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Parents of Kids 8 and Up:

I’ll Teach Your Kids to Cook So You Get the Time Back You Need

Kids Cook Solo, No Adults Needed!

Kids Cook Real Food’s new Independent Training Program gives young cooks confidence in the kitchen!


Your Kids Get Life Skills, You Get a Break

I feel your pain, busy mamas!

Survival mode is turning into “losing it!”

How can a parent with multiple kids proctor all their Zoom calls, answer schoolwork questions, feed everyone 5x/day, keep things halfway clean AND maybe even get some work done yourself?

Gone are the days of 4 uninterrupted hours…

Your best creative or thought-intensive work…

…even projects like taking down that ugly wallpaper border in your bedroom!

Who has time for anything ELSE?

My Survival Mode Story

When school was first canceled last March, I immediately made chore lists and new routines.

I knew I was barely getting by with the crumbs of 4 kids on the floor already.

(We could feed a small country every time we swept the kitchen.)

Now my older two kids cook dinner on Wednesdays.

They’re all in charge of a handful of snacks and lunches throughout the week.

And breakfast is largely independent, without a parent in sight.

Katie's kids cooking during 2020 quarantine

Don’t get me wrong – I’m NOT a naturally organized person!

But I feel fortunate that I had already trained my kids in the kitchen.

If your family isn’t quiiiiiite there yet…

Here’s a secret that will change everything:

Your kids are more capable in the kitchen than you think.

And you’re not stuck doing everything yourself just because you haven’t (yet) trained your kids in household responsibilities.

Other Moms are Getting Help

Facebook review screenshot


girl cooking chicken

I just asked my 12-year-old daughter to set up dinner last night, and guess what? Even though she used to complain about cooking, because of this course motivating her she made pasta, heated sauce and homemade meatballs, and cut and steamed broccoli effortlessly – and I squeezed in some exercise between work and dinner!


Kids Cook Independently upper elementary children with muffins, breakfast foods, cooking at the stove

The Kids Cook Real Food Independent Training Program for kids ages 8 & up.

With Kids Cook Solo, your kids build life skills on their own, and you enjoy the healthy food.

How it Works:

mom meal planning

1. Sign up for Kids Cook Solo Today

The same professionally produced short videos that are in the Original eCourse will walk your older child through 14 basic skills in the kitchen.

2. Login to the kid-friendly student page

All the material is in a special kid-friendly online dashboard, no distractions, and your family sets the pace.

3. 5 minutes of grown-up time per lesson

That’s it!

Make sure groceries are in the house, and your child will demonstrate their new skill. You give the OK to move forward.

Your kids will build 14 basic skills independently:

  • Simple instructions written directly to the kids.
  • No sidebar distractions or “playing next” loops… (Um, wait, how many hours have you been watching Kids Baking Challenge???) <
  • No knives.
  • And only 5% supervision necessary!

Any child who can read and be trusted to follow directions on their own is a perfect fit for Kids Cook Solo, especially if they have any interest in cooking themselves.

NO prior experience necessary! (We do the training, even on the basics.)

The 5% Adult Help Needed

You don’t need “one more thing” on a screen for your kids to do — with a ton of prep time from parents.

You need help!

I’m listening, mamas, and I created a brand new way to help you get a little time back in the kitchen with almost no investment of your time.

During each self-paced lesson, your child will be instructed to teach you what they’ve learned about safety or clean-up.

You can mark off each step on the parent checklist and then give permission for the actual cooking/baking to begin.

Your child learns better because they’re teaching you.

You feel confident that they’ll be safe (and not messy).

Imagine: You close your computer at 5:00 and, ta da!

Part of dinner is already started.

Or a snack is prepared for tomorrow.

Your child will build such confidence in the kitchen after just a few lessons that you’ll have no problem assigning a “snack master” on a regular basis — and you can actually get some uninterrupted work done!


After just 3 lessons, you’ll have independent snack makers, and it only gets better from there!

An Email from a 13-year-old Inspired Me…

After our virtual summer camp in 2020, I got an email from 13-year-old Rachel Kelly.

I’m 13 and have never really cooked before. A friend told me about your virtual summer camp, and I decided to test it out. I love it!

I’ve learned so much along the way! My little brother (age 10) helped out some days, too. We both have gained an incredible amount of skill through this program, and are now able to cook meals by ourselves!

I am confident in the kitchen now, and will continue to use the skills I learned here for the rest of my life! Thank you!

She sent a picture of the dinner she customized that night, and I was hooked. I had to know more.

