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This is much more powerful than I anticipated, and I promote cooking with kids with my clients on a daily basis.

“My kids were much more interested to be learning from a video than from me, and I couldn’t believe how excited they were to eat those ants on a log, cucumbers, and carrots that they helped prepare!”


— Sarah Bester, CNP

Other nutritionists, chefs, and doctors are also ringing in…

MD Says it’s the Centerpiece for Healthy Adulthood

Dr. Sheila Kilbane and Katie Kimball

“Food is the FIRST solution I turn to as a pediatrician for my patients with “common childhood illnesses,” but it’s not always easy for families to try an elimination diet or eat two servings of greens per day. Getting kids in the kitchen learning to cook is the most effective way I know of to get kids on board with their own healing, and I’m thrilled that Kids Cook Real Food is available to make it easier on parents (and even enjoyable)! My job as a doctor is to teach kids and their parents how to become and stay healthy, and knowing how to prepare real food is the centerpiece for a healthy adulthood!

Dr. Sheila Kilbane, MD, integrative pediatrician, Charlotte, North Carolina

Best Start in Life

Teaching kids to cook and eat healthy food young sets up their genetic blueprint for their health in their adult life.

“It creates a healthy and diverse gut microbiome, and therefore a strong immune system that will allow them to avoid future disease. It’s the single best way to give them an excellent start in life.

— Christa Orecchio, Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of The Whole Journey

Chef Says High-Quality Course

Adreeana Black, chef, Bistro at Home LLC & 7B Culinary Connections, Inc

“As a chef and a mom, the high quality of Kids Cook Real Food and Mrs. Kimball’s commitment to accuracy was just what I was looking for. Other chef volunteers and I are using the curriculum to teach kids in person!”

— Adreeanna Black, chef, Bistro at Home LLC & 7B Culinary Connections, Inc, Member of APPCA, Sandpoint, ID

Pediatrician Highly Recommends

“I highly recommend KCRF to my patients, especially since getting kids involved with healthy food preparation encourages kids to eat healthier. I use the program for my own kids as a homeschool class and have been very impressed with the program. I especially like how the program can be used for different aged children at the same thing and also all the clever little sayings that make it easy for my kids to remember good cooking skills.”

— Dr. Rebecca Huizen, D.O., pediatrician at Christian Healthcare Centers, Grand Rapids, MI

Nutritionist Says Lays a Foundation for Good Health

“The most beautiful gift to give a child is to teach them to cook, how to make healthy food delicious, and to understand how to fuel their bodies healthily. Teaching kids to connect how they feel with what they eat is foundational to health.

— Sara Vance, Nutritionist & Author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan

Too Many Benefits to Count

Nicole Beurkens, PhD

“Teaching your kids to cook has so many benefits that it’s hard to count them all! Kids learn really important life skills, lay the foundation for healthy eating habits as they get older, and the time spent together as a family in the kitchen is invaluable. In the busy-ness of life, we often don’t spend enough time just being together and doing real things together…and cooking is a great opportunity for that, too. The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse supports so many important areas of kids’ development, plus it helps them get comfortable with trying new foods. I teach the families at my clinic that getting kids in the kitchen and exposed to a variety of foods (without pressure to eat them) is vital to improving their diets, especially in children with sensory processing issues, autism, or ADHD. I’m thrilled this course is so accessible and recommend it to my patients and their families!”

— Nicole Beurkens, PhD, CNS, Licensed Psychologist, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Horizons Developmental Resource Center, Caledonia, MI

Learn from Dr. Beurkens about how to get kids with Sensory Processing Disorders to eat a wider variety of foods in this incredible interview.

The Joy of Real Food

Executive Chef Clark Frain and Katie Kimball

“An appreciation for the fresh flavors of in-season vegetables should start young – and getting kids in the kitchen like Katie is doing with Kids Cook Real Food is the best way to build that! As a chef who works to make food both delicious and healthy every day, I applaud her for bringing the joy of real food to the young generation!

