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Katie Kimball


I’m Katie Kimball, and as a mom of 4 I hit this point where I was too busy and too stressed out to even think about inviting my kids to help me in the kitchen. But…I needed help so I could stop being so busy and spend time enjoying my children.

For the good of my whole family, it was time to teach my kids to cook.

Even though I love cooking myself, sometimes having my kids in the kitchen was as painful as doing crafts and finding glitter on everything two months later.

But I didn’t want my kids leaving for college not knowing how to cut a vegetable and ending up relying on frozen dinners the whole time!


I gave myself many pep talks so I’d remember how important it was, and once I began to see the fruits of my labor, I realized I needed to share our methods with more people.

That’s why I created the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, and why I can’t wait to share it with your family.

xoxo mrs kimball


Katie has been featured on an internationally viewed talk show, local television in 4 cities, dozens of podcasts and even a few magazines and newspapers (yes, print still exists!).

She had the privilege to speak to a few hundred health practitioners in a speaking competition – here’s her 5-minute speech, which took the top prize!

See more media here.

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Remember Who Taught You to Cook?

I have fleeting memories of my grandmother’s kitchen on our yearly summer visit – my curious face peering over the high counter at the magic her skilled hands were performing with dough and a rolling pin in a cloud of flour.

She would bring the little bits of leftover pie dough down to the table so I could reach, teaching me how to form them into my own cinnamon-sugared creations, impossibly flaky and sweet on my tongue.

Later as I learned to feed my own family, it was my grandmother who again toiled for hours teaching me to can tomatoes, peeling each one so that they were the ultimate perfection-in-a-jar for piping hot chili in February or an easy slow cooker meal on a busy school night.

A few years back when the “clutter,” as my Papa called it, was being donated, all the pie-making and canning supplies left the house.

She’s too old to bother with that sort of thing anymore, he says.

When I saw the tiny pie tins in the box, my breath caught in my throat and all the memories rushed back as crisply as the apples in my favorite pie.

The legacy of from-scratch cooking and the joy of feeding my family well was passed down from my grandma to my mom, then to me, and I’m ever grateful.

But I know it’s not always this way, especially for our young generation.


What If No One Teaches Our Kids to Cook?

Like a lot of moms these days, you may have had to teach yourself to cook. It’s a tough culture to live in, with Sara Lee and Mrs. Stouffer offering to do all the hard work for us at the expense of fresh foods, health, and the demise of family dinners.

Cooking is becoming a lost art, replaced by fast food, frozen dinners and boxed mixes – with disastrous consequences.
This young generation will be the first NOT to outlive their parents’ generation, and the “diseases of civilization” are out of control: obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and autoimmune diseases get diagnosed in younger age groups than ever before.

We are a sick nation, and it’s time to make a change.



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