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Start #LifeSkillsNow Season Three early and keep it forever – 100 life skills videos from experts now on YOUR parenting team.

Time to Take the Stress Out of Parenting & Let #LifeSkillsNow Handle the Heavy Lifting…

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Say Goodbye to Passive Screen Time: Turn Digital Learning into Active Growth!

Concerned your kids aren’t learning essential skills they need for success in the real world?

Traditional education often overlooks vital life skills, leaving children unprepared for the challenges they’ll face beyond the classroom.

But your kids don’t have to be left behind!

The engaging video workshops in #LifeSkillsNow are here to bridge that gap with interactive lessons that equip kids and teens with the tools they need to thrive.

Your family doesn’t need to fear technology – use it for GOOD with minimal, productive screen time (zero ads!) and endless off-screen missions to take ACTION in the real world!

Open Doors to Wonder:


“Just wanted to share how amazing this has been – so impressive! We will be doing missions for the rest of the summer! ”

– Grateful #LifeSkillsNow Season Two Grandma

Discover a Solution Beyond the Classroom: Real-World Skills for Real Success!

Family time is precious, and what better way to bond than by learning together?

Our workshops offer a unique opportunity for parents and children to connect over shared experiences and meaningful conversations.

Memories. Laughter. Skill-Building.


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That’s less than $1.50 per skill and your access never expires!

Rest Easy with our Happiness Guarantee

You have time to decide what you love! Try out the workshops, watch your kids implement a few missions, see what you think, and if you don’t love it let us know before July 15th, 2024 and we’ll give you a full refund. You’ll have unlimited access to all the content, so even if you use every piece and still ask for a refund, I’d still give it to you because I believe in this collection of workshops so much. That’s my risk, but I trust you probably won’t do that – it’s just important to me that you understand how much care we’ve put into this experience.

Check Out The Huge Variety of Workshop Topics!

One mom called #LifeSkillsNow a “whole library of such rich information from an incredibly talented group of coaches.” We’ve done it again for Season Three!

As you browse, consider what each of your kids might enjoy. There is something for all ages!

“I did not buy the full access beforehand because I wasn’t sure my kids would watch it and boy do I regret it. They both loved it a lot more than I anticipated. Full access is worth it!”

– #LifeSkillsNow parent

Save Time, Worry Less: Expertly Curated Workshops for Busy Parents!

Don’t let overwhelming schedules and busy lifestyles stop your kids from acquiring the skills they need to succeed.

  • One-tap logins
  • Protected online platform
  • Easy access on all devices
  • QUICK workshop videos!

Whether it’s a quick lesson during breakfast or a deep dive on the weekend, our flexible approach fits seamlessly into your family’s routine.

Here’s to “no moment wasted” in your child’s journey towards personal growth and development!

Make Learning Fun and Meaningful – Act Now!


Bringing Families Together

“We literally have learned so much already, and some of the classes (and fun) have brought us closer together. Plus, it really helps to have some of the things that I have taught my kids be reinforced by such amazing teachers!”

– Maria A.

Equip Your Child for Life: Don’t Let Them Miss Out on Vital Skills!

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Rest Easy with our Happiness Guarantee

You have time to decide what you love! Try out the workshops, watch your kids implement a few missions, see what you think, and if you don’t love it let us know before July 15th, 2024 and we’ll give you a full refund. You’ll have unlimited access to all the content, so even if you use every piece and still ask for a refund, I’d still give it to you because I believe in this collection of workshops so much. That’s my risk, but I trust you probably won’t do that – it’s just important to me that you understand how much care we’ve put into this experience.

I Pledge to Lift Up the Young Generation!

Katie Kimball farmer's market headshot

I’m Katie Kimball, and I’m a mom on a mission – I don’t like hearing stories of unmotivated young adults waiting for success and money to be handed to them.

I don’t like the stats on kids’ mental and physical health, which no one seems to be paying attention to.

As a mom of 4, former elementary educator, and 15-year online entrepreneur connecting families around healthy food, I’m perfectly positioned to take up this cause and help families equip their kids for healthy living, strong communities, and authentic adulthoods.

I’m here to help make it easier for you to raise independent kids who know the difference between a cheese grater and a power drill!

My promise to you:

I bring together the best experts, curate the most engaging topics, and navigate the noise out there on your behalf –

#LifeSkillsNow is the answer, and I want you to keep consulting these resources all year long!

When you purchase the Futures All-Access Package, you get to start early, keep all the workshops with NO expiration, and enjoy dozens of valuable bonus items.

But most of all, you get help preparing your kids for the future, whatever that future may bring.

No one can take their love of learning away from them.

They’ll never forget how to think critically and solve problems.

And they’ll always have roots in their family, because you learned together and built deep, loving connections.

Your parenting guide,

The Future is Now!


“I especially love every workshop that features Mrs. Kimball and her family. Mrs. Kimball is so funny and relatable, and she explains things super clearly.”

– a youth from 2023 #LifeSkillsNow


Got Questions? Here are Your Answers:

Right now #LifeSkillsNow Season Three is a pre-order item. You'll get immediate access to the three Early Access workshops, and as soon as others are fully ready and through our Quality Control team, they'll begin to be accessible in your dashboard. Likely starting in early May you'll get emails about batches of workshops that will be ready for your family to jump right in! Remember your access will never expire.

