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Do You Wish Your Kids Knew How To Cook?

We Teach Kids To Cook So Your Family Can THRIVE With Healthy Food

Join Mrs. Kimball’s online video course so she can help your kids master 30 basic cooking skills.

They’ll make entire recipes on their own with confidence while you enjoy the quality family time, organized for you.


Adreeana Black, chef, Bistro at Home LLC & 7B Culinary Connections, Inc

Chef Approved!

“As a chef and a mom, the high quality of Kids Cook Real Food and Mrs. Kimball’s commitment to accuracy was just what I was looking for. Other chef volunteers and I are using the curriculum to teach kids in person!”

— Adreeanna Black, chef, Bistro at Home LLC & 7B Culinary Connections, Inc, Member of APPCA, Sandpoint, ID

Nutritionist Approved!

“The most beautiful gift to give a child is to teach them to cook, how to make healthy food delicious, and to understand how to fuel their bodies healthily. Teaching kids to connect how they feel with what they eat is foundational to health.

— Sara Vance, Nutritionist & Author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan

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This eCourse organizes over 30 basic kitchen skills into logical steps so you can:

  • Build strong connections and family memories with your kids in the kitchen.
  • Learn vital cooking techniques in fun and memorable ways – we focus on the skills, not the food, so it’s very allergy-friendly!
  • Give even your pre-readers recipes they can make all by themselves so they feel confident and empowered (and they’re not in the way while you cook).
  • Fight back against the damage processed foods wreak on your family’s health as you enjoy fresh, from-scratch meals for which everyone played a role.
  • Empower your children to cook their own healthy meals with a generous measure of creativity so that they are prepared for adulthood (and feel confident being creative in other areas of life too)
  • Feel confident introducing sharp knives and stove safety to your kids – and with all the thinking done for you, you may actually enjoy it!

“Lack of time is one of the reasons I bought the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. I knew that getting my kids in the kitchen was going to *save* me lots of time in the long run. I’ve actually gotten a quicker payback than I expected! The time my kids have saved me in the kitchen has exceeded the time I’ve spent on the classes right from the first week. I was so enthusiastic about the course that I ended up working for Katie behind the scenes on the eCourse!”


We Teach Kids to Cook Step by Step to Jump Start their Journey to Healthy Living

…but that’s not all…

Ever have that day where 5:00 hits and you just know dinner is going to be late to the table?

You shoo your kids out of the kitchen by any means possible and just hope to get them nourished before the evening event.

When dinner is finally ready, you yell:

“Come set the table! Wash your hands! Here’s your food – eat up, eat up!”

It’s stressful, hectic, and not exactly quality family time.

But what if your kids already knew how to cut carrots and make ranch dip?

What if they had gotten their own snack at 4:00, getting you in the kitchen earlier to start dinner?

And what if, instead of a hindrance in the kitchen, they were actually helpful?

With a tiny investment of time and the right strategy, it may feel like someone waved a magic wand over the dinner table.

Our Mission is Building Healthy Kids



for young children and anyone who needs the basics

Beginner lessons focus on small motor control, dexterity, and basic kitchen skills.


  • Spreading & Peeling
  • Slicing Soft Foods with a Dull Knife
  • Cross-Hatch Pattern Cuts
  • Measuring Ingredients
  • Soaking Dry Beans
  • Pouring Skills
  • Washing & Tearing Salad
  • Working with Dough



for kids who know the beginner level skills

Intermediate lessons focus on recipe independence, intro to sharp knives and stovetop safety.


  • Following a Recipe Well
  • Intro to Sharp Knives
  • Cracking Eggs
  • Making a Recipe Without Help
  • Stovetop Safety & Cooking Rice
  • Flipping Pancakes
  • Rolling Dough
  • Browning Ground Meat
Kids Cook Real Food eCourse - teach kids to cook in fun ways!


for kids with intermediate level mastery

Advanced lessons focus on sharp knife skills, oven safety and making meals independently.


