How to UPgrade Your Parenting and Perform Your Best with Dr Ryan Wohlfert (HPC: E56)

“Since I became a parent, I’ve gained a lot of weight…”

“I don’t sleep enough – parenting, duh!”

“What parent has time to take care of themselves?”

Ever heard a busy parent say these things (or caught yourself saying them)?

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert is on a mission to flip the script and convince all parents that not only do they have time to be healthy, they MUST make it a priority for the good of their entire family! He believes parents don’t have to choose between their own health and energy and being a GREAT parent.

We sat down on a sunny Michigan day to talk about his 6-pack of health to UPgrade your parental health:

1. Focus: What we THINK, we believe and what we believe becomes our reality! Check out a simple mental shift that can change your whole day!

2. Food: One simple thing to start you day with that every parent has time for!

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3. Fitness: I love Dr. Ryan’s encouragement to find time to exercise – totally not about going to the gym or slicing time OUT of your parenting day, but integrating it right in!

4. Function: As a chiropractor, our posture and spine are super important to Dr. Ryan. Bet you sat up straighter when you read the word posture!

5. reFresh: Our bodies and brains heal and renew during sleep, and I think it’s becoming the most sought after commodity of our time. It’s worth strategizing a little to get good sleep!

6. Faith: Whether you believe in a higher power or believe that you have a greater purpose, research shows us that we NEED one or the other!

His final tip to SCAN your thoughts for one week is golden!!

UPgrade Your Parenting Video Time Stamps

  • 0:39: Dr. Ryan Wohlfert runs UPgraded Parents and has a background as a healthcare practitioner. He helps parents be the best parents they can be for the good of themselves and their families.
  • 1:58: Dr. Ryan shares the origin of UPgraded Parents.

Everybody wants to be healthy. -Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

Excuses of Unhealthy Parents

  • 3:16: Having kids and the extra responsibility they bring increases the difficulty parents have pursuing health. Dr. Ryan helps parents integrate baby steps to health into their lives.
  • 4:49: Kids are a big excuse parents use to justify their lack of time or energy for themselves. It’s a valid excuse! But Dr. Ryan can help equip you with tools to overcome those excuses.

There's a difference between getting "older" and getting "old." -Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

  • 5:28: As we see our kids getting older, we think about how we are getting old. We hear from doctors and the media about what happens as you age and we think we’re experiencing normal aging, but it doesn’t have to be that way! People are aging and getting diseases younger and younger these days.
  • 7:07: If you have kids or your career is important, those are reasons to keep pursuing health and find out what makes you feel your best. Don’t use those as excuses to be unhealthy or you won’t be able to enjoy them anymore.

Let's turn those excuses into reasons you do take care of your health. -Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

Are you getting “old?”

  • 7:42: “Old” is a destination we don’t ever have to reach. We want to keep getting “older,” but we don’t have to accept degeneration and breaking down as implied by saying “You’re getting old.” Dr. Ryan shares personal examples of these seeds being planted in his own children at a young age.
  • 8:55: Dr. Ryan believes we don’t have to choose between youthful energy and being a parent. We get into some practical advice for maintaining health.

The 6 Pack for Health

  • 9:34: The 6-pack of health, longevity and life are: focus, food, fitness, function, reFresh and faith.
  • 10:08: Focus is your mindset. Your physiology is controlled by your mindset and expectations. Dr. Ryan shares a story demonstrating this concept.

The stories that we tell ourselves play out in our physiology and the choices we make. -Dr. Ryan Wolhfert

  • 12:23: When we expect ourselves to be unable to perform a certain physical task (carrying something heavy, walking a certain distance, getting down to sit on the floor, etc.) we won’t choose to try and then we are limiting our potential.
  • 13:37: We’ll keep it simple on food advice here. Start by drinking water first thing in the morning. Next make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day.
  • 14:45: Look for opportunities to work fitness into your daily life. While you’re watching your kid’s game or practice move around instead of sitting in the bleachers.

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  • 15:41: Be prepared for people to give you some weird looks or even say something to you. Know what you believe and why you are prioritizing your health.
  • 16:51: There is so much parent shaming going on when you aren’t 100% focused on your kids every second. That certainly isn’t healthy for the kids either! We want to raise healthy, independent kids.
  • 18:34: Function is your posture, breathing, spine and brain. All your function comes from the brain. Taking 10 deep breaths first thing in the morning and several times per day. Don’t hold your phone down in your lap, bring it up to your face.

You are a reflection of what your kids are going to do. -Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

  • 20:56: ReFresh is optimizing your sleep. Do your best to get quality sleep since you can’t always control the amount of sleep you get, especially if you have young kids and babies who wake during the night.
  • 22:00: Faith could be a religious faith, but even if you aren’t religious you can have a belief in something bigger like your purpose.

Do Your Best to be a Healthy Parent

  • 22:34: These 6 things should be considered and cared for each day, some days you’ll focus more on one than the others. Do your best to make little changes over time to lead to a healthier you.
  • 24:05: When you see longevity news reports and articles they often talk about focus, but don’t describe how to make those mindset changes.

The first step is to accept where you are and that you can upgrade your life. -Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

  • 25:43: Community is also often mentioned as a way to increase longevity and satisfaction in life. Dr. Ryan has a free Facebook community for parents to discuss health and mindset. Most parent groups are focused on the kids, not what we can do for ourselves as parents.
  • 28:01: Dr. Ryan has a free masterclass called “Upgrade Your Energy” coming out this week if you’re watching this when it comes out. (First week of October 2019.)
  • 28:56: We leave you with a practical tool to implement today. It’s called “scan your thoughts.”
  • 30:46: I share a personal story about how I have been attempting to change my mindset around an everyday question. Dr. Ryan shares his alternative.

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