Coughs, Colds and Bees: How Honey and Other BEE Products Can Keep our Kids Healthy! with Carly of Beekeeper’s Naturals (HPC: E55)

Coughs, Flu and School Germs, oh my!

If cold-and-flu season causes tremors in your heart but you hate the idea of using over-the-counter drugs on your kids just to get through the night, I have great news: The bees got your back.

Carly from Beekeeper’s Naturals joins us today to share about the power of nature – she will feed your science geek brain and share SO many practical ideas and uses for bee products (bet you’ve never even heard of some of them!):

  • What beats coughs as effectively as OTC cough meds but with no side effects?
  • Find out about a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal product that you can ingest or use on the skin for coughs, rashes, scrapes, immunity boosting, allergies, and “that ominous tickle.” Amazing stuff!
  • What gives queen bees the vitality to have 1500 babies a day and live 20x longer than other bees? Want some? Humans have been using it for centuries!
  • Two different ways to calm anxiety and get better sleep, something we know everyone needs!
  • Find incredible focus with an age-old nootropic that may help heal concussions, build new brain cells, prevent signs of aging brains and more…this stuff is so cool!!

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No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes!

Honey for Health Video Time Stamps

  • 0:32: Carly first learned about bee propolis in Italy and then had a hard time finding any back in America. She now runs Beekeeper’s Naturals.
  • 1:05: I get lots of products to sample, but I don’t always know what to do with them! Carly is going to tell us all about the products she offers and how to use bee products for better health.
  • 1:34: Carly introduces herself and her company. She has a great story about finding and using propolis.

Health Benefits of Propolis

  • 4:00: What is propolis and what’s the science behind how it works? It’s truly amazing how the bees use propolis!

For the bees, propolis is the building blocks of their immune system. -Carly Stein

  • 5:58: Carly shares the history of propolis use among humans. The first recorded use of propolis is from 300 BC!
  • 7:06: Beekeeper’s Naturals sells propolis as a throat spray for sore throats, colds, coughs, allergies and immune boosting, but it can also be used topically on cuts and scrapes, bug bites and sunburn.

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  • 8:11: Propolis is antibacterial, but it actually contains a few strains of probiotics and will not harm your gut microbiome unlike some other natural, plant based antibacterial remedies. It is actually nourishing for your gut and can be useful for gut issues such as colitis and candida. It is safe to take daily.
  • 9:25: I share a story about propolis samples staving off the flu after a conference I went to several months ago.
  • 10:05: As kids are starting school, germs are being passed around. Carly shares her entire regimen for cold and flu prevention for kids.

What Kind of Honey Should you Buy

  • 12:41: We talk about what we should look for when we buy honey products. The label “organic” isn’t all you need to see to know you’re getting a high quality product.

Honey is the only food on the planet that never expires. -Carly Stein

  • 15:09: It’s totally fine for honey to harden and crystallize over time. You can soften it by putting the entire jar in hot water.
  • 15:44: Pasteurized honey is basically sugar with no enzymes or nutritional value. Carly shares why using raw honey is still important even if you’re going to be baking with it.
  • 16:40: We talk about using honey and other bee products in the kitchen.

Using Bee Pollen in Food

  • 17:40: Bee pollen is also high in nutrients. Note that if someone has allergies, bee pollen is probably going to be too strong for them. Pollen is high in B vitamins…Bee vitamins. 😛 It can be sprinkled into smoothies, onto yogurt or even onto ice cream!

I like to think of bee pollen as nature's multivitamin. -Carly Stein

Royal Jelly for Brain Health

  • 19:49: Royal jelly is another fascinating bee product. The bee who is to become the queen is fed exclusively royal jelly. If you study queen bees, they are profoundly different from the other bees and their diet is the thing that makes the difference.

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  • 20:59: We’ve been using royal jelly as humans throughout history and across cultures. In the western world, royal jelly has mainly been studied for brain health. Carly explains how it affects the brain.

Being a good parent also means taking care of ourselves. -Katie Kimball

  • 23:43: We talk about using bee products as busy parents to boost energy and brain function.

Hemp and Honey for Relaxation

  • 25:35: Carly shares how they decided to incorporate hemp into their product line. High stress levels and sleep difficulties are common complaints. Even if you don’t want to take hemp, taking a teaspoon of honey before bed is really great for sleep and relaxation. In combination with hemp, it’s super relaxing.

Honey is so high in live enzymes it's the perfect carrier for whatever nutrient you're trying to deliver to the body. -Carly Stein

  • 28:22: I share how I’ve used the hemp honey with two of my kids.
  • 29:03: We talk a bit about using bee products for ADD and other behavioral issues.
  • 30:58: Carly shares one practical step to get started using bee products with your family.

Resources We Mention About Health Benefits of Honey

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