The Impact of “The ONE Thing” in Parenting (HPC: E76)

Could you choose “one thing” to do each day?

“One” primary goal for your kids?

Find out how “The One Thing” business and productivity philosophy relates to parenting successful children, and let’s start the conversation:

What’s your “one thing” for your kids?

I thought of applying this business strategy to parenting when I interviewed Michelle Anne about being a calm mom and mindful discipline. Check out her Healthy Parenting Connector interview, her “one thing” goal for her kids’ lives and how she tries to tackle “one thing” every day.

No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes!

One Thing Video Time Stamps

  • 0:13: Today we’re going to talk about a philosophy called “the one thing.” I started teaching kids to cook to teach life skills and responsibility in the next generation. Over the years, our members have found the benefits extend beyond the kitchen. We say we teach connection, confidence, and creativity through cooking. What if you had to choose one of those things? Only one.

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  • 0:53: I interviewed Michelle Ann last fall about raising mindful kids and being a calm mom. One thing she said was that she chooses the one most important thing to do each day instead of looking at her entire to-do list and getting overwhelmed.
  • 1:46: There’s a whole podcast and book called The One Thing. The idea is basically that each day you choose one thing that will make the most impact and that’s your priority.

What is your "one thing: for your kids?

  • 2:09: I wondered: could we apply this philosophy to parenting? 
  • 3:04: Before you say, “but Katie! How can you expect me to only try to get one thing done each day? I have so many things that need to be done!” realize that once you’ve completed your “one thing,” you choose the next most important thing and do that. I give an example in my own life today.
  • 4:30: As busy parents, I encourage you to go to bed already knowing your one thing for the morning. Perhaps it’s an errand, cleaning task or phone call to make.
  • 5:15: Hopefully you get to the end of the day knowing you accomplished the important things instead of being distracted by things that do need to be done but aren’t the top priority.

Let’s get one thing done, and then move on to the next thing. -Katie Kimball

  • 6:28: Parenting is not just about the daily tasks of laundry, feeding the kids, helping with homework, etc. What if we also applied this to the long haul of parenting? What if we had one thing always in the back of our mind when we spend time with our kids, discipline them and make decisions as a family?
  • 7:16: Spoiler alert: I’m still pondering my “one thing.” It’s hard to distill 18 years of parenting down to one goal!
  • 8:55: It’s easy to get distracted by other people or even our own expectations.

If you had your “one thing” how would that impact the choices you make throughout the week? -Katie Kimball

  • 10:05: I don’t know about you, but I’m always trying to improve so I can look back and say “yes, I was intentional and gave my best effort.”
  • 10:22: I challenge you to think about this and talk with your spouse. What is your “one thing” for your family?
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The impact of "the one thing" in your parenting


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