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10 Snacks Your Preschooler Can Make Today

Show your 2- to 5-year-olds that they can truly contribute to the family NOW with these healthy ideas!

  • Use simple ingredients you probably already have on hand (cheese, celery, dried fruit, bread, bananas, apples, nut/seed butters) so you can jump right in and enjoy a quality time moment with your little one.
  • Show your preschooler that they can contribute to the family without needing help on every move.
  • Learn the trick to help tiny hands know the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon – with no mistakes!
  • Give your kiddos a chance to feel proud that they can help out – when they’re actually still motivated to do it!
  • Zero junk food – teach kids NOW that they can eat healthy, not “kid food,” sugary sweets, or time-consuming, cutesy shapes.
  • Gluten-free and Paleo adaptable, including a surprising bread-free sandwich idea – no junky carbs for your little one’s brain!


Your preschooler is often capable of more in the kitchen that you realize! These are just some of the things your little one can do,

“By myself!”

children learn spreading and pouring kitchen skills

child peeling carrot

preschool child slices banana with butter knife

Grab the free ebook for more ideas and let your preschooler be more independent in a positive way.


My 5-year-old son wanted a PB&J for lunch today. I was about to (reluctantly) stop what I was working on to make it for him when I remembered what he learned in Kids Cook Real Food and said, “Actually, you can make it yourself, because it’s all spreading and you learned spreading in your class.” He was delighted with that idea, I got out the materials, and he went to work.

He was super happy and couldn’t wait to tell his kindergarten teacher that he made his own sandwich for lunch.

Thanks for empowering my son!

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