How to Sharpen Knives for Kids (and Why?) (HPC: E81)

Yes, we let kids use sharp knives!

In fact, sharp knives are much safer than dull knives, because you don’t need as much pressure, therefore there’s less of a chance the knife will slip and hit something it shouldn’t.

In today’s tutorial video, my kids and I demonstrate 3 different kinds of knife sharpeners, all very affordable and easy to use. Check out how easily the knives sliiiiiide through tomatoes when we’re finished!!

Find these sharpeners and all our favorite kids’ kitchen tools on our resources page. (They’re also linked in the text below.)

The goal is to get kids involved, not spend too much, and keep everyone safe and building confidence.

Let me know if you try sharpening your knives after this!

PS – Paul wants you to know that he totally likes the one he was using best now, not the one he chose in the video just because he takes time to warm up to things. 😉 Also, he’s better at remembering to sharpen knives than I am!

how to sharpen knives for kids

No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes!

Knife Sharpening Demo Time Stamps

  • 0:48: First up is a PriorityChef Knife Premium Sharpener. It has a coarse sharpener and a fine one. You usually will want to slide your knife through 5 times. Make sure you sharpen along the full length of the blade.
  • 1:30: Tip: I like to run my knife along a butcher block when I’m done and if I see a little cut I know my knife is sharp enough! (And it adds character to my board!)

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  • 1:47: Make sure you wipe off the blade before you cut food! There will be little pieces of metal along the blade.
  • 2:07: Paul demonstrates the Gourmia sharpener. This one has two settings simply labeled “1” and “2.”
  • 2:56: We test our knives by cutting tomatoes.
  • 3:46: For our last sharpener, an AccuSharp, the knife stays still and the sharpener moves. Probably not the safest option for kids!
  • 5:13: Bottom line: Yes! Sharpen your knives with kids!

Here’s the video we mentioned of our favorite knife brands for kids!

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how to sharpen knives for kids

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