Wouldn’t it be a Dream if Your School-Aged Kids Could Make a WHOLE Meal by Themselves?

Kids learn to use the Instant Pot in this video course

Mission: Totally Possible!

This Quick Course Will Show You How to Make it Easy (even little ones can do a whole lot if you let them!)

Because they’re going to eat all their life…why not make it healthy?

“Mom, I Can Do It!”

Kids taking over a meal and not just “helping” in the kitchen can be tricky: a lot of recipes have so many steps, and making all the parts of a meal can be too much to juggle for young cooks. They get frustrated, dinner is later than it should be, and sometimes it doesn’t even turn out.

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Then after dinner…Mom has a heart attack looking at the state of the kitchen, and the poor kid is discouraged from trying again because it was so hard! (Another future Master Chef competitor thwarted before realizing their potential!)

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instant Pot & Slow Cooker Meals Kids Can Make: Thematic SkillLab from Kids Cook Real Food

Instant Pot & Slow Cooker Meals Kids Can Make!

These videos and lesson plans from Kids Cook Real Food really take dinner to the next level – or rather, down to a kid’s level.

With 5 engaging, professionally produced videos & printable recipes and lesson plans, the mini course will help your kids MASTER our favorite time-saving appliances. Even without sharp knife skills, they can do dinner, start to finish, no mess, no fuss, no failure. (We do teach knife skills in the original course, when you’re ready for more fresh produce in your life!)

One busy mom wrote:

“Thank you SO MUCH! Finally a simple, easy to understand, thorough way to learn how to use the IP! You’re awesome & solely responsible for canceling my fear and bringing the pot to life after collecting nervous dust for a year. Our tummies & clocks thank you!” (Julie, Oklahoma)

In just a little bit more time than it would take you to make dinner by yourself, get:


In the All-Kid video, we

  • introduce kids of all ages to the Instant Pot and slow cooker,
  • take away the fear or mystery about these appliances, and
  • open up the POSSIBILITY of kids actually being able to make an entire meal 100% independently.

We ENCOURAGE the kids to

  • find meals they love,
  • experiment with flavors, and
  • read the recipe carefully…

…because we KNOW this is what kids need developmentally to make that possibility into reality.

Lesson plan PDFs included to help adults plan ahead and skim!

kids using instant pot


We go “science geek” for our older kids, digging into

  • How a pressure cooker works
  • What kind of meals go best in slow and pressure cookers
  • Why some meat needs to cook so long

And we give uber-practical strategies for kids without knife skills to adapt ANY slow cooker/pressure cooker recipe to make it themselves, no help.

Flash cards also included:

  • Instant Pot Guidebook for Kids
  • Tough Meat Cheat Sheet
  • Raw Meat Safety
kid stirring mac and cheese


This set includes 3 Step-by-Step videos with 4 recipes & printables:

  • Homemade GF mac and cheese in the Instant Pot for our Beginners (age 2-5)
  • Intermediate and Advanced kids (school-aged) get 3 recipe demos:
  • Instant Pot Lentils and Rice
  • Slow Cooker BBQ chicken
  • Basic Beef Roast

PLUS as usual, we pack in helpful tips to use in any family favorite recipe.

All our recipes can go in either the slow cooker or pressure cooker, plus we share how to adapt from one to the other.

Build Confidence Quickly

“After just 2 lessons, my 7 and 9 year old are already more confident in the kitchen – I can’t believe it!”

New Skills in Fun Ways

Just applying your phrases and techniques, my children have already improved their skills in just a few short lessons!!

The Food is All From Scratch!

Did I mention that this is Kids Cook REAL Food?? You can expect nothing processed, no junk, just whole foods recipes to help build your kids’ new love of vegetables and your whole family’s nutrition.

In the special new series, we make:

Instant Pot Mac & Cheese (Gluten-free!)

slow cooker version provided

Instant Pot Lentils and Rice

We make Mexican, but it’s a “Choose Your Own Adventure Recipe” to challenge kids to create their own flavors (within reason, ahem…)

Slow Cooker BBQ chicken

Perfect for Paleo diets (just serve with zoodles or cabbage noodles) or anyone who eats food – it can even be packed in cold lunches!

Basic Beef Roast

And here’s just a sampling of what you might make in the full course:

Big Kids, Little Kids, Moms Who Aren’t Awesome at Cooking…it WORKS for Everyone!

I thought I wouldn’t use the “fun language” with my kids – that it was even a little silly. But we cooked dinner together after our lesson and I heard that “fun language” repeated often!

They were recalling and processing what they had learned and applied it in a new situation – impressive!

I’m learning too! I’m more efficient in the kitchen while helping my son (who’s already sticking his fingers in everything) learn early to love being in the kitchen too.

Are These Videos a Good Fit for my Family?

  1. If you’re already a member of our full Kids Cook Real Food eCourse and have done at least a few lessons, DEFINITELY! They take the basic skills to the next level!
  2. If you’re not a member, you can still enjoy this video set as a kid-friendly way to teach your kids about time-saving appliances like the Instant Pot and Slow Cooker.
  3. HOWEVER, you may want to consider checking out our full course HERE – we love laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating with basic skills in the kitchen!