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How to Give a Gift Membership

Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

We make it easy for family and friends to share the gift of kids cooking.

  1. Fill out your billing info
  2. Click “Place Order”
  3. We’ll give you simple instructions for giving the eCourse as a gift, and even a special gift certificate that you can print and wrap.

A VIP Membership for $149.95 is a great gift for all ages! You’ll be giving access to all three skill levels offered in the eCourse and access will never expire!

The kids can log into the course no matter where they are, so whether they’re at home or at grandma’s, they’ll be able to do their class.

The perfect clutter-free gift for your children, grandchildren, or family friends!


If you prefer to gift access to just one skill level, you can read more about what skills are taught in each level and choose one here.

When I tell people I teach kids to cook, they almost always tell me about a memory they have of their mom or grandma teaching them to cook…



Jeanie's Granddaughters

Grandma Approved!

“This class was the best thing I ever gave my grandkids for Christmas! Now they help out with confidence when they come to dinner at grandmas. I know what they are capable of and can invite them to help out!”

— Jeanie



Kid Approved!

“I like it because you can actually do stuff. It’s not just making toast or macaroni and cheese. It’s actually making dressing and stir fry.”

— Abby, age 8


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