Practical Life Skills Workshops for Kids Ages 5-18!

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Why bother with life skills?

Colleges are reporting that young adults are coming in less prepared for life than ever before, and human resources departments are saying the same about first-time job applicants!

We want our kids to rise above and be the ones who:

  • know how to take care of themselves,
  • how to communicate effectively,
  • and how to manage emotions and connect with others.

It’s not only about getting a job or “being successful,” although those are nice side effects. The real value of learning life skills as a child is a huge increase in self-worth and self-esteem.

You choose the skills, you choose the timing…

Our member parents at Kids Cook Real Food report increased confidence as the greatest benefit they see from teaching kids to cook, and #LifeSkillsNow Season One takes that pattern and expands to so many other areas of life (plus cooking is in there too!)

Why not just look up YouTube for free?

That’s one method, and of course we parents can/should teach our kids through daily life.

However, #truth: we don’t know everything. (Shhh, don’t tell our kids!)

The #LifeSkillsNow Season One workshops are:

  • All in one place
  • From vetted, curated camp leaders
  • Include actionable missions and an intentional focus
  • No ads! No “next playing” to loop our kids in beyond an appropriate level of screen time!
  • Plus…I bet we have some surprising life skills you may never have thought to search up.

#LifeSkillsNow is such an amazing toolbox full of practical and essential real life skills, taught at kid level. I wish I had learned these skills as a kid/young person, so I am so glad for this online format.

– #LifeSkillsNow mom

Our Kids Need Help

Building life skills and competence raises resilience, gives kids a purpose, and helps them find their passions!


If you wish your kids could find something that keeps their attention better than gaming or YouTube, feeling competent and curious about something REAL is the answer.

Give our workshop teachers 5-30 minutes to teach, and they’ll give your kids a practical mission to take ACTION and implement learning right away!

I’m so glad we bought the paid package, it was 100% worth the price!

– Elysa, 2021 summer camp mom

Topics & Teachers:

How About Adding 50 Virtual Mentors to Your Parenting Team?

#LifeSkillsNow Season One includes online video workshops from expert content creators in many fields, designed to help kids ages 5-18 build skills at home, for use at school and social life, and for their futures. There are even 11 workshops for parents!

Check out our incredible teachers and topics below:

Entrepreneurship Track

"My children had a wonderful time at camp!! We watched the videos at breakfast and lunch each day and they were so excited with the missions. One favorite was creating their own podcasts -- we discovered that our ten year old is a natural! Hubs and I were so impressed with her end product, complete with a musical intro and excellent content. We can honestly say we probably never would have known that talent was there if it hadn't been for that mission!"

– #LifeSkillsNow Season One mom

Finances Track

"I loved this camp! As a soon to be high school senior, I found the financial and college search classes incredibly helpful! I also enjoyed getting to learn some other valuable life skills that will help me as I start living on my own next year."

– #LifeSkillsNow Season One mom

Home Management Track

"I never thought to "practice" measuring with my child. All those times I tried to involve her while making a recipe in the past left me frustrated because the batter would be ruined. Thank you for teaching me how to teach her!"

– #LifeSkillsNow Season One mom

Independent Basics Track

"We had a lot of fun watching classes and talking to each other about them. My son even said after the etiquette class "Oh wow I've been such a jerk to grandma all those times! Next time I'll put down my screen! I didn't know I was being so rude!" WOW! Self awareness from a 10 year old boy."

– Jackie S.

"My young teens watched "Finding Your Voice" with Melissa Griffin and they really discovered a difference in their voice, and felt more confident in how to use their voice and posture to be heard. They are both fairly shy so this has helped them a lot for going out places."

– Robbyn F.

Career & Future Track

"Life Skills Now camp was so much fun for me as a parent, and for five of our children. I enjoyed the camps that were for the younger kids as well as the camps for older teens, specifically Chris Render. He did a phenomenal job explaining what's next after high school. I loved that he explained that there is more than just college after high school, something we have been discussing with our teen. My younger kids loved the hands on activities especially the foraging, smoothie making, and sourdough. They are continuing to practice their phone skills and their stovetop and knife skills as well. I would recommend this camp to everyone!"

– Nicky L.

Parenting Professional Development Track

"I loved the parent videos. As a homeschool mom to 4 kids, I am always trying to impress upon my kids that learning is lifelong and loving learning makes everything so much cooler! So, to have the videos to do right alongside them was awesome. I will be honest though, I watched as many of the kids' videos as I could too!"

– #LifeSkillsNow Season One mom

Preschool Parent Track

"My kids are 4, 4, and 2. All of the classes this year said that they were 5+ but even my 2 year old learned stovetop safety, how to measure in the kitchen, doing a LAP to clean up their room, and how to start seeds indoors using a cardboard egg carton and a plastic shoebox. The camp leaders did an amazing job of explaining things in ways that little kids could understand.

"I also loved the parent and teen tracks for myself to learn new things and better understand old things that I was a little unsure of. Such a wealth of condensed information all at my fingertips with ways to delve deeper when I want to. Thank you so much for putting this together!!"

– Elicia S.

Neurologically Diverse Parent Track

"My son is neurodivergent, so learning from doctors and specialists who actually want to find the root causes and heal these kids to enhance their quality of life...was groundbreaking for us. I watched all the courses myself and have a whole library of such rich information from an incredibly talented group of coaches. My expectations were exceeded tremendously!"

