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WOW my kids and I were totally blown away by #LifeSkillsNow today. It is well organized, high quality, important stuff to know, and FREE??!! Way surpassed my expectations!

– Ann O.

Bridge the Gap in Traditional Education with Real-Life Success at Home

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Love of Lifelong Learning

Practical Life Skills

Critical Thinking

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Who is #LifeSkillsNow For?

Is Your Family a Fit?

  • In a world obsessed with standardized tests, you cultivate creativity, independence, and resilience.
  • While some parents hover, you teach children to soar by fostering autonomy and critical thinking.
  • While others preach strict screen time, you harness technology to teach real-world skills — and you prioritize productive learning and outdoor time.

#LifeSkillsNow hosts dozens of experts with curated, safe content, no ads!

Families find that kids and even teens are so motivated, parents don’t have to push, cajole, or bribe. They beg for more!

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You could pay big bucks for other summer camps…

…but #LifeSkillsNow is totally free!

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Just for signing up, you get a BONUS gift of 3 all-new workshops plus 10 more popular replays from previous seasons!

Building a Stewardship Mindset: What the 3 Rs Really Mean for Kids with Katie Kimball – Kids and teens will learn how they can care for the earth before they’re grown up, including ideas to support the family in reducing purchases, reusing items, and what and how to recycle that really matters.

How to Pack a Suitcase with Tosha Schore – Whether you travel for an overnight or week, no one wants to forget their toothbrush. Kids of all ages can pack their own suitcase like a boss.

Do NOT Get Tricked by Social Media: 5 Logical Fallacies You NEED to Know! with Kathy Gibbens – Critical thinking is more important than ever. In this workshop, tweens and teens will learn how to cut through the noise and see the truth in the weeds.

PLUS 10 more popular videos from previous seasons of #LifeSkillsNow!

  1. Finding your Voice - Melissa Griffin, HR Mom (ages 5+) “Six Steps to Speaking Up” to help kids confidently interact with cashiers, servers, doctors and other adults in public places.
  2. Folding Laundry 101 - Tyler Moore, Tidy Dad (ages 5+) Learn how to sort, categorize, and fold clothing - the standing up way!
  3. 5-Minute Clean-Up Routine My Family Swears By - Katy Wells (ages 5+) How to easily clean up any room using the kid-tested LAP method -- without being overwhelmed!
  4. Mini Imagination Vacations & Other Ways to Deal with Big Emotions for Kids - Janine Halloran, LMHC (ages 5+) Five kid-friendly coping skills to help them handle feeling frustrated, worried, mad, sad, or any other big feeling they may have.
  5. Create a Build-Your-Own Pasta Salad Bar for Families or Parties - Katie Kimball (ages 5-teen) Learn to cook pasta and build a creative pasta salad bar, great for a light summer lunch and perfect for selective eaters!
  6. Simple (Yet Delicious) Main Dishes You Can Make Tonight! - Jill Winger (ages 5-teen) Level up your kitchen ninja skills with roast chicken and roast beef!
  7. A Kid’s Guide to Running Their Own Neighborhood Business - Dustin Riechmann (ages 8-teen) Learn how to create a fun and profitable business providing a service in your own neighborhood.
  8. Study Smarter, Not Harder: Proven Ways to Learn (& Memorize) - Luke and Trisha Gilkerson (ages 12+) Learn the time-tested, scientifically proven ways to help you learn for the next big test and, more importantly, understand subjects in greater depth.
  9. The ABC's of Emotional Intelligence for Tweens/Teens - Suzanne Tucker (ages 12-teen) Therapist and educator Suzanne Tucker teaches the ABC’s and 123’s of emotional intelligence and how to name, feel and heal your emotions.
  10. Independence Now! - Lenore Skenazy (for parents) Known as "The Worst Mom in America," Lenore is a champion for children's independence. Learn about the possible correlation between declining childhood independence and increasing anxiety and depression and HOW you can take steps to fight that.

