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Group Discount Offer

Let’s Get As Many Kids Building Life Skills As Possible!

Whether you’re part of a homeschool co-op, a virtual learning pod, or an after school program – any groups who want to learn cooking skills together with individual logins can get a group discount on the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse!

Kids Cook Real Food Homeschool Co-op Edition

Welcome, Group Leaders!

The Kids Cook Real Food course is a video-based course with accompanying curriculum designed
by a former elementary school teacher, Katie Kimball.

This online video course will help children discover and nurture their strengths, learn how to make recipes independently without anyone else’s help, and know how to feed themselves healthy food as they grow into adulthood.

Kids Cook Real Food will build independent chefs and life skills while everyone is having fun in the kitchen together.

Kids Cook Real Food has been used by hundreds of homeschool co-ops and group programs including charter schools across the nation, and we’ve always supported group leaders in instructing students in person with just one membership purchase.

However, pandemic times have made everything more complicated, so we created a way for families to be able to log in at home so that a group could meet virtually if necessary, and the kids can practice the cooking skills in their own homes.

How The Group Membership Works

As a leader, you will be responsible for collecting fees for each family ($35 per student) and they would all get individual logins, including:

  • 8 video lessons for each level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) + 8 All-Kid videos (32 total skill videos)
  • Curriculum designed to prepare parents for each lesson so their kids get the most learning out of each experience
  • Flash Cards that reinforce skills and information taught in the video lessons
  • A recipe ebook full of meals and snacks that kids will learn to make
  • Shopping and supply lists that make it easy to be prepared for each lesson

Here’s a quick preview to see what a lesson is like:

You can also take a peek at the course curriculum map for more details.

As the leader, you will be responsible for letting your students know what class they should watch each week to keep pace with your group. During your 3 months of access, each family will have time to work through an entire level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) or skip around as much as they like.

Are you virtual learning with a small group of kids?

If you are passing kids around from home to home this school year, wouldn’t it be great to get part of lunch or snack made during your curriculum time?

We all know virtual learning doesn’t usually take the entire day, so this is a great time to build life skills.

How To Join

If you are a group leader, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

1. Fill out the Commitment Form:

When you fill out the form you’ll need to be ready with the number of children who will be participating (the minimum is 5). Your own login will count as one of those. They’ll each need to have their own email address and they’ll get their own login so they can track progress in their dashboard individually.

$35 per Student, Minimum 5 Students



2. Pay Invoice

Within 5 business days after you submit the form you will receive an invoice via email for the number of students participating, along with instructions for submitting payment.


3. Add Students To Account & Get Started!

Once payment is received, we’ll email you instructions for how to access your leader dashboard where you’ll be able to provide access to each individual student.

Want me to contact you about this group discount? Click the button to enter your email address, and I’ll be in touch!


Still Have Questions about the eCourse?

Absolutely. Our course serves ages 2 through teen, so with each student having their own login, any age can participate. In fact, the lessons are designed for families, so if various ages are together in one home, what they make will come together in a meal or snack to share.
The leader will be responsible for adding each of the students to his/her account. This is very easy to do once you have access to your leader dashboard. In order to add a student, a first and last name and a unique email address for each child participant will be needed. We will provide login instructions to each student that is added.
Sure thing. Whoever is teaching will need access to the student’s login information and may run the lessons during virtual learning time. Each student will also be able to login at home to practice or work on different videos. The teacher doesn’t need his/her own additional account but may use one of the student’s logins when everyone is together. Other than this, please don’t share logins with other families.
That’s the beauty of virtual – you can definitely “pod’ with people all over the world! Live cooking on Zoom is a little complicated, but doable.
3 months, plenty of time to finish one of the levels.
It can begin as soon as your payment is received, or we can delay your start date until whenever you please. You’ll have an opportunity to specify your start date when you fill out the commitment form.
After 3 months, your login will stop working, but you’ll be given an opportunity at that time to purchase another 3 months OR get a credit toward our VIP membership with lifetime access.
Although Kids Cook Real Food can see student emails, they won’t be getting anything from us other than their login info. Leaders will get a few helpful notes and reminders but your inbox won’t be bombarded.
Because this is a special invoiced discount offer, no refunds will be available.

Still more questions? I’m an FAQ kind of gal, so I have lots of answers for you about the course!

If you have any more questions about the group discount, send an email to [email protected] and our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Click HERE to learn more about the course and other options for membership.

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