How did she do it on her own?

girl in kitchen in an apron

Summer camp was intended to connect families together during quarantine, yet somehow she didn’t need any adult help.

I asked some questions, and she clarified:

All of the recipes were clearly designed for kids, so it was really easy to follow along and learn the skills along the way.

I also did the lessons on Zoom with a friend, so if we had any problems we worked through them together.


I wanted to give this gift to more kids and families, especially as school started gearing up with so many going virtual and trying homeschool for the first time.

I organized the same videos in the Original eCourse that Rachel benefited from, put stovetop safety earlier in the sequence, and took out sharp knives because they make parents nervous. 😉

I rewrote every lesson plan to speak directly to the kids. 

No offense, parents, but we’re leaving you out here.

Then I added a few new lessons on presentation skills to help your kids gain yet another valuable life skill.

With just 10-20 minutes on a computer per lesson, your kids will spend time working with their hands and being creative, and you’ll get to eat delicious, nourishing food.

Tonya K. said that there’s nowhere other than Kids Cook Real Food that her kids can build this amount of critical thinking, independence, and creativity.

Her 10-year-old saved them about $60 the other night because both parents were exhausted by Friday and were planning to go out to eat in California. Her daughter offered to cook, went to the fridge to see what they had, and said, “I could make quesadillas.”

The family ate at home.

Tonya says it’s amazing, because, “I have another partner now in brainstorming what to make for dinner.”

Want to see what skills YOUR kids will build in Kids Cook Solo?

kids at the stove cooking

Skills Built:

  • Basic measuring (dry ingredients, fats, liquids)
  • Stirring styles
  • Recipe following skills & independence
  • Stovetop safety
  • Making rice (and seasoned versions)
  • Browning meat
  • Flipping (pancakes and more)
  • Making eggs
  • Rolling dough (homemade tortillas)
  • Steaming veggies
  • Roux/bechamel (homemade cheese sauce)

When Kids Make Dinner, Everyone Wins

I’m getting lots of help with meals now!

If it were not for my kids, we wouldn’t have been able to function when I had 9 months of bedrest and my husband had 2 surgeries. 

headshot Sara McClure

Sara’s kids, ages 8 and 12, made tacos, spaghetti, fruit salad, egg sandwiches, fresh cut vegetables and more. Like me, she was grateful they had already been trained with Kids Cook Real Food!

Our Independent Students!

Pacience (purple shirt) started our courses when she was 9. Now at age 12, her mom just reported that she’s still motivated to cook and even initiates ideas, looking up her own recipe and cooking start to finish without a parent.

Even kids who aren’t motivated to cook end up loving the feeling of having authentic skills, and it starts with just one lesson, one nudge. They’ll actually do it once they feel how awesome it is to feed other people!


“Kids Cook Solo” Independent Training Program:

Quality Video Lessons

  1. 15 of the video lessons that are in our Original eCourse so that your child knows exactly how to be safe in the kitchen. ($75 value)
  2. Membership area with zero distractions or outside links, so screen time is limited and productive. ($9.95 value)
  3. Kid-friendly recipes that are easy to follow – students can print them off OR work from a tablet in the kitchen. ($5 value)
  4. New training just for kids on cleaning up and how to give a short presentation. ($9.95 value)
  5. No processed junk – 100% healthy food, so you can take advantage of the only time in history when you’re completely in charge of what your kids eat. ($$Priceless$$)

Total value = $99.90… current price: $49.95!

Bonus Additional Life Skill

I’m not going to pile on 72 bonuses with inflated price tags, but there are some real life bonuses to learning to cook.

Your kids will also learn:

  • Self advocacy as they determine how and when to ask for help.
  • Study skills, especially the power of teaching others to improve memory and learning.
  • Authentic responsibility — if they’re allowed to turn on the stove or oven, they’re doing more than just busy work.
  • Genuine self-esteem from meaningful work. You’ll see it in their faces when they present a culinary creation to the family.

  • The ability to follow directions can’t be understated. In our current fast-paced society, I’m honestly surprised you’re reading these words. It’s more than most adults bother with!
  • Grit and resilience, what we all need a little more of these day, are best cultivated through kitchen work. Celebrate the failures, the mistakes, and the opportunities for growth!
  • Presentation skills honed through their 5-minute “adult checklist” lesson to YOU each time.

This may as well be job training!

When Good Intentions Don’t Come True

84% of nearly 1,000 families responding on social media said at the beginning of the pandemic that they were using that time to teach cooking skills intentionally to their kids (and other life skill responsibilities).

If you had good intentions but didn’t manage to make it happen, NO guilt! You just didn’t have the right program to help you out.

