Ideas to Help You Master Healthy School Lunches with Georgia Harding (HPC: E73)

They say September is the new January when it comes to meal planning…and January always feels a lot like September when it comes to lunch packing!

If you’re about ready for some new ideas, inspiration, and organization to help your kids keep up a nutritious diet all day long, you’ll love this interview.

(And if an Australian accent is your fav like me, all the better!) 😉

Georgia Harding is a naturopath whose morning is my nighttime, summer is my winter, and got from health to blogging in the opposite direction as me as well, but on pretty much everything else we’re well-aligned!

You’ll love

  • her definition of S.L.O.W. foods
  • ideas of what should go in the lunchbox and routines to make it practical
  • planning and prep strategies to make this do-able, even for busy families and more!

Georgia’s eBook we talked about (from which my daughter made homemade teddy grahams and more) is here.

No time for the whole video? Here are the notes!

School Lunch Planning Video Time Stamps

  • 0:18: Today we’re talking about healthy school lunches with Georgia Harding, a naturopath, and mom of 2 from Queensland, Australia.
  • 0:46: Georgia shares her story with us. She was sick with a heart condition as a child which led her to see a naturopath as a teen.
  • 2:17: Once her second child was starting school, Georgia wanted to do something, but was reluctant to go back into clinical practice. She decided to start a blog and share her love of cooking and health with others.

How to Find Healthy Foods

  • 4:17: Georgia talks about S.L.O.W. foods on her blog. She unpacks that idea for us. It stands for: in Season, Locally grown, Organic, and Whole food.

Focus on S.L.O.W. foods

  • 6:48: What about those of us who live in climates with a winter that reduces the growing season? We talk about sourcing fresh foods when nothing is in season locally.
  • 8:36: Georgia’s recipes are very versatile. She offers lots of alternatives for those with sensitivities or food preferences. One of her goals is to promote confidence (one of our three C’s here at Kids Cook Real Food!)

I really want to build confidence around cooking. -Georgia Harding, ND

  • 11:34: As a naturopathic doctor, Georgia has a different approach to treating her patients than conventional doctors have. She talks a bit about how her outlook on food is shaped by her educational background and holistic mindset.

Food is our primary medicine. -Georgia Harding, ND

You can be taking the best herbs and supplements, but if you’re not eating well then it’s going to be really hard to maintain good health…it’s impossible really. -Georgia Harding, ND

  • 12:55: Everyone is different and everyone goes through different seasons. There’s no one “right” way for everyone to eat. The diet that worked to heal your friend may not work for you.

Packing Healthy School Lunches

  • 16:10: We really want to encourage you parents to make whole foods the norm in your households. We dive into the school lunch box to give you tips for packing healthy, whole food lunches.
  • 17:09: Georgia shares her template and method for packing lunches for her kids along with several examples.

You would never give up on teaching your kids to read or write, so please don't give up on them learning to love whole foods. -Georgia Harding

  • 18:48: Georgia almost always packs a real food treat in her kids’ lunches. She explains why she implemented this practice and how she developed some of her recipes.
  • 20:16: We’ve used Georgia’s lunchbox recipe book with my daughter who is dairy sensitive.
  • 21:02: We talk about kids who aren’t as excited about vegetables. Georgia has some great tips for talking to your kids about different foods.

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  • 24:25: We get super practical with planning and prep ideas. Cooking extras at dinner to ensure leftovers are available or cooking a quick protein while you prepare dinner removes any last-minute scrambling in the morning. Have some standby ideas (like cans of tuna or hardboiled eggs) that you can fall back on when things don’t go according to plan.
  • 26:03: At first you may find yourself thinking about healthy lunches all day! The more you do it, the less you have to think about it. We always recommend packing lunch the night before while cleaning up dinner.

Whole food is the primary focus. - Georgia Harding, ND

  • 26:40: What about when kids bring lunch back home or you find out they’ve been throwing it away? We talk about troubleshooting the issues behind this and coming to solutions with your kids.
  • 28:16: Georgia shares her top tip for feeding our families well.

Georgia Harding, ND is a naturopath and mom of 2 kids, ages 15 and 11 from Queensland, Australia. She’s passionate about making fresh, whole food and connecting as families totally do-able, and her common-sense approach and beautiful, delicious recipes truly help her readers be “well-nourished.”


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