Parenting Picky Eaters Can be Painful

Constant snack requests…then no dinner…then “I’m hungry!” an hour later…

It’s enough to drive us up the wall! I run a free picky eating challenge a few times a year to help families build great relationships with food.

Save your spot in advance and I’ll send a bonus PDF and picky eating tips while you wait:


If you’ve ever said…


…you’re not alone.

Our culture of kids’ meals and convenience has made it HARD for parents to make healthy foods the norm in their families…but you don’t have to hate dinnertime.

I’d love to let you know next time I host another No More Picky Eating Challenge, but I won’t make you wait to get help with your picky eater. 🙂

When you reserve your free ticket now, I’ll send a printable of satiating snack ideas and mini email lessons with picky eating tips to hold you over!

Printable Snack Ideas


Coming up with snack ideas that will actually stick to a child’s ribs (what we call “satiating”) is a task your tired parent brain doesn’t have to do anymore!

This PDF will detail WHAT makes a snack satiating, plus:

  • a one-page printable with visuals to help the kids choose variety
  • links to kid-friendly recipes if you’re a “homemade” family and nourishing, satiating packaged snack lists if you aren’t
  • protein, fat, and fiber options so you can mix it up
  • boring bedtime snacks (why boring??? You’ll learn that too)
  • snack variations for toddlers and teens (they are different beasts, aren’t they?)

Plus I’ll send you quick tips via email (basically a free mini email course) on veggies, salads, problem feeders, sugar issues, eating personality AND MORE!

Around here, you’re not just “waiting” on a “list” for the next challenge.

You’re part of the community already, and I have high expectations for learning and growth! 🙂

And you can look forward to the challenge, taken by over 10,000 families, who get results like this:

“As you can see, those little hands are happy to dig in to the bits they like as well as the new foods they previously wouldn’t have touched.

“Today I was greeted with ‘Daddy, I really like peppers now, they’re not even spicy!’

“Stay consistent everyone.”

“Playing catch up with the replays today, but I tried leading dinner with a bowl of carrots on the counter while the food cooked and IT WORKED!”

“A blended soup before our main meal this evening – and an empty bowl!”