Kid-Friendly Kitchen Tools and Knives

Tools for a kid-friendly kitchen

Katie Kimball, creator and teacher of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, and expert in kid friendly kitchen tools and knives

If you’re looking for kid-friendly kitchen knives, cookware, and tools you’ve come to the right place!

Katie Kimball here – my 4 kids and I created the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse to help bring real food and independence to families all over. 56,825 families have joined us so far, and we’d love to invite you along for the adventure!


In our course and in our home, we use a variety of kid-sized and kid-friendly knives and kitchen tools. We’ve tested and sorted through many, and have curated a list of our favorites for you.

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I also have a short list of just my top 10 favorite kitchen tools for kids.

Kids Cooking Tools - Kitchen Knives and Accessories for Kids

Kid-Friendly Knives

TruChef KIDS Knife Set

*TruChef KIDS Knife Set
Very small chef’s knife, paring knife, peeler, scissors and holder. Makes a great gift!

Victorinox Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife

*Victorinox Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife
This knife is a good fit for children’s hands, sharp and sturdy enough to make an impact, and America’s Test Kitchen #1 economical pick (after Wusthof brand).

Kai Little Chef's Knife

*Kai Little Chef
Only 12.5 cm long, real stainless steel, a real winner for little hands!!

All six knives pictured above are demonstrated in this video.

Kid-Friendly Knife Review from Kids Cook Real Food

YouTube video

If you can’t see the video above, click Best Kitchen Knives for Kids to view it directly on YouTube.

More Cutting & Peeling Tools

lettuce knife

Lettuce Knife
This knife tears the lettuce so that it can last almost an entire week in the fridge.

I don’t advocate wearing cut-resistant safety gloves because they seem cumbersome, BUT if they’ll help you allow your child to use a real metal knife, this one and this one are child-sized.

Kids Kitchen Items - Kitchen Tools that are Kid Friendly

Kid-Friendly Kitchen Tools

silicone tongs

Silicone Tongs
This tool is the easiest we’ve found for turning veggies while sautéing and not burning fingers, and the ring lock is awesome!! (Here’s another option)

measuring spoons

Spring Chef Measuring Spoons
When you have to “pour” from a spice jar into a spoon, even adults sometimes make a mess. With little ones’ small motor skills still developing, a little “shake-a-shake-a” can turn into a big dump. I love that these spoons will go right into the spice jar!

mix 'n chop

Meat Chopper and Mixer
This tool is a game changer for browning ground beef – find here on Amazon or compare with a similar idea from a different brand (members tell me you can also get a similar shape at Walmart)

Especially for The Youngest Children

If you have very young children, instead of having them stand on a chair to help in the kitchen, consider getting a “learning tower” or “toddler tower” to make it safer for them to be up at counter height. If you have a handyman around, you can also DIY one as a family heirloom.

Learning Tower

Learning Towers on Amazon
These are great kitchen aids that will grow with your child, and most are quickly and easily adjusted for multiple children in one day.

More Mini-Tongs:

Mini tongs are for small children (Beginner Level) to move cut items to a plate or to serve – good for finger dexterity and pencil grasp!

Adaptable Tools for Kids with Disabilities

Single Hand Cook

Single Hand Cook
This accessory is mostly to adapt knife skills for people with disabilities, but also some other unique uses to that could help people with limited abilities.

Slice N Fun Pro Cutting Board

Slice N Fun Pro
The Slice N Fun is made to safely hold food so you can chop and prep easily and safely and can even be used with one hand. This makes it ideal for seniors, anyone with arthritis or any hand injury, and those with other special needs. 

Pastry Scraper

Pastry Scraper
This cool idea came from a member family with a chef dad – it’s a super safe way to let kids get involved with cutting!

Here’s our review and demo of the Slice N Fun!

YouTube video

Childrens Cookware - Kids Cooking Accessories

Recommended Cookware

Non-Stick Caraway Fry Pan

Caraway Fry Pan
This pan is non-stick and non-toxic, and can even make scrambled eggs without them sticking! Here’s my video review. I’m delighted to have found a non-stick pan that’s also non-toxic, and it *actually* is easy to clean! Make sure to use a silicone spatula with this pan so you don’t scratch the surface!

Rachel Ray Pots and Pans Set

Rachael Ray Pots & Pans Set
It’s this set with colorful silicone handles pretty?! I love Rachael Ray and the silicone handles on these pots and pans are the best of both worlds – easy to grab but also oven-safe!

Kids Bakeware - Children's Baking Accessories

Recommended Bakeware

baking cups

If You Care Muffin Liners
These are THE BEST as releasing muffins without taking a layer of muffin with them. Available in mini, large, and jumbo. “Large” is the standard sized muffin.

To protect small hands from getting burnt, I prefer an Ove’ Glove (or any other easy-grip, heat resistant glove) over a regular pot holder.

Tools for a Kid-Friendly Kitchen - Small Appliances

Small Appliances for Kid-Chefs

instant pot

Instant Pot 6-qt
We use this model in our Thematic SkillLab and it does great for a family of 4-6 people. Newer ones are out with a few more features and “Smart” technology, if you dig that kind of thing.

immersion blender

Stick Blender
Amazing for making blended soups safely in the pot, guacamole, and homemade mayo.


We love making “zoodles” and more at our house! I’ve tried a few. This is similar to the LifeStyle Dynamics one we have loved (but looks to be discontinued now) and this is a super low-priced cute little thing.

More Appliances:

Kid's Kitchen Items - Gadgets and Tools for Kids in the Kitchen

When we talk about kids eating well, striking that 90/90/90 posture with an adjustable chair can make a huge impact but somewhat difficult for a child in an adult chair. Not sure what 90/90/90 posture is? Learn that and more about why chair height is so important in my interview with Dr. Kay Toomey.