— Executive Chef Clark Frain, Terra Restaurant, Grand Rapids, MI

Learn How to Cook in a Stress-Free Way

Dr. Elisa Song and Katie Kimball

“As a board-certified holistic pediatrician, I know firsthand the power of REAL FOOD to keep our kids healthy and happy. Our kids are facing an epidemic of chronic illness. I work with kids to heal their gut, strengthen their immune system, and detect food sensitivities. But BOTTOM LINE: You can’t out-supplement a poor diet. Not only is it vitally important that kids eat real foods that help them thrive, it’s just as important that they understand WHY they should keep eating that way their entire lives. And the best way to do that is to get them to COOK and EAT real food. That’s exactly what kids and parents get with Kids Cook Real Food. With Kids Cook Real Food, kids learn to cook in a positive, safe and stress-free way that will get the whole family thriving for life!”

— Dr. Elisa Song, MD, holistic mama doc at Healthy Kids, Happy Kids

Dietitian Approved

Delia Garcia, MS, RD, LD

“As a Registered Dietitian, I teach people the importance of restoring nutrient-dense foods to their dietary lifestyle. The quality recipes in Kids Cook Real Food e-course cover and focus on fresh fruits and veggies which children need to be consuming daily. I applaud the emphasis of healthy fats in the recipes which are needed for the proper development of growing brains and the nervous system at an early age. These extraordinary fats should be embraced contrary to the current medical orthodoxy and dieting culture.

“I can attest that the sooner children help prepare and are introduced to healthy meals, the
better choices they will make and “picky eaters” will be rare. For a future of healthy children,
we must return to the food wisdom of our primitive ancestors, choosing traditional whole foods
that are humanely raised, minimally processed and above all not deprived of their vital lipid
component. I am delighted to say KCRF e-course provides just that and has my hearty approval.”

— Delia Garcia, MS, RD, LD, Weston A Price Chapter Leader


Your Favorite Bloggers Are Talking About the Course


Builds Confidence and Creativity

“Katie’s approach to bringing kids into the kitchen is at once brilliant and practical. Her focus on age-appropriate skills integrates kids of all ages into the kitchen, making culinary concepts accessible to even small children. But the best thing is to see the way kids blossom after taking the course: It builds their confidence, creativity and personal responsibility in fun ways.”

— Jenny McGruther, Nourished Kitchen

Skills to be Happy and Successful

“We all want to send children out into the world one day armed with the life skills they need to be happy and successful. If we help them gain cooking skills while they are young, they will be able to eat healthfully and frugally which will make a big difference in their lives. I love how Katie’s course makes it so easy to teach our children, step by step, how to cook and eat real food.”

— Saren Loosli, Power of Moms

Builds Independence

“I LOVED doing Kids Cook Real Food with my kids. Just this morning my mom was saying how independent my kids were. They made their own breakfast while I fed the baby! It has given my kids a lot of confidence in the kitchen and has taken a lot off of my plate as a mom. I can’t say enough good things about this program.”

— Desi Ward, Unconventional Kitchen

Easy to Follow Along

“The Kids Cook Real Food course is spot-on. Because Katie is a former teacher, she is a master at explaining concepts in bite-sized pieces – perfect for both parents and kids. Learning to cook can be complicated, and Katie’s course maps out new skills in an easy-to-follow sequence that builds over time. Your kids will learn life-long skills that they can be proud of – and you will rest easy knowing that you made an important investment in their health.”

— Michelle Stern, What’s Cooking with Kids

Great For Homeschoolers

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Logo

“Kids Cook Real Food Online Course is a wonderful resource to help you teach your children to cook. Mrs. Kimball has done an excellent job of breaking down kitchen skills and finding ways for even young children to safely work in the kitchen…” Read more

— Review from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

The free lessons that Wellness Mama talked about aren’t available right now, but check here to make sure you’re in the loop.



Empowering for kids and parents!

I can’t believe how much the kids can do in the kitchen! Thank you for making this class and giving me the courage to teach them!

– Heather, mom of Isaiah, 9, Gabriel and Trinity, 7 year old twins, and Amelia, 3.

