Your Kids CAN Learn to Cook!

You and Your Kids Deserve Confidence in the Kitchen

Kids Cook Real Food is an online video eCourse connecting families to healthy food by helping kids master basic cooking skills.

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‘Cause they’re going to want to eat all the time…let’s make it healthy & independent!

We Teach Kids to Cook

Your Kids Get Life Skills, You Get a Break

Food shows are super popular with kids (and adults), who watch and wonder how the stars get so fast with the knife.

But kids can’t learn from the entertainment industry because no one slows down and explains it!

To raise healthy, independent adults, we know we need to build life skills. But so many moms are uncomfortable in the kitchen because we were never taught to cook. Let’s not let this generation say the same thing in 20 years:

It’s too hard to get healthy because my mom never taught me to cook…

You can do this, moms.

You can connect with your kids in the kitchen without stress, teach them valuable skills, and experience the powerful impact of confidence and creativity in the kitchen.

Learning to cook goes way beyond just “building life skills,” (even though it does that too.)

Just ask any mom watching their child serve food to a family member – the pride on that little face melts our hearts!

After 3 years of hearing success stories from members about struggles and successes in the kitchen, we’re convinced that we build authentic worth and self-esteem by teaching kids to cook. It lays the foundation for a resiliency to anxiety and depression, and if every child in America learned to cook, we’d start to smash all the sad statistics on childhood obesity, school behavior issues and more.

Plus – bonus for you – when your kids can do real tasks in the kitchen, you don’t have to do alllll the work every single night. Family responsibility: check!

This Course Makes it Easy for Parents

“I enjoy cooking, but not with my kids because it stressed me out. I’d probably have kept kicking them out of the kitchen until they were 15!

“Watching the kids cook on the Kids Cook Real Food videos gave me the courage to get my kids in the kitchen and just START cooking. With “Mrs. Kimball” as the teacher, it was easier on me.

“…the 4 year old is my best little “sous chef” yet – he LOVES helping me prep for dinner by cutting up fruits & veggies with a real knife – and I love having REAL help in the kitchen!

— Amy L., mom of 5


Hear more from Amy and other member parents »

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Our Mission is Building Healthy Kids

Even busy families can have kids who know how to cook! Just imagine what this online cooking class can do for you:

  • Your kids mastering over 30 basic kitchen skills (and someone else told them how to be safe)
  • Enjoying quality time with your kids (without worrying about what to do)
  • Healthy and vibrant lives full of energy, now and when they’re adults
  • Building self-esteem and confidence with the foundation of authentic work (you’ll be amazed at how family life runs more smoothly)
  • Never worrying about allergies or junk food in a kids’ cooking class
  • Knowing your kids can feed themselves in college, and even that they’ll be teaching their own kids your family favorite recipes!

How it works:

Giving your kids the gift of independence is THIS easy with the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse:

family watching online cooking videos for kids


Watch the intro video with your kids.

Each lesson comes with a professionally produced instructional video demonstrating new skills – kids love watching other kids!

mom planning cooking classes for her kids


Prep lesson with a one-page Quick Start.

We’ve done all the thinking for you in the PDF lesson plans – just grab some basic supplies and start cooking!

having fun with vegetables in cooking class


Enjoy time together - with healthy food!

We give ideas for how to practice each new skill and memory phrases to make sure your kids stay safe in the kitchen.

And then? Eat their yummy food and build truly authentic self-esteem.

“We are all enjoying the course so much, and I’m getting lots of help with meals now. Can’t thank you enough for your help with teaching my kids all the things I didn’t think I had time to teach them.”


What About Picky Eaters?

A lot of parents think that the last place their picky eater should be is in the kitchen working with food. They’re tired of the power struggles, the negative attitudes, and maybe even temper tantrums… the adult or child version. :/

As it turns out, a cooking class for kids may be as important as a “how to eat healthy” class for those same kids or a parenting class for parents.

Every engagement with food “counts” toward a child’s total threshold – the number of exposures they need before (a) trying and (b) accepting a food. If you want your kids to eat better, teach them to cook!

“Teaching your kids to cook has so many benefits that it’s hard to count them all! I teach the families at my clinic that getting kids in the kitchen and exposed to a variety of foods (without pressure to eat them) is vital to improving their diets, especially in children with sensory processing issues, autism, or ADHD.

I’m thrilled this course is so accessible and recommend it to my patients and their families!”

Nicole_Beurkens psychologist and nutritionist

Hear from Real Families

Moms are loving this course! Click to hear their thoughts (and see real kids in action, so cute!):

Imagine having time to read or do your Bible study while your kids make the meal!

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