Welcome aboard the adventure of teaching your foster kids to cook!

I’m so pleased that you’re joining the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse through Fostering Together. There’s just one more step before your classes can begin – time to register on the membership site.

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In case you want more details first…


  • Over 45 kid-friendly videos to help you teach kids of all ages to cook – appropriate for ages 2 to teen
  • Easily skimmable PDF lessons plans for each skill level
  • Printable flashcards to help everybody remember the memory phrases
  • Over $300 in VIP bonus downloads, and more!
  • Access never expires.

Spend quality time in the kitchen and teach children vital skills that will last a lifetime.

Please, do not share this unique link with friends outside the foster system. We’d hate to see this special offer abused OR worse, have to stop offering this for free to foster families like yours. Thanks!