Wouldn’t it be a Dream if Your School-Aged Kids Could Make Healthy Snacks All by Themselves?

healthy snacks videos teach nutrition and recipes

Mission: Totally Possible!

This Video Course Will Show You How to Make it Easy (even little ones can do a whole lot if you let them!)

Because they’re going to eat all their life…why not make it healthy?

“Mom, I Can Do It!”

Kids making actual snacks recipes by themselves and not just “helping” in the kitchen can be tricky: a lot of recipes have so many steps, they’re a little too fancy to take to school anyway, OR they’re so full of sugar and white flour that they ought to be desserts.

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Then after all that “help”…Mom has a heart attack looking at the state of the kitchen, and the poor kid is discouraged from trying again because it was so hard! (Another future Master Chef competitor thwarted before realizing their potential!)

It doesn’t have to be this way.

One busy mom wrote:

“Thank you SO MUCH! Finally a simple, easy to understand, thorough way to learn how to use the IP! You’re awesome & solely responsible for canceling my fear and bringing the pot to life after collecting nervous dust for a year. Our tummies & clocks thank you!” (Julie, Oklahoma)

With the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse to lay out basic skills in a logical order and with kid-friendly phrases to help memory, your kids will feel both competent and confident about cooking after just one or two lessons.

How Long Will This Take?

You invest a half hour teaching them class one, and they save you 15 minutes a day forever by helping you chop veggies for dinner.

The math is in your favor, busy mama.

Review of KCRF from Leanne S., Ontario

Get Time Back Immediately!

“I’ve actually gotten a quicker payback on my time than I expected! The time my kids save me in the kitchen exceeded the time I spent on the classes right from the first week.”

— Leanne S., Ontario

Short, Easy Prep

“It took maybe 30 minutes of my own time to peruse the site, watch intro vids and print what is needed for each class. Totally worth it!”

— Traci W., Wisconsin

Healthy Snacks Made by Kids

These videos and lesson plans share our family’s all-time favorite snacks recipes – kid-tested, real food approved, frugal, AND doable!

Kids can Make Healthy Snacks Video Lessons

These 4 videos with printable lesson plans will help your kids find snacks recipes they love, no mess, no fuss, no failure. PLUS we’ll teach them how to choose healthy snacks that really satisfy, even if they’re not making homemade. A little science lesson for all ages…

Healthy Snacks Thematic SkillLab

What can you expect from this video set?

In just a little bit more time than it would take you to make dinner by yourself, get:

how to measure dry ingredients for little kids


This set includes 3 Step-by-Step videos at multiple age levels:

homemade healthy granola

Homemade Crunchy Coconut Granola for our Beginners (age 2-5) with a grain-free alternative

Intermediate energy bites

Energy Bites (like Larabars) for our Intermediate crew (ages 6 and up)

pumpkin pie bars

Pumpkin Pie Bars and a science experiment at the Advanced Level (age 8 and up)

PLUS as usual, we pack in helpful tips to use in any family favorite recipe.

Lesson plan PDFs included to help adults plan ahead and skim!

how to separate egg whites for kids


We go “science geek” with a little nutrition lesson for all the kids:

  • What the macronutrients are in a kid-friendly way
  • Which ones make the best snacks so you’re not “hangry” before lunch
  • Why micronutrients and fiber are also important

the macronutrients in kid-friendly style

Plus a worksheet to practice finding good snacks for the whole family.

We also teach a few new skills to build on the 30+ your kids will learn in the Original Kids Cook Real Food eCourse:

  • Separating Eggs
  • Chopping Walnuts 4 Ways
encourage kids to learn to cook their own snacks!


At Kids Cook Real Food, we’re never just about teaching a recipe. We always equip your kids to make any recipe they come across and ENCOURAGE the kids to

  • experiment with flavors
  • try new things
  • and make up their own recipes

…because we KNOW this is what kids need developmentally to make cooking come alive.

This class set comes with NEW printables:

  • Healthy snacks ideas (arranged by macronutrient)
  • Smoothie making framework so your kids can create their own snacks that actually taste good
  • 12 extra Energy Bites recipes + methods to help kids find their own new flavor…that actually tastes good. 🙂

The Food is All From Scratch!

Did I mention that this is Kids Cook REAL Food?? You can expect nothing processed, no junk, just whole foods recipes to help build your kids’ new love of vegetables and your whole family’s nutrition.

In the special mini-course, we make:

Homemade Soaked Crunchy Coconut Granola

Crunchy Coconut Granola

Energy Bites - like homemade Larabars

Energy Bites (PB&J and Sunny Vacation, nut-free)

Pumpkin Pie Bars - get veggies in those snacks!

Pumpkin Pie Bars

Perfect for Paleo diets and getting actual vegetables into snacktime! Includes a fun science experiment if you make them 2 ways…

And here’s just a sampling of what you might make in the full Original eCourse:

Kid-made healthy food

Big Kids, Little Kids, Moms Who Aren’t Awesome at Cooking…it WORKS for Everyone!

I thought I wouldn’t use the “fun language” with my kids – that it was even a little silly. But we cooked dinner together after our lesson and I heard that “fun language” repeated often!

I’m learning too! I’m more efficient in the kitchen while helping my son (who’s already sticking his fingers in everything) learn early to love being in the kitchen too.

Are These Videos a Good Fit for my Family?

  1. If you’re already a member of our full Kids Cook Real Food eCourse and have done at least a few lessons, DEFINITELY! They take the basic skills to the next level!
  2. If you’re not a member, you can still enjoy this video set as a kid-friendly way to teach your kids about healthy snacking and learn a few new recipes.
  3. HOWEVER, you may want to consider checking out our full course HERE – we love laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating with basic skills in the kitchen!

we teach kids of all ages to cook