I’m Ready to Use the Power of Tech to Teach Life Skills:

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These workshops are so much better than any YouTube videos we’ve come across. The videos along with the worksheets, resources, & missions are great tools for our neurodivergent household. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for putting on such a beneficial learning experience for the upcoming generations.

– Brandi R., homeschooling mom to 6 and 10-year-olds

We’re Here to Help You Raise Kids You’re Proud Of…

#LifeSkillsNow is a unique, online summer camp with over 100 fun and engaging workshops and skills for kids of ALL ages + parents.

  • Unlock the Balance Between Screen Time and Real Life – Kids take ownership of their goals and convert wasted screen hours into enriching real-world experiences that fuel creativity and practical skills.
  • Master Emotional Intelligence With Ease – Empower your child to manage emotions, foster healthy relationships, and communicate effectively, skills that make leaders stand out.
  • Equip Your Child With Practical Life Skills They’ll Actually Use – Dive into a comprehensive toolkit for teaching essential skills like financial literacy, cooking, and time management in ways that captivate and stick, preparing them for a thriving adulthood.
  • Foster Family Bonds Through Shared Learning Adventures – Explore the joy of learning together as a family with activities that strengthen connections and create lifelong memories.
  • Cultivate a Lifelong Love of Learning – Spark curiosity and a passion for continuous self-improvement, so that your child never stops growing and exploring new horizons.
  • Embrace Adaptability: The Key Skill for the 21st Century – Be among the few who understand how to teach adaptability, a skill that guarantees your child can navigate change, seize opportunities, and succeed in an ever-evolving world.

When Can We Use the Workshops?

Whenever you want!!

You’ll get access to over a dozen workshops NOW when you sign up. Use them by the end of June for no cost!

Send Me Those Workshops!

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How Life Changes After #LifeSkillsNow

I just want to tell you that 3 of my kids (13, 12, and 9) planned a date night for my husband on Fathers’ Day. They made a list, shopped with me, cooked my husband his favorite meal and dessert (tostadas and flan), and set up a sweet centerpiece and table for us! They were also our servers and babysat their little siblings for us to have a peaceful date on the porch. Sadly, I didn’t have the skills to do this when I got married at 30!! I am just amazed at all they have learned through your classes. Thank you for helping me to raise such sweet kids!

– Erin O.

  1. Set your own schedule.
  2. Watch short video lessons for kids, teens, or parents (5-30 minutes).
  3. Print or read handouts (all learning styles appreciated!).
  4. Share reviews to build community and practice the art of written communication.
  5. Enjoy hearing about the ACTION your kids take in the world, off screens and with imagination at full power!
  6. Motivate with our daily prize opportunities if you’d like! Over $8,000 in prizes because hey – it would be great if all kids were intrinsically motivated to do chores, but in reality you might enjoy a little help. 😉 

Get 13 workshops NOW through end of June, AND you can participate in free camp week June 24-28 with nearly 100 rotating workshops, different every day! 

Send Me Those Workshops!

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Got Questions? Here are Your Answers:

You know, it's really easy to procrastinate on what's important to us because everything else on our schedule is screaming so loudly. (And so are the kids...and so are we, some days...)

If you're tired of the educational system focusing solely on academic achievement, it's time to take control back and teach essential life skills like financial literacy, emotional intelligence, and health and wellness​​​​​​. Reports hit the news this winter that some teen girls are spending up to 20 hours a week on social media. 😮

THIS is your chance to captivate all your children and compete with the instant gratification provided by digital entertainment!

#LifeSkillsNow takes very little parent time if that's what you have to give, but it can also be a bonding experience that's supremely productive.

Got time to make dinner? Make homemade meatballs or chicken stir fry TOGETHER with your kids and camp leader Anna Reeves of Tiny Chefs. Ta da! That was time you were going to spend feeding your family anyway, and now you have special memories to go with the skills your kids built, plus a delicious homemade meal. Spend dinner time hearing about the other workshops your kids tackled and all the real-world work with which they filled their day!

