Matt Gersper on Living a Life of Significance (How to be Happy!) (HPC: E36)

“It takes a lifetime to build a great life,” reminds Matt Gersper, founder of Happy Living and author of The Belief Roadmap. Can that life be filled with video games? You’ll be surprised what we end up teasing out! (I didn’t think I liked where it was going for a while, but you’ll probably see in my face when it all became okay…)

In today’s interview, Matt shares how he discovered his own life of significance and how that affects every move he makes. We dig into his 7 foundations of the Belief Roadmap and why it’s not just for adults – how can we as busy parents help our kids live life with a purpose? It’s not about checking out, but about really looking at where we want to be and making intentional moves to get there.

No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes!

How to be Happy Video Time Stamps

  • 0:15: Matt Gersper is the founder of

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  • 0:39: Matt shares why and how he started Happy Living.

My belief is that I can get better at something every single day. -Matt Gersper

  • 3:54: The mission of Happy Living is: to improve the health and wellbeing of the world one person at a time.

What if all that I did, for the rest of my life, was improve the life of one person in my family? Wouldn’t that be enough? -Matt Gerpser

  • 6:00: People love systems, boxes and knowing where to go. Matt has created a system called “The Belief Roadmap.” He developed it to help people find inspiration and purpose to live a life of significance.
  • 8:04: Even if you don’t work for monetary compensation, humans need to do work to feel significant. If you love the work you do and are able to help people that’s magic! Significance it the ultimate goal of the Belief Roadmap.

The Belief Roadmap

  • 8:41: The roadmap is structured like a pyramid. The base is about creating capacity. If you have more capacity than you need, you can give to others. Your physical, mental, spiritual and financial fitness all play into your capacity.
  • 9:58: We look at the actual pyramid so you can get a visual of what we’re talking about.
  • 10:26: The middle tier of the pyramid is love and adventure. They are the catalyst to finding out why you’re here on this earth.
  • 11:06: When Matt talks about love he means finding things you love, with people you love, in places you love.

If you’re doing something you love, it gives you more strength to create something new that’s ever been done before. -Matt Gersper

  • 11:48: Adventure can be white water rafting and paragliding or reading a book and listening to podcasts. The key is to find something that transports you out of your normal life and puts you in a different mindset where you can hear things differently.
  • 13:42: Basically, adventure is stretching any of the first four foundations: physical, mental, spiritual or financial.
  • 14:40: This pyramid helps you find your life of significance. You don’t need to work hard to figure it out, it’s already there. Our culture, education and life experiences often give us “shoulds” and stifle our true purpose.

How do we teach this to our kids?

  • 17:30: Even as adults it’s hard to comprehend these ideas. We get into how we can help teach them to our kids.

Get real with yourself. -Matt Gersper

  • 19:05: We all have things that we have to do. Over time, try to shift to doing more things that you want to do.

It takes a lifetime to build a great life. -Matt Gersper

  • 19:57: A lot of kids might say it feels really good to play video games, watch tv or YouTube all day. We talk about whether this is healthy or not. 😮
  • 21:44: You need to differentiate between escape and adventure. Some people go on fantastic adventures as a way to turn their brain off and escape from their life. Adventure should turn your brain on and light you up.
  • 22:45: Matt shares an example of how video games could play into a life of significance.

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  • 24:17: We talk about infusing joy and purpose into the things we have to do.
  • 26:23: Giving your kids lots of different experiences and showing them an example of completing your responsibilities and seeking a life of significance is a great way to teach them. Sharing your decisions and feelings with them can help them learn how to explore their own feelings.
  • 27:21: We end with Matt’s message of hope for parents.

Live your life like it's your message to your children. -Matt Gersper

  • 29:15: Matt shares a bit about his book. You can download it free on his website.
  • 30:34: The pyramid Matt has developed is his foundation for living, you need to figure out what’s important to you personally. You can build your own belief roadmap.

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How to be Happy Living a Life of Significance!

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