Raise Kids Who Will Succeed in the Real World

“Whenever I asked my oldest to help with dinner, I was met with much resistance. Now that she’s learned basic cooking skills with Kids Cook Real Food, I just asked her to set up dinner last night, and guess what? She made pasta, heated sauce, and homemade meatballs, and cut and steamed broccoli effortlessly – and I squeezed in some exercise between work and dinner!

I’d been telling my girls certain things about safety in the kitchen and setting the table for years, but after watching Mrs. Kimball’s videos, they finally bought into it. Actually, they acted like it was all new and amazing information!”

— Adria, mom of 2 from CA

Easy for Parents

“”I enjoy cooking, but not with my kids because it stressed me out. I’d probably have kept kicking them out of the kitchen until they were 15! Watching the kids cook on the Kids Cook Real Food videos gave me the courage to get my kids in the kitchen and just START cooking. With “Mrs. Kimball” as the teacher, it was easier on me. …the 4 year old is my best little “sous chef” yet – he LOVES helping me prep for dinner by cutting up fruits & veggies with a real knife – and I love having REAL help in the kitchen!

— Amy L., mom of 5

Moms are loving this course!

Click to hear their thoughts (and see real kids in action, so cute!):

Facebook review of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Facebook review of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Facebook review of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Facebook review of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse


Facebook review of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Facebook review of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

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“You laid everything out so well that we had a GREAT laid-back experience at the stove with FIRE. Who would have thought?!?!”


— Angie, mom of 3

“This lesson was great and once again reminded me that my kids are much more capable than I think.”

— One of our happy members

The Power of Video Classes

“The three-step process is our secret superpower in what would otherwise be a parent takeover (especially with the chef knife!)…but the technique you’ve imparted is such a contribution to our overall teaching style and I must thank you.

“I feel like this experience has already reframed my understanding of the power of online classes, family learning and of course cooking!”

— Theresa, Brad and son, Aidan

“Awesome, awesome skill that is so helpful and gives him so much confidence in his own cooking independence! He kept listing all the things he could make now.”

little girl proudly holding food she cooked

Gives Kids Confidence

“My children and grandchildren said have been cooking non-stop since they gained confidence to be independent. This class was the best thing I ever gave my grandkids for Christmas!”

— Jeanie A.

Empowering for Kids

“My favorite experience is seeing how excited he is about each new class. He will choose watching a new video from Mrs. Kimball over almost any other activity. He loves being in the kitchen with me and feels very empowered with his ‘official’ lessons.”

Keeps Kids’ Interest

“My kids love videos generally, and they really, really love seeing the other kids (even if they’re just standing there). That is one of the biggest assets of this course in my opinion – it really teaches the kids by example of other kids. It’s a confidence booster for my kids knowing other kids just like them can and are doing the same tasks, and it really helps keep their interest.

“They’ve asked me to watch again and again, so I would say that is a strong endorsement. A lot of times I overhear them using phrases from things they’ve seen when they play.”

“I usually have trouble following through with goals, but I feel like learning to cook is a matter of preservation for her sake in the future. I’m getting my daughter in the kitchen with the Kids Cook Real Food classes, and her self-esteem is growing and each time she produces something. I love seeing how very proud of herself she is!”

— Karen

Are you on a tight budget?


Best Decision Lately

“This cooking program has been so helpful for me and my kids! I know how to cook, plus I’m really cheap, so at first it seemed like I could do this myself. Then I decided to purchase this program and it’s been the best decision I’ve made lately! The teacher knows just how to explain certain concepts, uses better terminology for kids, and knows what order to best introduce new concepts! I love how all the recipes use real food too. I can’t even begin to tell you what this program has done for our family!”

— Lisa Timm

Worth The Money

You work is ALWAYS so thorough! I know I can trust your products. I knew this new course would be worth the money just because of how well you do everything else.

— Misti, Utah

Facebook review of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Do you homeschool your kids?


Teaching Math and Science Through Cooking

We used this course in our homeschool to help teach practical applications for math and science, and even about geography and different cultures. Being able to cook has encouraged my kids to design some of their own science experiments to try different variations on a recipe.

