Online Video Cooking Curriculum

Your Homeschool Curriculum Needs Life Skills…

…And Your Life Needs Kids Who Help Out.

Welcome, Charter School staff and members!

The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse is a video-based course with accompanying curriculum designed
by a former elementary school teacher, Katie Kimball.

This online video course will help children discover and nurture their strengths, learn how to make
recipes independently, without anyone else’s help, and know how to feed themselves healthy
food as they grow into adulthood.

Kids Cook Real Food will build independent chefs and life skills while everyone is having fun in the
kitchen together. The course includes:

  • 8 video lessons for each level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced)
  • Downloadable curriculum designed to prepare parents for each lesson so their kids get the most learning out of each experience
  • Flash Cards that reinforce skills and information taught in the video lessons
  • A recipe ebook full of meals and snacks that kids will learn to make
  • Shopping and supply lists that make it easy to be prepared for each lesson

Here’s a quick preview to see what a lesson is like:

You can also take a peek at the course curriculum map for more details.

Kids Cook Real Food has been used by many homeschoolers and provides curriculum to
charter schools across the nation, and offers charter school families the opportunity to purchase the eCourse using instructional funds.

We also work with curriculum providers and other independent classrooms:

  • The State of Utah’s Expanded Core Curriculum: providing cooking classes for the blind population
  • We’ve gifted over 80 memberships to foster families in TN and MS through a “buy one, give one” campaign with Youth Villages.
  • Families are offered our classes free of charge to foster families with Fostering Together in the state of Washington.
  • Our course is also used in many homeschool co-ops and school-to-home partnerships, an after-school program in KS, a 2nd-grade classroom in
  • California, a middle school program in North Carolina, and a preschool program in California.
  • Chefs’ classes in Idaho
  • The eCourse is available as a curriculum option to Sonlight homeschooling members.
  • Pennsylvania Commonwealth Charter Academy offers the eCourse as an elective to all of their students.

Join The Course With Instructional Funds

As a member of a charter school, you might be able to add the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse to your student’s curriculum!

We’re already on the approved vendors list for these schools, so just ask your school to send a purchase order to [email protected] and we’ll take it from there:

  • Academy of Arts and Sciences, Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Bridges Virtual Academy
  • California  Pacific  Charter  Schools*
  • Community  Collaborative  Charter  School
  • Compass  Charter  Schools
  • Connecting  Waters  Charter  Schools
  • CORE  Placer Delta  Charter  School
  • Elite Academic Academy
  • Excel  Academy
  • Everett Public Schools
  • Gateway  Academy
  • iLead  Exploration
  • Inspire  Charter  Schools

  • iLead  Exploration
  • Inspire  Charter  Schools
  • Julian  Charter  School*
  • Ocean  Grove  Charter  School
  • Pathways  Academy*
  • Regent Christian Online Academy
  • Sage  Oak  Charter  School
  • San  Joaquin  County  Charter  Schools
  • Sky  Mountain  Charter  School
  • South  Sutter  Charter  School
  • Summit  Academy
  • Quilcene  School District: P.E.A.R.L
  • Valiant  Prep  School
  • Many schools do not need approved vendors; they’ll just reimburse you. Check with your contact person!

*pending  official  approval

If you don’t see your charter school on this list but you’d like to join using charter school funds, just share the link to this page with your school or email [email protected] with your school’s name and contact information and let us know you’d like to join.

Click for an email request that’s ready to send to your school – all you have to do is fill in your school’s email address.

More Details for Educational Facilitators

If you are an Educational Facilitator with a Charter School, and ready to set up your member’s family with access to the eCourse you have two options.

Option 1

The simplest way will be to pay with a credit card. Just follow these instructions:

  • Purchase the course at whatever access level the family requested. These links will open the respective order forms with the gift option so you can share the access instructions with the student’s family.
  • After the gift order is placed, you’ll get two emails with very specific instructions.
    1. One email is your purchase receipt for your records. Just keep for your records, print, or forward that (however receipts are handled internally there).
    2. The second email contains a special link in it that the student’s family will need in order to set a username and password for accessing the eCourse. You can forward that email directly to the student’s family.
    3. If you CC [email protected] on that forwarded email, our team can make sure the family is set up with all the resources that our members receive. (If you don’t CC us, or otherwise share the family’s contact information with us, we cannot set them up to receive some of the resources, so please don’t skip this step!)

Option 2

If your school prefers to send a Purchase Order and receive an invoice for the course, you can send your purchase order to [email protected].

  • Please include this info on your Purchase Order:
    • The first and last name of the parent or student,
    • the email address of the parent or student,
    • the product the family wants, choose from:
      • Single Level Access (choose from Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced): $49.95
      • All-Level Access (includes access to all three skill levels for 12 months): $99.95
      • VIP Access (access to all three levels for life, plus some additional bonuses that will enrich the class experience): $149.95
      • Note: Sales tax does not apply to this product, so no need to include it on your purchase order.
  • Within 5 business days after receiving your Purchase Order, we will create a login for the new student and notify the member family with access instructions. Our team will also notify the charter school that everything is set up.
  • Within 30 days Kitchen Stewardship will send an invoice for each Purchase Order.


If you have any questions about the process or about the eCourse, send an email to [email protected] and our team will be happy to answer your questions.