Thanks for joining Kids Cook Real Food through Niles Homeschool Partnership!

Let’s focus the power of that Amazon gift card. We have suggestions for how you can spend it to make your experience teaching the Kids Cook Real Food lessons the best it can be!

There are three lists:

  • one for those who need the basic tools in order to get started with the lessons
  • one for people who already have the basics and would like to get some specialized kitchen tools
  • and finally, a list of extra fun things that will just enrich your family’s experience with the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Before we get to those three lists, I’d like to make sure you know about our paperback/spiral-bound curriculum and recipe books. All of the materials you’ll need to teach the course are PDFs on your flash drive, but if you’re the type that prefers real paper and don’t want to print/collate all the lesson plans then the in-print books might be right for you. They’re available on Amazon and could absolutely be part of your funds.

The Basics

You should be able to buy one item in each category within the gift card amount you have, if these are some basics you’ll need. If you have something in your kitchen that more or less matches these items, move on to the next category and get something new! DO make sure you have a paring knife and a chef’s knife (6 inches or less) that fit your child’s hands. There are many brands less expensive than the Wusthof we love. 🙂 

More Than Basics

As long as you have the kitchen basics above, you can complete almost all of the lessons. All these tools are also in the videos and would be helpful to have (or an equivalent that’s already in your home, such as another style of skillet or tongs).

Extra Fun Things

I listed these fun items in order of what I’d want in my kitchen to help kids make great meals…

If you want more ideas for kid-friendly kitchen tools and cookbooks, or if you like to source some ingredients online, check out our full resources page here.

Have fun spending that gift card, and thanks for joining us in class!