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17 Summer Cooking Camps for Kids: Updated Summer 2020

I think summer is the perfect time to get the kids in the kitchen and working together as a family, cooking and eating healthy food.

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An online summer camp at home has so many benefits for busy moms:

  • no driving around
  • no waste of gas
  • no packing lunches
  • connection together with kids and knowing what they are doing instead of asking and receiving the “I don’t know” shrug

Several in-person camps have transitioned to online platforms giving you even more options this year for virtual summer camps!

Kids Cook Real Food Virtual Summer Camp

Ages: 2-teen

Price: totally FREE

Dates: June 17-24

Details: Instead of teaching “kid recipes” like many kids cooking classes, we teach real skills like using a knife and stove safely. We use real food ingredients and most recipes are easy to make allergy-friendly to suit your needs.

While the Kids Cook Real Food course is available for membership at other times, it’s never been offered for FREE like this!

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Each day a different class will be available. If you keep up for all 8 days, you’ve gone through the whole course! You can also choose to attend just for one or two days if there’s a specific skill your child needs help with.

Why Choose the Kids Cook Real Food Cooking Camp?

Each lesson will only be available for one day (helpful if you need the accountability of a deadline), but you aren’t locked into a specific timeslot each day.

Since we’re already set up to be an online course, we don’t have any kinks or bugs to work out of the system like some of these camps will when they go online for the first time.

Grab Your Spot for the FREE KCRF Virtual Summer Camp now!

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What is in the Kids Cook Real Food Virtual Summer Camp?

Our classes are divided into three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can choose a level to put all your children at, or even teach two or three levels at the same time.

If you have multiple kids of different ages, the classes are designed to merge together so that kids are learning their own developmentally correct skills but what they make comes together into one meal or snack that the whole family can enjoy.

Over 30 basic kitchen skills demonstrated in kid-friendly video lessons. Skills include: reading a recipe, knife skills, cracking an egg, making bread dough, cooking rice, and more! You can check out the curriculum map here for more details.

Here’s a video of my kids cutting with real knives on the news! We talk about the importance of teaching useful kitchen skills with real tools.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here on YouTube.

With a plan for your cooking lessons and the thinking done ahead of time, you’ll be able to engage with your kids, enjoy yourself, and watch them blossom.

More Virtual Cooking Camps for Kids – Online Summer Camps

If you’re interested in more online or in-person cooking summer camps for kids check out this list! Due to COVID regulations, several camps that are usually in-person are available online this year.

Home Cooking New York Summer Cooking Camp

Ages: 10-15

Price: $195 ($50 per additional sibling)

Dates: June 29-August 6

Details: This camp is typically in person, but has moved online for the 2020 season. There are three different sessions that each run several times during the summer. The menu looks pretty recipe-driven but it also appears to contain a nice variety of skills. They also have a weekly cooking class for younger kids and a Culinary Boot Camp for teens and adults. More info here.

The Kids’ Table Summer Camps

Ages: 4-14

Price: $125-$175

Dates: June 8-September 4

Details: Weekly themes like Around the World, Bake It Up, Kids Table Classics, and Farmers Market Favorites. Kids’ Table Camps will use Zoom this year. Siblings can join in together at no additional cost if they’re in the same age range. More info here.

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The Seasoned Chef Cooking Camps

Ages: 11-17

Price: $75+

Dates: June sessions are online, July and August sessions haven’t been designated as online or in-person yet

Details: The Seasoned Chef is located in Denver, CO. They have 2-3 day sessions. Currently, the month of June will be done on Zoom. The classes look very technique-driven rather than recipe-driven. More info here.

Culinary Classroom Summer Camp

Ages: 7-14

Price: n/a

Dates: No dates out yet, the site says to check back soon for online schedule dates

Details: This typically in-person camp has moved online for summer 2020. There are lots of desserts on the menu for each camp session. More info here.

Baltimore Chef Shop

Ages: 8-17

Price: $199 per computer, siblings can share

Dates: June 27-August 7

Details: This camp is online for the summer of 2020. Camp session themes are Culinary Squared, Around the World, and Bake On! You can buy ingredient kits from them and have them shipped to you. More info here.