  • Sharp Knife Skills, Levels 1-4
  • Slicing & Dicing Vegetables
  • Crushing Garlic
  • Cutting Whole Fruits
  • Sauteing Vegetables
  • Cooking Dry Beans
  • Cooking Eggs
  • Homemade White Sauce
  • Steamed Vegetables

Kids Cook Real Food Video Course Curriculum Map Integrations

Preview the Curriculum Map

  • Logically organized skill progression
  • Looping skills create natural practice opportunities (so you don’t have to think about it)
  • Designed for busy families: all ages coordinate to make something to eat!

With a plan for your cooking lessons and the thinking done ahead of time, you’ll be able to engage with your kids, enjoy yourself, and watch them blossom.

View the curriculum map.



How Much Would You Spend On In-Person Cooking Lessons?

The Kids Cook Real Food team did a little research and found that if you were to send your kids to an in-person cooking class you should expect to spend between $30-$70 per class (depending on where you are in the country).

With the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, each lesson can be done on your schedule with the skimmable PDF lesson plans and engaging instructional videos for less than $2 per lesson with 2 children.

…AND if you have more than two kids to use the course with, that dollar amount is even less because you can use your membership to teach them all!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know a thing about cooking in order to teach your kids with this course. Mrs Kimball has done all the work for you and teaches the skills in the videos, so you can devote as much or as little time to practicing the skills as you please.


See Your Membership Options


You choose your pace. You’ll have access to all the lessons, all the time, anywhere – you can do one a week, one a month, or delay starting until the time is right. Your call!

“Your fun terms and simple way of explaining things has made it stick and the self-confidence that these classes have given [my child] is amazing. I am so excited to share your website with other families.”
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But where to start?

What real skills can kids DO in the kitchen without burning their arm or cutting a finger off?

The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse was designed for busy families like yours, with all the skills needed to cook any basic recipe, planned out in a connected, comprehensive way.

Not only will you have a clear direction and a cheerleader in your corner, but you’ll feel confident that your kids will remember safe techniques using our fun memory tools.





online cooking class for kids

– Join 11,650 Other Families –

As We Teach Your Kids to Cook

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but we offer full digital refunds for any reason anytime within the first 30 days NOW 60 DAYS FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS of access so you can be sure. You really get a chance to try it out thoroughly. No worries about buyer’s remorse!

The All-Access VIP membership is our most popular option for families. The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse can grow with your child, and with VIP access you can teach and re-teach levels for all your children, year after year. Plus you get community support, a place to brag about your amazing children, and additional lessons to make your kitchen time even more enjoyable.

Here’s What You Get When You Join as a VIP

devices3_transparentLifetime Membership + Downloadable Videos ($30 Value)

You’ll have access to everything in the member area forever, and in case the course ever goes offline, you can download the videos and PDFs to any device. Downloadable videos also means you can plug them into your Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV and watch your cooking classes on the big screen.

Special Hospitality Class ($25 Value)

This class has become a member favorite – maybe because it requires zero prep and is a great one to start with, but also because it encourages kids to help with the daily set-up and clean-up of eating and makes dinner a true family affair. (Includes 4 videos + PDFs: Intro, Careful Carrying, Setting the Table, and Washing the Table)


Private Facebook groupExclusive Private Facebook Group Support ($19.95 Value)

Our VIP-only Facebook group is a safe place to ask questions, get encouragement and share stories of your cooking classes. You’ll feel the community of other families walking the same road AND get extra tips, motivation, and answers from the teacher, Katie Kimball.



Extension Recipe eBook ($9.95 Value)

Additional recipes for every skill at every level! Includes 5 sections and 50 new recipes, all in the classic KCRF kid-friendly format:

  • Sensational Starters and Super Sides
  • Silly Soups
  • Main-Dish Meals
  • Best Oven Bakes
  • Delicious Desserts (or a Breakfast Bonanza)


Video Lesson: Instant Pot Updates to 3 of the class skills
($10 Value)

The kids and I filmed a “one year later” update to show how to use the Instant Pot to achieve 3 of the original class skills: Browning Ground Meat, Steaming Vegetables, and Cooking Dry Beans.


