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Did you know…

  • 1 in 3 American teenagers are obese or overweight.
  • Type 2 diabetes, usually NEVER seen in children, is UP 30% in the last 10 years.
  • 3.5 million kids were on ADHD meds in 2011, 1 million more than 2001.
  • Depression and anxiety are seen at younger and younger ages, and 1/3 of teens are struggling with one or the other!

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Stats are going in the wrong direction for kids’ chronic diseases.

We believe food is the root cause (and solution!) of a lot of these statistics, and we want nothing more than for your kids to be protected from these and other chronic diseases.

But we can’t wait for a chronic diagnosis before doing something about it!

Let’s get a plan to give your kids vitamins now, not painkillers later — to create preventative good habits as young as possible to lay the foundation to raise healthy, independent adults whom we’re proud to send off into the world!

Your kids will be able to lean into their God-given gifts while in college and young adulthood, not worrying about how to feed themselves — or spending time in doctor’s offices figuring out why they’re so fatigued.

The kitchen is the BEST place to build the habits your kids will need – both the nutritious eating and the responsibility and confidence we all want to nurture.

Healthy Habits Start in Childhood!

cooking skills for preschool to teenager and everything in between

Studies show that kids who have regular chores or part-time jobs in high school are more successful in every area of life (career, marriages, happiness indicators) than those who don’t.

Bet you want to raise THOSE kids!

And it starts now.

We believe that the right habits in childhood are the foundation for independent, healthy adults.

But many parents find they need a little support.

Kids Cook Real Food is here to help you resist the helicopter parenting culture and build genuine, authentic life skills for your kids starting at age 2.

We Believe Kids are Capable of More than Most Parents Expect.

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#LifeSkills: If Not Now, When?

There’s no better time than NOW to teach your kids life skills, whether they’re 2 or 17.

We’re so honored to be on your team, and when you join our community by downloading the Goals List, we’ll send helpful tips to show you how powerful tiny changes can be when it comes to kids and food.

AND you’ll be supported as a busy parent with practical strategies and encouragement from Katie, a former teacher and busy mompreneur to 4 kids, kindergarten through high school.

If you’re ready to go further, join our classes and we’ll walk you step by step through teaching kids to cook so you can see all the benefits immediately.


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