook Real Food and Mrs. Kimball’s commitment to accuracy was just what I was looking for. Other chef volunteers and I are using the curriculum to teach kids in person!”

— Adreeanna Black, chef, Bistro at Home LLC & 7B Culinary Connections, Inc, Member of APPCA, Sandpoint, ID


This is much more powerful than I anticipated, and I promote cooking with kids with my clients on a daily basis.

My kids were much more interested to be learning from a video than from me, and I couldn’t believe how excited they were to eat those ants on a log, cucumbers, and carrots that they helped prepare!”

— Sarah Bester, CNP

Even busy families can have kids who know how to cook! Just imagine what this online cooking class can do for you:

  • Your kids mastering over 30 basic kitchen skills (and someone else told them how to be safe)
  • Enjoying quality time with your kids (without worrying about what to do)
  • Healthy and vibrant lives full of energy, now and when they’re adults
  • Building self-esteem and confidence with the foundation of authentic work (you’ll be amazed at how family life runs more smoothly)
  • Never worrying about allergies or junk food in a kids’ cooking class
  • Knowing your kids can feed themselves in college, and even that they’ll be teaching their own kids your family favorite recipes!

How it works:

Giving your kids the gift of real food and independence is THIS easy with the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse:

family watching online cooking videos for kids


Watch the intro video with your kids.

Each lesson comes with a professionally produced instructional video demonstrating new skills – kids love watching other kids!

mom planning cooking classes for her kids


Prep lesson 2 with a one-page Quick Start.

We’ve done all the thinking for you in the PDF lesson plans – just grab some basic supplies and start cooking!

having fun with vegetables in cooking class


Enjoy time together - with healthy food!

We give ideas for how to practice each new skill and memory phrases to make sure your kids stay safe in the kitchen.


And then? Eat their yummy food and build truly authentic self-esteem.


Moms are loving this course! Click to hear their thoughts (and see real kids in action, so cute!):

“For at least 3 generations, women in my family weren’t taught to cook.
This course helped me turn that around for my daughters, and it only took a bit of my summer off (I’m a teacher) to get all of us, even me, more comfortable in the kitchen. We really enjoyed our time together, too!”

online kids cooking class in the media

Meet Your Course Instructor

katie-circle-headshot-transparent I’m Katie Kimball, and as a mom of 4 I hit this point where I was too busy and too stressed out to even think about inviting my kids to help me in the kitchen. But…I needed help so I could stop being so busy and spend time enjoying my children.

For the good of my whole family, it was time to teach my kids to cook.

Even though I love cooking myself, sometimes having my kids in the kitchen was as painful as doing crafts and finding glitter on everything two months later.

But I didn’t want my kids leaving for college not knowing how to cut a vegetable and ending up relying on frozen dinners the whole time!


I gave myself many pep talks so I’d remember how important it was, and once I began to see the fruits of my labor, I realized I needed to share our methods with more people.

That’s why I created the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, and why I can’t wait to share it with your family.


4 kids…10,000+ family meals made…

9 years writing about real food…and ZERO fingers cut while kids use knives!


family enjoying kids cook real food ecourse
Imagine having time to read or do your Bible study while your kids make the meal!