– #LifeSkillsNow Season One mom

Build lasting life skills with expert teachers!

Here’s What you Get with #LifeSkillsNow Season One:

  • 65 video workshops from experts in their fields (many feature youth too, which is motivating for your kids!)
  • Worksheets for every workshop (recipes, checklists, fill-in-the-blanks — keep kids’ hands engaged during their short time on screens)
  • Bulk downloadable workbooks – get all the printables for each track in one place so you don’t have to go in and out of 65 lessons to print what you need
  • Download videos (great for travel!)
  • Offline tracker printable to stay organized
  • No distractions in the private membership dashboard
  • Individual child accounts so each of your kids can track their own progress

We called this “summer camp” at first, but it’s so much more than that. Life skills are forever, and our camper families have found that they use the workshops all summer long, as a homeschool curriculum, or on breaks from school.

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That’s only $3.80/workshop and your access never expires!

What does a workshop feel like?

1. Watch a Short Video

Each workshop is between 5-30 minutes long.

2. Optional: Print a Page to Follow Along

3. Do the Mission in the Real World

Each workshop has a quick mission to accomplish to put the newly learned skill into practice!

4. Be Amazed at the Confidence Your Kids Will Gain

I never really thought about how this skill needs to be taught. My son has always wanted to call his grandparents but then he’s so quiet and won’t talk on the phone. This video helped him understand how to dial and introduce himself and got him talking!
I can't get over how wonderfully made the videos are for the younger children. I didn’t realize many of my kiddos didn’t know how to call out on a cell phone because I hadn’t stopped to take the time to teach them, but now they have this important skill.

Give our workshop teachers 5-30 minutes to teach a skill, and they’ll give your kids a simple action step that will get them off screens and into their imaginations for the rest of the day.

Preview a Workshop from Season One!

Want a free sneak preview of one of our favorite workshops from the season one lineup?


Happiness Guarantee

You have time to decide what you love! Try out the workshops, watch your kids implement a few missions, see what you think, and if you don’t love it let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you a full refund. You have immediate and unlimited access to all the content, so even if you use every piece and still ask for a refund, I’d still give it to you because I believe in this collection of workshops so much. That’s my risk, but I trust you probably won’t do that – it’s just important to me that you understand how much care we’ve put into this experience.

“The camp itinerary should be a part of a school curriculum!”

– #LifeSkillsNow Season One mom


Got Questions? Here are Your Answers:

We don't really want our tiniest children on screens, BUT we have a half track for parents of preschoolers (age 2-5) to give you practical ideas for them to have hands-on activities to participate in. Kids ages 5 and 6 are encouraged to take any workshop that is marked for the younger age groups, depending on your child's maturity and school experience.

There are many workshops created just for teens! Take a look at the Finances, Entrepreneurship, and Career and Future Tracks specifically, and in the Home Management Track, anything your teen doesn't already know (Baking bread? Roasting meat? Planting seeds?) is perfect for them as well. All of our workshops are labeled with an age group "and up" so no one feels like they're too old to learn...including some of us adults who may have missed some life skills in our days!

Each teacher has their own unique style, but everyone speaks directly to the kids/teens (except for the 3 parents tracks), introduces their life skill, teaches practically how to do it, and delivers a "mission" at the end. The mission is a concrete action step that can be accomplished in 5-10 minutes within the next 1-2 days. Let's give those kids some knowledge and then get them off the screen and implementing in the real world! Access to workshops will be inside a password-protected membership dashboard so there aren't any ads, interaction with people you don't know, or distracting sidebar "play next" features. The workshop pages simply include the video, a printable worksheet or checklist to follow along, a mission, and the teacher's bio and "learn more" links.

YES! Large families, neighborhood gatherings, daycare/summer care centers have all enjoyed our programs, and this one will also work wonderfully for groups of long as they can decide which workshops they want to participate in! 🙂

This is really a moving target, because it depends on your child’s age and how they tackle their missions. All the videos are between 5-30 minutes, longer for older kids. For example, if your child takes the workshop on growing microgreens for business, they may be occupied for weeks or months connecting with restaurants and tending their plants. If your child takes “How to Make a Phone Call,” they’ll need about 20-25 minutes total including role playing and making a call. This is one reason why moving at your own pace with access that doesn't expire will be so handy!

Yes! Downloading the videos is such a great option for travel (more productive than a movie on a long drive) or if you have poor Internet or simply don’t want your kids online. With #LifeSkillsNow, you can also download each track’s worksheets as a workbook, which will save a ton of time hopping into one lesson after another.

There’s no expiration! You’ll have access to the membership area as long as I’m online (and guaranteed a minimum of one year) PLUS you can download literally everything to keep on your device no matter what.

No, our terms and conditions require you to use your #LifeSkillsNow login only personally, BUT you can definitely share your login with all your children for their own devices, AND you’re welcome to invite friends over to take the workshops with you at your house.

Refunds will be given for any reason for a 30 day period after your purchase. This gives you plenty of time to try out workshops and make sure this is a good fit for your kids, and we stand behind our product with such pride that we won’t prevent you from using all the content and asking for a refund. Honesty is a life skill, but so is never compromising on quality and treating everyone well.

Still have questions? My team and I are here for you. Leave us a message with the chat icon in the corner of your screen, or shoot us a note at

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