Don't put this off! I want you to end your day knowing you did an A+ job, didn't rely on screens as babysitters but rather powerful, time-limited tools, and took your kids' education by the horns to build that pathway to success when they're adults.

Stop worrying about your kids being behind and take advantage of over 70+ world-class coaches to motivate your kids to make use of every minute, like Lizzy did last year:

"She is loving all the learning--we've been checking our tires and our electric circuits and cooking and planning and holy cow--she is so into your summer camp. It's been so easy to just give her the link and watch her go! Oh my gosh, she's making a pasta sauce now!" (Lizzy’s mom Michele)


First, remember that you get to start with a video. If your kids are anything like mine, they do love screens. (Ha! Caught you, kids!)

Then our camp leaders are going to challenge them to get OUT into the real world and take action! You'll be amazed watching your child's creative mind awaken as they learn new skills, think critically, and practice crazy outdated things like "failure" and "hard work."

Pushing through to complete tasks will build confidence in spades, and your evening dinner conversations will be robust and full of joy.

It turns out kids love being trusted with authentic skills, like this mom gushed:

"We all learned so much (even my husband and I) and the missions really helped them to be motivated to keep going."

Or maybe you have a kiddo like this mom:

"My son is often hard to motivate, so I was pleasantly surprised that he looked forward to watching the sessions he had picked for the day."

Prepare for many, many pleasant surprises!

We even offer over $8000 in prizes to help nudge those kids on to victory -- and they don't have to listen to you, just to the new 50+ coaches who just joined your parenting team. 🙂

This is a totally FREE event for the whole family! You'll get exclusive access through a membership dashboard, and you can start right away with 3 Early Access workshops from season 3 (2024) as well as 5 each from seasons 1 & 2!

The full camp with over 100 workshops is also free. Each workshop will be available for 24 hours June 24-28 to encourage you to jump in and take action. If you want to keep camp beyond the free week (or start early), you'll be offered a chance to purchase the package at a discount as soon as you register.

No, for this free event, the videos are accessible for a short time each to motivate you to take action and use them right away. You'll need Internet service that can handle streaming video. HOWEVER you'll have an opportunity to buy the paid package, and then you can download everything.

Schools across the country and around the world have vastly different end times. It was such a difficult decision about when to run camp!

If you have a conflict, here are some ideas to foster life skills learning:

  1. Remember that you get 13 workshops right when you register! Use them whenever you have 10-30 minutes.
  2. If you'd rather, you'll have an opportunity to purchase the package to keep to use at your convenience all summer long. (Hint: watch for a discount right after you register!) 
  3. We also typically run a "mini camp" in late July or early August highlighting a handful of workshops for free. We want to honor those who missed camp because they were still in school! If you register now, you'll be sure to be notified if we do this again. 🙂

We don't really want our tiniest children on screens this summer, BUT we have a  track for parents of preschoolers (age 2-5) to give you practical ideas for them with hands-on activities to test out all summer long. We also have plenty of workshops for kids ages 5+ including food (bonding time with a parent!), gardening, cleaning, and emotional skills.

Yes! Many teens want to grow up fast, so learning how to manage their own finances, set life goals, start a business or a conversation, take control of their health, and figure out what in the world the noises coming from their cars mean is MOTIVATING. Plus we offer cool over $8000 in prizes including a cell phone and teen facial pampering products, so there's that. 🙂

Even if you don't know how to break down a whole chicken, use a power drill, or exactly what compound interest means and why it should matter to your teen - not to worry! Your teens still need you, but you need a team of coaches on your side.

We hear from many families of teens year after year sharing feedback like this: "My kids loved this! They usually smell self-help stuff and run, but they found this super engaging and were asking to watch the videos!"