“After finishing the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, we worked to make sure that each of our children has 3 healthy family meals they can prepare without any assistance. They rotate through the week so that each of three children cooks one of their “specialties” per week, meaning I have only 4 nights to plan for myself!

“Gaining experience in meal planning, shopping, preparing and even hosting is a crucial home-management skill.”

— Lisa C

Parents are Learning Alongside Their Kids

“We love the cooking class! It has been one of the best things for us so far this year in our homeschool. It was such a great format and we learned so much (me too, I taught myself to cook, so there are things I never learned!).”

— Shauna Hall

Kids Are More Capable Than They Get Credit For

“I have two boys, age 4 & 6 and we homeschool/unschool. I have to tell you, they LOVED it! I mean, that’s an understatement! I was a little nervous about my 4yr old participating because he gets frustrated very easily and I was worried he’d be hesitant to even try or have a meltdown if it was harder than he expected. But he did GREAT! And he was so super proud of himself. They both were.

“I haven’t had them do much helping in the kitchen until now because – as I’m sure most people say – it’s quicker and easier for me to do it myself. I realize now, however, that they are much more capable than I was giving them credit for and my life is going to be a million times easier when they are peeling and chopping their own veggie snacks!

“I love coming across awesome classes like these for our homeschooling family and I will definitely being sharing this with our homeschool friends!”

— Rachael P., Arizona

Kids Are Taking Initiative Now

I feel like a very competent cook, but I’ve never really taken the time to slow down and break cooking down into manageable bits for my kids. This is likely because we homeschool so I feel like I’m always teaching and have fatigued a bit by the time dinner prep rolls around. Thank you for coming right into my home and teaching my little ones good habits and skills so I can just reinforce them and cook with them.

Now that they’ve got some basics down they’ve actually started taking initiative in other kitchen duties including cleanup and dishes. Who knew an online cooking class could do that?

— Tara O. in OR

Read reviews from moms using the eCourse in their homeschool curriculum:

Are you are a parent of a special needs child?


Exactly What The Child Needed

My little guy is fascinated with the classes. The video format keeps his attention and the way that you teach (present) the lessons is perfect for him. He not only has confidence that he can do it himself (or with minimal help) but he is starting to plan menus for his daily meals. Your classes have moved him forward faster and in a way that I could not have done with him just helping me. Your explanations on the basic skills are exactly what he needs and something that I would have never thought of.

— Angela F., Ohio (Aidan, 11yo)

Imparts Self-Confidence

Your fun terms and simple way of explaining things has made it stick with her. I am so excited to share your website with other families. The self-confidence that these classes have given her is amazing.

— Jennie Banks, Certified Health coach and mom

Facebook review of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Here’s What Kids Say About the Course

Are your kids not sure if they’ll like the course? Have them read here.

“I like it because you can actually do stuff. It’s not just making toast or macaroni and cheese. It’s actually making dressing and stir fry.”

— Abby age 8

“The knives were my favorite part. I like knowing that I can use them safely because they are so much easier and common, and I like that I can do it!”

— Madi, 9 years old

What’s your favorite thing you learned in the eCourse?

“I love it because of the table setting and the knife skills. The table setting because how they did it carefully and we can have tea parties now. The knife skills because of how safe we are.”

— Katie age 5

“I love learning how to cook real food like treats, Mexican food and Italian food.”

— Pacience, daughter of Hannah G.

“The best part of doing these classes is getting to eat what you make!”

“Now I can follow any recipe and cook anything!”

— 7-year-old member

“I really love learning how to use sharp knives! Cross-hatching is so fun and let’s me express myself!”

— Loralai, 6 yrs old

“The knives were my favorite part. I like knowing that I can use them safely because they are so much easier and common, and I like that I can do it!”

— Madi, 9 years old

“My 9-year-old boy at bedtime said, “I wish we could do cooking class every day.” My 12-year-old boy gave me a huge hug, thanked me and said it was super fun to learn to cook.”

— Ann R.


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