Sometimes technology feels like more trouble than it’s worth. If you’ve run into a sticky spot while you’re in the course, see if your question is answered on this page, and if not, email [email protected] or use the contact form for friendly, prompt assistance. 🙂

Customer Service Team

Note: Once you set your username, you CANNOT change it (and neither can we) so choose something you’ll remember – we recommend just using your email address.

My email isn’t being recognized on the login screen.

You must have “claimed” your order and set up your login/password in order for the system to know what your username is. Search for the email that arrived on the day of your purchase from “Katie at Kids Cook Real Food.” If you can’t find that, email support and we can go find your order for you in the dusty files.  🙂

I need to change my email.

If you need to change your email in the system you can do that (we have a lot of people who had to use their husband’s email for Paypal). In the course, you can go into your profile and change the email address there BUT all of our reminder emails come from a different system – so please email [email protected] and ask us to change it in the email system. Just include the new email you need.

Note that if you use your email address as your username, that’s a completely separate thing. Usernames can’t be changed. But it has nothing to do with where emails are sent.

I don’t remember how long my membership is.

Click “Your Account” in the sidebar to see when you purchased if you’re trying to figure out when your 12-month subscription runs out (365 days from that purchase date).

If you’re not sure whether you have VIP or lifetime access, click “View Order History” and “View Order” to see what you purchased. Also, if you can see anything for VIPs in the sidebar, you’re already a VIP (the top tier).

The volume is too low on the videos.

This totally happened to me too. There are some blue bars on the lower right corner of the video that need to be all filled in for full volume. Click those if you’re having trouble.

I can’t download the PDFs – I’m getting a “server can’t be found” or “network connection lost” error.

Many find that trying in a different browser fixes the problem for them. If that’s not an option for you or it just isn’t working, we’re happy to email the .zip file to you. Just dash a note to [email protected] and we’ll send it right over.

I can’t see the videos.

This happens every so often and typically using a different browser or restarting the browser or the computer fixes it right up. If the videos are freezing up on you, make sure you’re watching at the lowest resolution so you don’t overtax your Internet. To do this, click the “HD” button in the lower right corner of a video (not the whole screen, just the video part). Choose the smallest number, which is currently 360p.

Occasionally a parental control device (like Circle by Disney) will interfere with Vimeo videos, so if that’s the case for you then the videos should work after you change the settings on your end.

If you continue to have trouble, dash an email to [email protected] and we’ll help you figure it out!

Where are the VIP bonuses?

Link in the sidebar if you have VIP…if you don’t, there’s a link in the sidebar to upgrade at any time.

I can’t find the invite to the VIP Facebook group.

If you’re a VIP member go HERE and request to join. We’ll approve you within a day or two – we do need to confirm your VIP level membership first.