Teaching Kids to Cook Builds

Even More Than Life Skills
and Independence

I’m Katie Kimball, and when I became a mom of 4, that was my breaking point.

Trying to juggle 2 elementary-aged kids, sports, a preschooler and a new baby (plus an at-home business), I was too busy and too stressed out to even think about inviting my kids to help me in the kitchen.

But…I needed help so I could stop being so busy and spend time enjoying my children.

I didn’t realize where that help would come from until the day I sent a chef’s knife to school with my oldest, Paul, a fourth-grader at the time.

(Ok, technically I had to bring it in – schools are a little touchy about 6-inch knives in backpacks!)

He was demonstrating homemade guacamole for a how-to speech, and as I watched him make this well-practiced dish that had been his signature recipe since first grade, I was so proud.

But then I had a sinking realization.

Guac was the ONLY recipe Paul knew how to make.

I hadn’t taught him anything new in the kitchen in 4 years! (see “too busy and too stressed,” above)

Here’s my son deftly using my favorite chef’s knife, all the other adults in the room gasping in fear, and my only fear is that I’ve dropped the ball.

He’s capable of doing so much more, I thought.

For the good of my whole family, it was time to teach my kids to cook.

It wasn’t easy, but I hoped it would be worth it!

You see, even though I love cooking myself, sometimes having my kids in the kitchen was as painful as doing crafts and finding glitter on everything two months later.

But I didn’t want my kids leaving for college not knowing how to cut a vegetable and ending up relying on frozen dinners the whole time!

Life skills were super important to me, and I had a hunch that sharing family responsibility in the kitchen might also alleviate some of my stress and help us all eat better.

I dedicated that summer to teaching my kids basic cooking skills, and as a trained elementary teacher, I may have gone a bit overboard: I crafted an entire 24-part curriculum at my kids’ 3 age groups, then invited a friend for each of them. (That was accountability as much as generosity, because I knew it would be too easy to skip our self-appointed cooking days unless other families were counting on me…)

I gave myself many pep talks so I’d remember how important it was, and once I began to see the fruits of my labor, I realized I needed to share our methods with more people.

That’s why I created the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, and why I can’t wait to share it with your family.

PS – The craziest part about this whole journey is what ELSE grew as a result of my kids having kitchen skills!

Find out what happened to my daughter at school…


Our Mission: Teach Every Child to Cook!