5yo Makes Mac & Cheese in the Instant Pot

Want the Recipe?

We’ve got it all ready for you in our special kid-friendly style from the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, plus 2 more that your kids can make with an IP or slow cooker. (Did you see the hidden veggies in there? Helps make the color more like the box!!)


Don’t worry, no spam here, no selling lists. I’ll send you the download and some tips about kids and cooking, and you can ditch me at any time (although I can’t promise not to cry).

Can I simply say that we are LOVING your course? My kids are ages 2-13, and they are so excited when I tell them it is cooking class day! The 13yo (son) and 11yo (daughter) ASK without any prompting from me if they can start making lunch/dinner. It has also been SO helpful that I can count on my ‘littles’ to wash, peel and cut soft stuff as well as butter their bread and on the ‘bigs’ to cut the harder veggies.

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