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These two books contain all the course printables, organized by class number and professionally bound just for you!

Paperback Book! Kids Cook Real Food: Cooking Class Curriculum

Now all the course printables are available as professionally bound books, available as paperback books from Amazon or as spiral-bound books from Lulu.

  • The Cooking Class Curriculum book:  Includes all the adult guide info, beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections, plus all the resources such as flashcards, daily nugget cards, spice cards for measuring with young children, shopping and tools needed checklists, and more.
  • Recipes for Kids Cook Real Food:  This is the same as the recipe ebook found in the eCourse, as a professionally printed and bound book.

All content in the books is available to members of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse as PDF downloads at no added cost – but buying the books will save you printing costs, and the time you would have spent downloading, printing, and organizing all the papers.

There is no overlap between the two books, so if your plan is to avoid printing anything at home then you’ll need both books.

The books are offered as paperback on Amazon and as spiral-bound from Lulu. Shipping from Amazon is free for Prime members.

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Recipes for Kids Cook Real Food

Kids Cook Real Food: Cooking Class Curriculum

More Recipes for Kids Cook Real Food

Recipes for Kids Cook Real Food

Kids Cook Real Food: Cooking Class Curriculum
More Recipes for Kids Cook Real Food
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