We don't really want our tiniest children on screens, BUT we have a track for parents of preschoolers (age 2-5) to give you practical ideas for them with plenty of hands-on activities. We also have plenty of workshops for kids ages 5+ including food (bonding time with a parent!), gardening, cleaning, and emotional skills.

As a mom of two teens and an almost-teen, I hear you. They're a tough group. That's why I invited Crystal Paine to teach a Parenting Track workshop just for parents of teens about how to connect with them!

I also know that they desperately need practical life skills, which is why Season Three includes a HUGE focus on teen needs: auto maintenance, compound interest, taking control of one's own health, avoiding getting tricked by social media, even organizing personal info beyond memorizing your SSN. It's a TON of good stuff, and we hear from many families of teens year after year sharing feedback like this: "My kids loved this! They usually smell self-help stuff and run, but they found this super engaging and were asking to watch the videos!"

All of our workshops are labeled with an age group “and up” so no one feels like they’re too old to learn…including some of us adults who may have missed some life skills in our days!

At least 40 workshops are great for that age group, which is plenty to keep your kids busy! The focus for our elementary kids is particularly on the kitchen, garden, communication, and cleaning.

But great news! The workshops geared more for older kids will be perfect for your kids someday too - when you buy the package, put a note in your calendar for 3-5 years down the road and pull #LifeSkillsNow back out for continuing education. That's the beauty of owning the package!

Each camp leader has their own unique style, but everyone speaks directly to the kids/teens in a pre-recorded, edited video (except for the parent workshops), introduces their life skill, teaches practically how to do it, and delivers a "mission" at the end.

The mission is a concrete action step that can be accomplished in 5-15 minutes within the next 1-2 days. Let’s give those kids some knowledge and then get them off the screen and implementing in the real world!

Access to workshops will be inside a password-protected membership area so there aren’t any ads, interaction with people you don’t know, or distracting sidebar “play next” features.

The workshop pages simply include the video, a printable handout or checklist to follow along, a mission, and the workshop teachers’s bio and “learn more” links. For select workshops that are more verbal and less visual (mostly teen and grown-up workshops), transcripts are provided (with your paid purchase only).

Almost everything, except our purpose! We have over 100 workshops in Season Three and no repeats from previous seasons.

You'll see 13 returning camp leaders, all previous favorites with 100% new material, plus plenty of Mrs. Kimball and her kids with new recipes and other helpful life skills.

What remains the same is our commitment to bringing vital life skills to kids, teens, and grown-ups via a short time on a screen and then an actionable mission step to take them out into the real world.

YES! Large families, neighborhood gatherings, daycare/summer care centers have all enjoyed #LifeSkillsNow workshops.

This is really a moving target, because it depends on your child’s age and how they tackle their missions. All the videos are between 5-30 minutes, longer for older kids.

If your child takes the workshop on snack combos that pack a nutritional punch, they could be finished with watching and implementing the mission in under half an hour, but they might continue to test out different combos all summer long.

Learning bike maintenance is a 3-part series that is pretty involved and could immerse interested kiddos for days, and perhaps your kids will pair that with our Entrepreneurship track and start a business shining up other kids' bikes (with a granola bar upsell)!

In other words...this resource has no limits, just like your children's potential.

Yes! When you purchase, downloading the videos is such a great option for travel (more productive than a movie on a long drive) or if you have poor Internet or simply don’t want your kids online. With the paid Futures All-Access Package, you can also download all the handouts as one PDF workbook + answer keys, which will save a ton of time hopping into one lesson after another.

When you purchase, there’s no expiration PLUS you can download literally everything to keep on your device no matter what.

No, our terms and conditions require you to use your #LifeSkillsNow Season Three login solely for personal use, BUT you can definitely share your login with all your children for their own devices, AND you’re welcome to invite friends over to take the workshops with you at your house. You also have the option of creating child accounts for children in your home with your paid account.

Yes! Many of our camp leaders have provided free access to their online courses, memberships, and apps, plus high-value coupons (lots of 50% off) just for Futures All-Access Package purchasers. Look forward to discounts on workouts, meat sticks, succulent pots and more! The total value of all the bonuses (not including the deep discount coupons) is $1054 over and above the value you get in the life skills workshops.

Here are just a few of the free bonuses included with your purchase:

3 Months of the Sidekick to Hero App from Joey Mascio, $60 value, free!

Beginner’s Guide to Herb Gardening from Sonia Hubly, $15 value, free!

Setting Loving Limits Course from Tosha Schore, $147 value, free!

When you purchase a Season of #LifeSkillsNow, you'll keep access to those workshops with no expiration, never any other fees. So if you grab Season Three right now, you'll own it forever.

Each season contains completely different workshops from (mostly) different workshop teachers, so purchasing one doesn't allow access to what we create in the future, no.

Refunds will be given for any reason until July 15, 2024. This gives you plenty of time to try out workshops and make sure this is a good fit for your kids, and we stand behind our product with such pride that we won’t prevent you from using all the content and asking for a refund. Honesty is a life skill, but so is never compromising on quality and treating everyone well.

Still have questions? My team and I are here for you and answer emails within about 6 hours on weekdays. Shoot us a note at support@kidscookrealfood.com.

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