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The Farm Cooking School

Ages: Middle school

Price: $300

Dates: July 6-10

Details: This cooking camp has only one week to choose from. As the name implies it’s generally held in-person on a farm and includes unique instruction on plant identification and uses in the kitchen and recipe writing skills.  The menu looks delicious and very real food-based. More info here.

The Kitchen Studio Cooking Camp

Ages: 6-15

Price: $145

Dates: June 22-August 21

Details: Themes such as Cooking Around the World, French Bistro, Cupcake Explosion, and Baking 101.  The recipe list appears to be heavy on baking and desserts most weeks. More info here.

Cooking Camps for Kids – In Person

Classic Thyme Cooking Camp

Ages: 4-18

Price: $159+

Dates: July 6-September 3

Location: Westfield, NJ

Details: Wide range of options including pasta making, vegan cooking, baking, pizza workshops, and international cooking. 2-4 day-long sessions. More info here.

Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Kids Culinary Academy of Florida

Ages: 6-17

Price: $395-2,350

Dates: June 21-August 8

Location: Cocoa, FL

Details: This is the only camp on the list that has a week-long residential camp option for older kids. Since it’s by far the longest camp, there are a lot of skills taught! Students make broth, bread, butcher a chicken, and learn cake decorating. Campers who attend more than one week get a discount and take advanced classes the second week. More info here.

Camp C.H.E.F.

Ages: vary based on location

Price: varies based on location

Dates: June 15-August 28

Location: Richmond, VA, and surrounding area

Details: This camp uses no nuts or artificial colors. They seem very welcoming to allergy kids. Themes like Open a Bakery, Down on the Farm, and Food Around the World. More info here.

Kid cutting a zucchini

The Learning Kitchen Summer Camp

Ages: 8-16

Price: $250

Dates: June 1-August 14

Location: Westchester, OH

Details: Looks very skill focused. Students learn several sauce-making techniques, knife skills, how to balance flavors, and pasta making. Specific European culinary skills are taught in a European Tour session. More info here.

Wynton’s World Cooking Camp

Ages: 7-16

Price: $300-495

Dates: June 22-August 7

Location: Cary, NC

Details: Wynton’s World has half-day camps and full-day teen boot camps. Themes such as World Cuisine, The Joy of Baking and Food Network (maybe this has a competition element? The website doesn’t say!). More info here.

Junior Chef Summer Camp

Ages: 3rd-8th grade

Price: $300

Dates: June 1-July 31

Location: Aurora, CO

Details: Choose from 2 different “trips” around the world. There is a focus on teaching sustainability and reducing waste. More info here.

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Sprouts Cooking Camp

Ages: 3-13

Price: $179-289

Dates: June 8-August 31

Location: Carmel, IN

Details: Unique themes include: Summer Classics, At the Fair, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Fairytale Fare, and Basket Challenge (I assume this is a Chopped style challenge. Fun!). 4-day camps or single-day workshops available. More info here.

Blue Ribbon Kids Camps

Ages: 4-18

Price: $250-895

Dates: June 22-August 27

Location: Seatle, WA

Details: Choose from sessions on classic cooking techniques, baking and pastry, French culinary style, kitchen science, and intro to molecular gastronomy (for the science geeks among us!). There are also Mom & Me camps for young kids and an adult. More info here.

Tastebuds Kitchen Summer Cooking Camp

Ages: 6-15

Price: varies based on location

Dates: varies based on location

Location: 14 locations across the US

Details: A couple of locations have a virtual component available this year, but most appear to be in person. Week-long camps or one-day seminars available. Some facilities are nut-free, and they have gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan camp options. More info here.

DIY Cooking Summer Camp

Of course, there are lots of cooking videos on YouTube and recipes or kid cookbooks you can use if you just want to piece together your own cooking camp for your kids this summer. Although that certainly sounds like a lot of work for you!

Can’t see the video? Watch it here on YouTube.

If you’re a member of Kids Cook Real Food you can use our curriculum over the course of two weeks as a DIY Summer Camp. Read here about how Mary organized the curriculum to finish in just 2 weeks!

Or join our Kids Cook Real Food Virtual Summer Camp and get the whole class for FREE June 17-24th! We’ve never done anything like this before and I don’t know if we ever will again!

We’d love to see you in our Summer Camp!

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