Need a kid-sized apron? How about this one from Amazon, or these Custom Aprons from Zazzle are the ones worn in the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse – I just had them put ‘Kids Cook Real Food’ on them instead of a name, so you could do that too if your kids want aprons that look like the ones in the videos.

Curious Cookie Placemat

Curious Cookie Placemat
An adorable placemat to encourage children to explore new foods.


Kids Cooking Ingredients

Ingredients We Use in the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

  • Seasonings:
      • Real Salt: Not only do I LOVE Redmond as a company, this is the only salt I use in my house, and I buy it by the bucket! It’s high-quality at an affordable price, and available in mainstream grocery stores.
      • Whole Bay Leaves
      • Paprika (my Executive Assistant is particularly fond of these from Spain)
    • Dried Minced Onion (used often in slow cooker/Instant Pot meals, Premium Content class – just get a big container; the little ones are too expensive and get used up too fast!)
    • Dried Minced Garlic (same as above – and I link to a search for the term only because Amazon changes its stock too much and I don’t want to stick you with one that might disappear – but price check per ounce!)
    • Dried Bell Peppers (not granulated, diced – same as above for notes)
    • Garlic Powder
  • Grassfed Gelatin (use the coupon KS10 for 10% off!)
    • Perfect Beef Gelatin (Use the code KS10 for 10% off any order, which can be stacked with the savings for ordering multiple Perfect Supplements brand products!) (also on Amazon, or check your local grocery store)
    • Bernard Jensen Gelatin at Radiant Life or Amazon
    • Note: Be sure to only use GELATIN in the class 6 recipe – not collagen (use the coupon KS10 for 10% off!). It won’t gel, although it has many health benefits and goes great in smoothies.
  • Rice and Beans
    • Costco or Sam’s seem to always carry at least dry pinto beans. Costco carries organic canned beans.
    • Aldi will often have dry black beans or pinto beans but it depends on your market. They carry canned beans for a great everyday price and sometimes do have organic ones as a special buy.
  • Other:

Kids Cookbooks, Recipes and Kid-Friendly Cooking Classes

Chef Junior: 100+ Super Delicious Recipes by KIDS for KIDS!

best cookbook for kids

My oldest son is one of the co-authors of this book — all written by kids ages 12-15!

Our community raves about it and loves cooking these healthy, real food recipes.

Super allergy-friendly, gorgeous photos, and multiple skill levels so there’s something for everyone inside.

Your kids will love recipes for homemade pizza, pesto pasta, mac and cheese, and burgers, along with Texas Style Breakfast Tacos, Avocado Chicken Salad, Pizza Cauliflower Soup, Pineapple Lemon Ice Pops, and even some healthy-ish desserts.

It’s our family’s most-used cookbook by far, and I know your family will be blessed by it as well!

Learn more about the authors and grab fabulous digital bonuses with the book right here:

New Favorites for New Cooks

New Favorites for New Cooks
This cookbook is written by a chef who is the founder of Charlie Carts, an amazing real food cooking program for kids. I love that there are 50 recipes, all real food, and every one we have tried has been incredibly delicious!!

Anise Loves GREEN Food

Anise Loves GREEN Food
A kid’s picture book about a little boy who loves to draw and his sister who loves to cook, so perfect for Kids Cook Real Food! Leah has made almost every recipe in the book, we love it so much!

The International Cookbook for Kids

The International Cookbook for Kids
Stepping up to some harder recipes for ages 8+, and all made from scratch. It gets incredible reviews on Amazon and looks like a great resource for kids to not only cook, but learn something about other cultures at the same time. Our homeschoolers love connecting cooking with geography and social studies!

Little Passports: Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Adventures

Savor a global culinary adventure with recipes from America’s Test Kitchen Kids and activities from Little Passports!

Explore cooking traditions, cultures, and new flavors from around the world and get a kid-friendly kitchen tool every month!

Fix it and Forget it: Cooking with Kids
This was a recommendation from a reader: a slow cooker cookbook that is probably not 100% real food but looks like it has some good options.

Books and Classes for Big Kids or Adults

Simple Green Meals

Simple Green Meals
This has been helping us get more vegetables in our diet, and these recipes are so unique and flavorful, plus gorgeous photos make us want to eat every one!

100 Days of Real Food on a Budget

100 Days of Real Food on a Budget
This one is a favorite, especially because Lisa’s girls have recipes in the book! She’s a big proponent of kids cooking and yours will be inspired by these photos and simple recipes (and you’ll be happy to save a few bucks per meal!).

The Wellness Mama Cookbook

The Wellness Mama Cookbook
As a mom of 6, my friend Katie (the author) includes a ton of kid-friendly recipes, all real food stuff, and plenty of things I know that her own kids make. We’ve been cooking from it regularly and have yet to find a recipe we didn’t love!

Real Food Nutrition & Health Curriculum 
A textbook that is written at a high school level that teaches nutrition and health based on WAPF (Weston A Price) principles.

Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking 
For the more advanced students. When you know a culinary ratio, it’s not like knowing a single recipe, it’s instantly knowing a thousand.

The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease – in children!
Dr. Madiha Saeed spent years compiling this incredible resource using FOOD (and lifestyle) to truly heal over 70 diseases that haunt children and families. I’ve met Dr. Saeed, and she is one of the most genuine, helpful, and positive people you can imagine. I highly recommend her book.

How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food — With 1,000 Photos by Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman Recipes Free for Kindle Fire Tablet/ Phone HDX HD

Free Cooking Mini-Series Classes by Craftsy

Check out our online cooking class, Kids Cook Real Food!