Don't worry! The entire event is on-demand, with sets of workshops available daily June 24-28th from 8am EDT for 24 hours. No matter where you live, you'll have "the kids are awake" time to enjoy the event! PLUS you get 13 workshops right away to use until the end of June, so you literally get to plan your own summer camp schedule.

Each camp leader has their own unique style, but everyone speaks directly to the kids/teens in a pre-recorded, edited video (except for the parent workshops), introduces their life skill, teaches practically how to do it, and delivers a "mission" at the end.

The mission is a concrete action step that can be accomplished in 5-15 minutes within the next 1-2 days. Let's give those kids some knowledge and then get them off the screen and implementing in the real world!

Access to workshops will be inside a password-protected membership area (with your FREE pass!) so there aren't any ads, interaction with people you don't know, or distracting sidebar "play next" features.

The workshop pages simply include the video, a printable handout or checklist to follow along, a mission, and the camp leader's bio and how to connect with them.

That's the "what" - but the "why" is absolutely dreamy. Our camp leaders will gift your kids and teens independence, confidence, emotional intelligence, communication skills, preparedness for future careers AND a chance for family connection through shared learning experiences.

#LifeSkillsNow camp is fun AND educational...and free...and full of variety! What are you waiting for?

YES! Large families, neighborhood gatherings, daycare/summer care centers have all enjoyed our past summer camps, and this one will also work wonderfully for groups of kids...as long as they can decide which workshops they want to participate in! 🙂 PLUS gathering kids together helps keep you accountable so you don't put off the important life skills you know you want your kids to learn...but don't always find time for.

No. We won’t give out any of your information to summit speakers. Certain speakers might have freebies available that you can access by submitting your email address to the speaker directly via the directions they provide. This is completely at your discretion and on an individual basis, and we mark those "For Grown-Ups" so there's no confusion whether kids should be hitting the button to leave the membership area.

How to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 😉

Unlike school, you don't have any curriculum standards your kids have to meet. Start with the early access workshops and have fun all the way up to camp kickoff on June 24th with a smaller subset of topics.

We recommend printing out the camp itinerary, one for each child, and let them read titles and highlight what they're interested in. Enjoy holistic, individualized learning at its best!!

Here's Laura Heuseveldt from Season One (2022) on how it went for her family: "Can't beat the flexibility and ease of crafting your own personalized, individualized, camp week. Variety of offerings also helped us to "try" something new or different. The workshops were a good jumping off point and have opened doors to continued summer (all the time) projects and learning. Already looking forward to next year!" 

Schools aren't teaching practical life skills, so truly, summer is the best time to infuse your household with a rich learning environment where kids and teens have choices, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and all of our camp leaders to point the way to future success.

We can't look to others to teach our kids the basics like sweeping up your own mess, managing your study area, and figuring out how to enjoy vegetables.

This is your chance, parents - from kids with neurodivergence to highly active kids to the academic ones, there's literally something for everyone at #LifeSkillsNow summer camp.

If you want your kids to be lifelong learners and love new experiences without seeking a grade or a participation trophy, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

No, no secret - we've just learned that people freak out a little if there are too many words on a page. 😉

But YOU - you are a reader. You're way down here in the FAQs reading actual words. You deserve a full list of the workshops! Warning - it's long...

Still have questions? My team and I are here for you and answer emails within about 6 hours on weekdays. Shoot us a note at support@kidscookrealfood.com or use the chat option in the lower right of this screen.

We absolutely LOVED camp! This was the first time we have done #LifeSkillsNow but we were hooked from the first video! My 13 year old even asked to watch ANOTHER one! Our 11 year old son made the Italian gnudi dish with his Italian dad for Father’s Day… and it was great. The best part was the fun they both had making it together. My son was so proud of himself! Thank you for filling a void that has been needed for our kids for such a long time!

– Bonnie K., 2023 #LifeSkillsNow mom

Please help us thank our prize sponsors! Kids LOVE these prize opportunities!

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