Video Lesson: “Blooming Spices” from the Flavor Crash Course
($10 Value)

Courtney picks up where we leave off, teaching kids who are ready and adults the ins and outs of herbs and spices, how to combine together and use with food, and how to maximize your flavor. I chose this one for my VIPs because I learned a lot from it and the lesson isn’t very difficult to do.

Perfect Supplements Gelatin ($17 value)

In the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, we really strive to keep all the ingredients simple, basic groceries, but the one ingredient that is a little harder to source is high-quality gelatin. Our Beginners learn the awesome fine motor skill of pouring, and to help them practice, (although mostly just for fun), we make homemade gelatin with 100% fruit juice. With this bonus, VIP members will get half off grass-fed gelatin at Perfect Supplements, saving over $17!


VIP Members

make a commitment

to Teaching Kids to Cook


Parenting is a long process, and building connection, confidence and creativity in the kitchen likely won’t “happen” in 12 months. That’s why our VIP members get lifetime access to all the classes at all skill levels, so they can commit to teaching their kids valuable cooking skills as part of family life.

And I commit to being there to help YOU, from great parenting conversation in the VIP Facebook group to the special access you have to me there when you run into questions or roadblocks, to all the incredible bonuses to enhance your kitchen experience.

You don’t need coupons to make this a ridiculous value, because the value is built in:

All-Level Access = $149.85 Value

Additional VIP Items = $297.84 Value

GET IT TODAY for $149.95

***savings of $297.74 or over 65% off!***












What if the Kids Aren’t On Board?

Hiya, kids.

If you’re old enough to read this yourself, you’re probably almost too old to be excited about helping Mom and Dad in the kitchen.

I’ve got a story for you, so hang with me.

My son Paul has always been kind of an “I don’t care what other people think” kid, being friends with girls in first grade when everyone else thought they had cooties, taking hip hop even though none of his friends were in it, and letting it roll off his back if kids teased him about his “real food” lunches that didn’t look like theirs.

Now that he’s in sixth grade, a strange thing has begun happening.

No, no – not THAT thing, sheesh – a lunchtime thing.

The guys who sit around him are jealous of his lunches.

They say stuff like:

“Your lunches are, like, 4-course gourmet!”

“I would totally trade my hot lunch for your lunch any day!”

And when he had some leftover casserole that he not only made himself but created himself (like, designed the recipe and chose the seasonings and all that), he got the best comments of all.

Paul's homemade casserole

The other kids couldn’t believe he could do that, and (don’t tell him I told you, but…) I could see that he was proud of himself, too, because moms know stuff like that.

He probably would have snapped it if we let him have a phone, but we’re not cool parents. (Note to other uncool parents: that’s a reference to Snapchat. It’s a social media thing.)

Cheesy Potato Beef Casserole for lunchOne thing we do in the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse is to talk about “cooking like a TV chef” and I actually teach you how to just dump spices in your hand and throw them in the pot – without your parents having to throw out your meal because it was super disgusting.

And we talk about gas in the beans class. Just sayin’.

If you think it’s dumb after a couple classes, tell your parents and they can get their money back (they have 30 days).

I know, I know…I said the “d-word.” Don’t tell my 8-year-old or she’d have my head. 😉 Good thing I didn’t say the “s-word.”

If you want to make it sound like this was all your idea, feel free to tell your parents you decided you want to impress your friends by doing something they can’t do, or just that it’s time to learn to cook so you can be in charge of what you eat.

I won’t tell them a thing. #toomanysecrets

Stuff Real Kids Say About the Course

“The best part of doing these classes is getting to eat what you make!”

– Kelli, age 11, California

Best part = “Making my own recipe”

– Moroni, age 7, Missouri

Later, dude. Your parents can read the next part. (I do say “dude” in real life, seriously. Sorry about that.)

Here’s what kids say after they’ve done a few lessons.

Join 11,650 Other Families

As We Teach Your Kids to Cook



but we offer full digital refunds for any reason anytime within the first 30 days NOW 60 DAYS FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS of access so you can be sure. You really get a chance to try it out thoroughly. No worries about buyer’s remorse!

-Happiness Guarantee-