What are the Best Kitchen Knives for Kids? {Review} (HPC: E61)

One question I get asked a lot here at Kids Cook Real Food is: “What is a good kid-safe knife?”

On today’s Healthy Parenting Connector, we’ve got all our kid knives out and we’ll be going over the pros and cons of each to help you decide which knives will suit your needs best!

We talk about knives specifically made for kids, plastic safety knives, our favorite kid knife that shows up in the Kids Cook Real Food videos and even dollar store paring knives. Be sure to check out the links to everything we talk about below!

No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes!

Kid-Safe Knife Review Video Time Stamps

  • 0:47: We start out with a quick rating of each knife in case you want the overview but don’t want all the details of the review.
  • 1:54: We start out with a plastic safety knife. Technically they’re made for cutting lettuce, but I’ve seen them promoted as good kid-safe knives. They actually teach poor knife skills and aren’t good for much more than lettuce and maybe some cucumbers. Not something I recommend for teaching kids to cook.

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  • 3:11: Your least expensive option here is a dollar store paring knife. It will have some of the same limitations as the plastic safety knife. Since the blade is so short you can’t easily cut something like an apple, and it may not be heavy-duty enough for a carrot. It’s definitely a good option for a kid just getting started since it can cut softer vegetables like cucumbers, zucchini, and mushrooms.
  • 4:36: This set from TruChef is made for kids. We have a 4″ paring knife and a 4.5″ chef’s knife. They don’t have a point which could be a pro or a con depending on the age and skill of your child. Paul and Leah both don’t prefer these knives because they have more advanced knife skills and prefer a pointier tip.
  • 6:55: Next up is the Kai Little Chef knife which is very similar in shape to the TruChef with a dull point, but it’s longer and sharper. We compare the two. If you don’t want a pointy tip, this is the closest you’re going to get to a real chef knife for your child.
  • 10:03: The Victorinox chef’s knife has a nice handle. Paul likes this one because he can wash his hands frequently and the handle doesn’t get slippery. This is not a knife made for kids, just a regular chef’s knife. It’s ranked #2 by America’s Test Kitchen and is significantly more affordable than the #1 Wusthof.
  • 10:57: We also have a Victorinox utility knife. Leah really likes this knife and uses it all the time. It’s a very solid knife for a low price point.

If you can't cut a carrot or an apple, it's not a real knife. -Mrs. Kimball

  • 12:43: Paul demonstrates the Victorinox chef’s knife. This may be his favorite knife. Paul’s only complaint about this knife is that the plastic of the handle extends past the bottom edge of the blade so you sometimes have to adjust your grip. It’s nice and sharp and a good size for advanced knife skill students.
  • 14:28: The 6″ Wusthof chef’s knife is our “standard for excellence” because it’s my personal favorite that I’ve had for many years. I wouldn’t go any longer than 6″ for kids. Because it’s a full tang, well-made knife it will probably last longer than the others we’ve shown here, but it’s also the most expensive.
  • 15:43: We have a pair of safety gloves specifically made for children. Leah says she would rather cut with her bare hands, but if a child is timid about using sharp knives this may help reassure them. I’m pleased with the fit. They’d probably fit the average 6-10 year old well.
  • 17:57: Our final knife is an Opinel kid knife which comes with a knife guard. The knife has a loop for your pointer finger to remind you how to hold it. The guard hooks onto your fingers and blocks your knuckles from the knife. This one seems good for someone who is just learning.
  • 20:26: Watch the behind the scenes bloopers!

Links to All the Kid Safe Knives

Kids holding kid-safe knives

Knives shown in the image above from left to right:

Knife Safety Tools:

These are the nylon knives we mentioned that we don’t love.

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