multimedia video course to teach kids how to cook great for homeschool and life skill enrichment studies for all kids

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Our mission here at Kids Cook Real Food is to get as many kids cooking real, healthy food as possible. I want every kid to get into the kitchen and feel empowered!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll send some super practical tips to help you unpack the talk you just saw:

  • start young
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Soon you too will see those benefits to physical health, mental health, and family life when your kids know how to cook instead of just asking, “What’s for dinner?” 5,237 times.

When Moira read my email about how to empower kids to participate with one simple change, she said:

Kids cooking in the kitchen with mom

I always thought kids could do more to help in the kitchen but didn’t know where to start.

This provides me with so many specifics of how I can help my youngest learn to help prepare meals and help in the kitchen, and I can start right away!”

Want to see the real thing from that fourth grade classroom with my kid and a chef’s knife? I didn’t mention in my talk that it was a crisis point for me…


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