Your Kids Can Make Dinner!

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You’ll love that unique mac and cheese recipe (GF too!) in our special kid-friendly style, plus 2 more that your kids can make with an IP or slow cooker.

Instant Pots and slow cookers are GOLDEN for families because kids can work with them when they’re off and cold and – totally safe. I’ll even teach you ways kids can make the whole meal if they don’t know how to use a sharp knife (yet).

Perfect for ages 5-12!

Delia Garcia RD

Dietitian Approved

“As a Registered Dietitian…I applaud the emphasis of healthy fats in the recipes which are needed for the proper development of growing brains and the nervous system at an early age. These extraordinary fats should be embraced contrary to the current medical orthodoxy and dieting culture.”


Don’t worry, no spam here, no selling lists. I’ll send you the download and some tips about kids and cooking, and you can ditch me at any time (although I can’t promise not to cry).

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