Want to Earn Extra Money Referring Friends to Kids Cook Real Food?


This boring little page might just make your day. 😉

I’d love to invite any member of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse to be an “affiliate” with me, which is a term you’ve probably seen bloggers use. You don’t have to be a blogger or have any sort of platform to do it though!

Basically, I give 50% commission to anyone who refers a new member to our classes, whether that’s you referring your sister or a big blogger sending over 1000s of clicks.

That’s often extra grocery money in your pocket for sharing something you might share anyway!

All you do is:

  • Sign up.
  • Get your referral (“affiliate”) link.
  • Share it via email or Facebook or anywhere you can type something.
  • Whenever a friend or family member clicks your link and buys the course, you get commission.
  • Even if they just sign up for a freebie, they are “under you” for the next year if they buy later (as long as they don’t click someone else’s link in the meantime).

Here’s how it works, as simple as possible:

1. Sign up HERE.

2. You’ll receive some emails explaining things, but they’re geared more toward bloggers with platforms. I recommend that you mostly ignore that (except for the info in step 3) and use this list instead, and unless you’re very curious about blogging and marketing, you should probably opt out of “affiliate emails” right away like this:

3. You can now start using your affiliate links right away. There are a bunch in the dashboard, but you really only need two:

  • Freebie signup
  • Main sales page

You’ll actually get those in the welcome email, and they look like this:

4. If you want to dig deeper (or if you lose that email), you can login to your referral partner (affiliate) dashboard here. You can skim the info there, but to find links (the important part), click on “Link Generator”:

5. You’ll see this, and although you’ll want to focus on the top links, if you want, you can share a whole bunch of KS posts and “cookie” your friends such that if they ever buy KCRF, you get commission (as long as they don’t click someone else’s link in the meantime).

We have several “freebies” that you can share with your friends, such as the “10 Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make” ebook and the “Instant Pot Guidebook”. You’ll see these highlighted with “–FREEBIE:”. To use the affiliate link to refer friends or family, you copy the part that looks like this:


Paste that URL anywhere on the web, let people know you’re an affiliate (and member, of course!), and start watching “optins” come in.

The highlighted part is the MAIN link to buy Kids Cook Real Food.

You can test your own links at any time and it won’t hurt anything.

How do I find out if I’ve made money?

If you clicked “notify on sale” when you signed up, you’ll get an email anytime someone buys using your link.

You can also check in the dashboard by clicking “commissions generated”:

  • My Ledger will show names and dates of any purchases.
  • Link Tracking Stats will let you know how many clicks you’ve had and how many “optins” which is people signing up for a freebie but not necessarily buying anything (yet).
  • Products Sold will give you info too, but it’s not always accurate for some reason.
  • Subscription Signups doesn’t apply to Kids Cook Real Food.

I hope that helps explain the process a bit, and if you have any questions, you can email my affiliate manager at affiliates@kidscookrealfood.com. Thanks!

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