Now you do.

Kids Cook Solo Independent Training Classes will let kids fly solo in the kitchen safely!

Join 13,753 other families today!

Success Guarantee:

You get a full 14 days to make sure the program is a good fit for your child(ren) and family.

If it’s not, just a quick email and your money is back, no worries.


Your independently trained young cooks need to be able to read well and follow directions on the screen, since the whole point is that they don’t need you. All the skills taught are appropriate for kids in about 3rd grade and beyond, EVEN if they have zero experience in the kitchen. If your child isn’t quite strong enough to use the oven, they may need a tiny bit more help, but they’ll have it pre-heated for you. High school students would also build skills well with this course, although they’d have to be ok with the tone of voice in the videos speaking to younger children.
You bet! Any of your children (and friends with whom you might be creating a “learning pod” with) are welcome to use the videos at their own pace, as long as they’re all in the same household while watching the videos. Your kids can even have their own “child account” so they are logged in as themselves under you as the “parent account.”

You are not permitted to share your login with other families, but you may certainly invite them to Zoom cook with your kids if they have their own membership to the program.

Kids Cook Solo is designed for minimal parent involvement. I’ll do all the explaining and demonstrating. Your kids will be making recipes right away and have skills to look up their own healthy snacks on Pinterest by class #3!
You’re welcome to teach as many children as you like with our user license, and you could screen share video lessons during a virtual learning session. However, if you’re teaching, it would make more sense to buy the VIP membership to the full eCourse, keep the lessons forever, and teach as many children of all ages as you wish. OR we have a new group discount with 3-month memberships for groups of 5 or more families. Details here.
You don’t have to. The Kids Cook Solo Training program does all the thinking for you and your child, just plug and play.
You’ll have access to the entire program right away. Your child (and you) will decide how quickly to move. One lesson per week is a great rhythm, and you’ll finish in 2 months at that pace. One lesson a day for two weeks would also be possible – the world is yours on this question!

Lessons will take about 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete, depending on how comfortable your child already is in the kitchen and the complexity of the skill for the day.

Your Kids Cook Solo Independent Training program will last for a full 12 months, plenty of time to complete all the lessons, even if you only tackle one per month. You can always upgrade to our VIP level, triple the number of videos your child will have access to, and that membership never expires.
Research is showing that the number of hours on a screen isn’t an important factor in the effect on children’s brain development, mental or physical health. The way we use our screens is what matters. In the Kimball house, we teach our kids to balance screen use between creative, consumptive, and social.

Learning to cook can be all three, depending on how your child learns, and although the on-screen time is technically “consuming,” the videos are only 5-20 minutes long and most of the lesson time will be off the screen, in the kitchen. This is 100% productive screen time with benefits for the whole family.

You bet. Once you’re a member, you can login from any device, anywhere, to view the course materials.
I assure you that safety is a top priority in the lessons and videos, and you’ll see quickly how thoroughly we train the children when your child goes through the stove safety checklist during the “Teach Your Adult” portion of the program. You’ll always be asked for permission before your child turns on the stove or oven, and no knives are included in the Independent Training classes at all.

There’s no guarantee that accidents won’t happen, but walking carries some risk too, yet we all manage to do it and let our kids do it as well. 😉 Our process of walking kids through the safety steps with the stove or oven OFF is nothing short of magical.

I’ll let a happy member tell you in her own words about her experience with safety:

“My kids can safely work at the stove! THANK YOU! I have always been too afraid to go there and you gave me and my kiddos the right info we needed to do it safely.”

Many students who are afraid of hot stoves/ovens and who have zero experience in the kitchen end up working with complete confidence after our training.

We find that even the kids who aren’t motivated to learn to cook at all end up loving the feeling of authentic work, of feeding others. If you can get them to do just one lesson, they’ll be hooked.

And if they’re not, that’s exactly what our happiness guarantee is for. I predict you’ll be happy because your kids are learning to cook and building crazy amounts of confidence in the kitchen, but if you must be happy because you have no risk, then I’m happy too!

Not really. There’s a supply list with every single item you’ll need for all 9 lessons, and it’s mostly basic items like “butter knife” and “large mixing bowl.” Most homes will have 90% of what we use already, and we recommend resources to purchase if you don’t.
Our goal at Kids Cook Real Food is to integrate into your normal family life, so groceries are fairly basic items that most families have on hand or purchase regularly anyway. You shouldn’t need special space in your grocery budget for the Kids Cook Solo Independent Training program, because your kids will just be making food the whole family will eat anyway.

