Teach Little Kids Real Kitchen Skills

Your time at home is an opportunity to connect in the kitchen with your little ones…

Watch the video for an example of the power of breaking down skills and using the right language.

Now join us for a mini-course to build basic skills. Soon they’ll be able to do real kitchen work alongside you!

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Little kids are messy.

They’re slow.

They ask too many questions.

But we’ll mourn their cuteness when they grow older, won’t we?

Mamas, let’s talk.

I know sometimes it’s hard to let your 2, 3, or 4-year-olds in the kitchen when they ask to help. Even kindergarteners and 1st graders feel like they’re slowing us down.

It’s faster and easier just to do it yourself!

Other Parents are Jealous…

But if you have a child under 7 who is still asking to help, let me tell you who envies your position: The moms of 8-year-olds who don’t want to help anymore, even though they could really contribute now!

Research shows that when we tell kids, “Mom will do it,” and shoo them out of the kitchen, we’re training their brain to think, “The kitchen is no place for me.”

But if we can capture the intrinsic motivation of the early years, they’ll continue to be motivated and see chores as a privilege, not a burden!

NOW is the time to build cooking skills for your little ones, both to lay a foundation for later when they can actually make breakfast or dinner for you, AND for the present.

Let me show you the potential of little children and how they can actually contribute to the family when it comes to preparing food, and get ready to enjoy their pride and smiles when they realize they can “do it by myself!”

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  • 4 engaging videos to help you start teaching your little ones to cook
  • Easily skimmable PDF lessons plans for each skill.
  • Printable flashcards to help you remember the memory phrases your young child will learn.
  • Access never expires.
  • Connect with your kids, avoid pointless messes, and teach your little one vital skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Appropriate for ages 2 to 7.


#1: Careful Carrying & Hospitality Lesson

Time to get those little ones in the kitchen with this quick lesson that will make a huge difference!

  • We break down careful carrying into 4 simple steps that will enable even our smallest children to offer authentic help serving and cleaning up after meals.
  • You’ll feel confident that your dishes will be safe and will feel great about letting them help out!

#2 and #3: Measuring 101 for Young Children

  • Help the smallest kids know the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon – and how to measure accurately every time
  • Seeing other kids on video working will inspire yours to WANT to practice their skills. Get the help you need to protect the pleasant family dinners you want.
  • Download printable flash cards so you can remember all the kid-friendly vocabulary.


#4: Pouring Skills

  • The kids will have a blast practicing these skills, and you’ll love that they are perfecting their fine motor skills and learning some foundational basics for a life of healthy cooking
  • Parents say their kids BEG to practice their pouring skills and keep focus for up to an hour at a time!
  • If “the mess” holds you back from getting your little ones in the kitchen, this course will change your mind.

“My 3.5 yo has taught all the kids at preschool “thumbs on top”. She keeps asking when she can visit your house.”

“I have been searching out ways to incorporate my young kids into the kitchen, and your friendly guidance is just what I needed! Thank you!”

Success Guarantee:

You get a full 14 days to make sure the program is a good fit for your child(ren) and family.

Just email and ask if you aren’t satisfied and need a refund.

We Believe Kids are Capable of More than Most Parents Expect.

Wondering if your litte one is ready to help in the kitchen? Grab our Life Skills Goals {in the Kitchen} to see what your kids could be capable of at every age!

Life Skills Goals in the Kitchen Printables


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