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Katie KimballIf there’s one thing about being an entrepreneur that I love, it’s the relationships and helping lift other people up. We’re all in this together!

If you’re a blogger, influencer, or even just someone who stays well-connected with like-minded friends via technology, truly, thanks for your interest in working with me, Katie Kimball, to share all the goodness we offer at Kids Cook Real Food and Kitchen Stewardship®

You’ll earn a percentage of any digital sales made after someone clicks on your unique, trackable link, whether the link is on a website, in an email, or on any social media platform (even texting).

If you’re ready to jump right in, sign up and start promoting by logging into the dashboard, where you’ll find custom links, banners, and email swipe:


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Products we Offer

  • The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse is our flagship program serving over 20,000 families around the world. 50% commissions add up fast! 
  • Kids Cook Real Food also has smaller products like a breakfast challenge, Instant Pot/slow cooker SkillLab and a Snacks mini course. 
  • We’ve also realized that parents need help beyond just teaching kids to cook, especially in the realm of picky eating. My TEDx talk on picky eating gives you a good overview of the philosophy here, and at least twice a year you can invite your audience to a No More Picky Eating Challenge which is REALLY popular. That leads into the P.E.P. Club (Picky Eating Parent Support Group) membership. 
  • Kitchen Stewardship® offers a fantastic Stress Mastery Challenge for Busy Moms that leads into a course, also 50% commission (but a lower price compared to KCRF). The great thing is that this is ONE affiliate program, and cookies last 12 months, so anyone you send over will accrue $ for you throughout the first year, no matter what they end up purchasing!
  • Our #LifeSkillsNow summer camps have been wildly popular! We bring in tons of experts in their fields to teach kids, teens, and adults about topics they need to know for life – everything from recipes to changing a tire, from parenting a neurodivergent kid to playing piano. We offer a 40% commission on this product unless you are a camp leader. 

I promise we’ll take very good care of your readers. My Customer Happiness team and I take our jobs very seriously and treat everyone like we would want to be treated and better. 

Terms and Conditions

  • By becoming a Kids Cook Real Food affiliate, you agree to release Kitchen Stewardship®, LLC from any liability of any kind other than paying tracked commission each month. We cannot guarantee that all tracking software will work correctly, although we will do our very best to fix any problems that may occur.
  • You are responsible to abide by FTC conditions and DISCLOSE your affiliate relationship with Kids Cook Real Food every time you use an affiliate link, in emails, blog posts, or social media mentions.
  • Standard commission is 50% and tiered commission for referrals is 10%. (So if you can think of anyone else who would be perfect to promote this program, send them your link once you’re in the dashboard and get 10% of their sales too – doesn’t change their commissions.) The P.E.P. Club membership has a slightly different commission structure but comes out to about 50% as well. 
  • Cookies are tracked for commissions for 365 days. You must use your affiliate link to earn commission.
  • Payments are made via PayPal NET 60 after the close of the month. This means that you’ll get paid in March for January sales, in April for February, and so on. (This allows for the 30-day refund period for eCourse sales to pass.) There are no fees taken out of your commission by PayPal.
  • There is no minimum payout via PayPal; you get paid no matter how small your total is.
  • You are invited to request a review copy of any product free of charge if you either (a) make one sale, (b) have over 50,000 pageviews per month, (c) have over 1000 subscribers, OR (d) can creatively convince me that you’re the perfect affiliate and need to see one to know how to promote it. 
  • The “don’ts”: Please don’t spam people to try to sell, and absolutely no advertising on sites that contain profanity, nudity, hate language or other stuff that wouldn’t be acceptable in church (always a good measuring stick for ethics).

Kids Cook Real Food cast shot at the counter


    1. Can I buy a book with my own affiliate link? I’m happy to give review memberships, so please contact me rather than purchasing with your link. Officially, you are welcome to purchase one-time products using your own affiliate link, however, the P.E.P. Club membership is not available for personal affiliate commission. If you’re just signing up to get a “discount” on the eCourse and have no intention of promoting in any way, please just wait for a sale as that’s not the intent of this program.
    2. Do I have to have a big blog following to be approved? No way. You don’t even have to have a blog to be an affiliate, if you think your friends and family would be interested in our products via email or social media. If you’re a current member, here are some instructions to share without a blog.
    3. Can I use a URL shortener like or tinyurl? You bet. The affiliate tracking will still work just fine. You may want to use a trackable URL shortener like, which will help you determine which links are getting clicked on.
    4. Should affiliate links on my site be nofollow? Yes. Google could penalize either of us if you don’t. Just add rel=”nofollow” as an attribute in the html, or use a plugin to add a nofollow checkbox to your WP dashboard.
    5. Can I reprint recipes from eBooks or the course on my own blog? Currently no recipes from the eCourse are approved for reprinting, but there is a list in the affiliate dashboard of all eBook recipes that may be reprinted.
    6. Do I need to sign up for a separate program for Kids Cook Real Food and Kitchen Stewardship®? Nope. We run our email campaigns through the same system, Infusionsoft, so one affiliate account will cover anything we sell at either site. You’ll be able to get specific links for different products, but it’s also pretty cool that you can share a post or freebie on KS and collect the cookie (tracking the person to your account) so that if they end up buying our cooking class for kids, you still get commission. 
    7. How can I find the link I need? If the affiliate dashboard seems confusing, reach out to my affiliate manager at [email protected] and she’ll help sort things out for you. Proper links will look something like this: (You get to choose your ending, so pick something you’ll remember.)

Thank you again for signing up to be an affiliate for our program! I look forward to partnering with you and benefiting the both of us!


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