If you don’t buy spices in bulk, that may be one change you’ll want to make once your new young cook learns to make homemade taco seasoning and ranch mix.

Oh, my friend. Delicious ones. And even more delicious because your children are making them independently.

There are simple recipes like pancakes and homemade ranch dressing and more complicated things like homemade tortillas and white sauce to go with steamed veggies.

The most important part though? They’re all 100% real food, from scratch, no processed stuff. We teach kids to cook with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, cheese, meat (in one class) – the basics.

At Kids Cook Real Food, we focus on skills, not recipes, so ultimately your older kids will build competencies that can extrapolate into 100s of snacks, side dishes, salads, and apps.

They will be making some recipes during the lessons, however – it’s possible that in 9 weeks, your child had all this in their repertoire!

  • 2 snacks/apps
  • 4 side dishes that all branch out into other recipes
  • 1 breakfast
  • 1 main meal + other branches

But ultimately their newfound skills will save you precious meal prep minutes every single day AND they’ll have the confidence to be in the kitchen and get breakfast, lunch, and snacks for themselves and little brothers and sisters.

Curriculum and Recipe Overview

Here are the recipes we’ll use to teach the skills:

  • Italian Dressing
  • Ranch Dressing or Dip
  • Whole Wheat or Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins
  • Basic White Rice
  • Mexican Rice
  • Fried Eggs
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Whole Wheat, Gluten-Free, or Grain-Free Pancakes
  • Homemade Tortillas
  • Taco Beef
  • Simple Cheese Sauce

Kids Cook Real Food has always been very allergy-friendly, and we provide many substitutions for special diets! The beauty of this course is that the focus is on the skills, not the recipes. If someone in your family can’t or won’t eat an ingredient we use in the demonstrated recipe, it’s easy to swap it out for another recipe and still practice the same cooking skill. Every lesson provides one allergy-friendly substitution IF common allergens are used in the recipe we demonstrate, and kids are encouraged to try their own family favorites as well.

For example, we make ranch and Italian – the sour cream base for the ranch wouldn’t work for a dairy allergy or vegan, but kids could still make Italian, so the skill still gets appropriate practice. Our pancake and muffin recipes use eggs, but an egg-sensitive family could easily practice the skills of flipping pancakes and making a recipe all by oneself with any favorite pancake or muffin recipe.

As long as the children won’t be traumatized by their experience not matching the videos exactly (we have a sensitive type here at the Kimball household, so I know how that can go), you should feel confident embarking on the course with any dietary restriction.

Here are some individual breakdowns so you can see how much you might have to adapt:

  • Nuts: There are no nuts in the independent training program.
  • Gluten: All the recipes except one is already gluten-free, and there’s a great GF alternative recipe (GF crackers for whole wheat tortillas).
  • Dairy: Most recipes already fit a dairy-free diet except for the ranch mentioned above and the white sauce. Substitution provided.
  • Grain-free/Paleo: We teach rice, muffins, and rolling dough (tortillas) in the independent training. Our full eCourse would be a better fit for grain-free families because we focus more on fresh produce.
  • Eggs: Eggs are pretty central in one lesson. There’s just no substitute for eggs when the skill you’re teaching is “cooking scrambled eggs.” Our muffin recipe can be made with flax eggs, and any pancake recipe can be substituted when the kids are learning the art of “flipping.”
  • Sugar: There is very little sweetener of any kind in the course, and you can use natural sweeteners like sucanat or honey or substitute your own recipes for muffins if you like.
  • Vegan: Four skills that involve eggs, ground meat, and white sauce would need replacements, and since kids are trying to do this independently, I’d only recommend that kids who are on the older end (10 and up?) and also very independent already tackle our program if the family eats a vegan diet.

If you have other allergies, feel free to email a question to [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

You’ll have 14 days to experiment with the lessons to make sure they’re a perfect fit for your family.
Because access is only 12 months, videos are not available for download. Besides that, the point is that the kids are on a page that gives them step by step instructions, so the videos really need to be inline so they don’t have to click around anywhere.

You are able to download recipe PDFs so you can keep those new-family-favorite dishes forever!

Nope! All our VIP members already have access to the new Kids Cook Solo Independent Training program. Just look on your member dashboard!
We have a full cooking eCourse designed for families to work on together, and since these videos are already part of that course, our Kids Cook Solo kids will get a deep discount on the VIP level (access doesn’t expire). Those lessons incorporate a lot of knife skills, truly unlocking the produce section for your children.
My team and I are here for you and answer emails within about 6 hours on weekdays. Shoot us a note at [email protected]