Kids Always Hungry? 10 Snacks THEY Can Make Themselves!

No junk food dressed up as “kid food.” Grab this FREE Download “10 Snacks Your Kids Can Make” and have healthier snacks to choose from in 20 minutes, like homemade ranch for dipping and even homemade Larabar-lookalikes (save a ton of $$ on those)!


Why Kids Love Our Recipes:


  • They can eat more dip than carrots without making their parents mad (because the dips like HOMEMADE RANCH DIP are so healthy!)
  • They get to use power tools
  • Their snacks finally look like the other kids’ (granola bars, finger gelatin)
  • They finally get into the kitchen

Why Parents Love Them:


  • If the kids are making food, they get a little break!
  • The secret “frosting” on the fruit pizza is healthier than most kids’ lunches
  • All recipes are gluten-free and all grain-free except one
  • Their kids might eat more veggies with these four incredible dippers

These might look like your average treats…but they’re healthy enough for snacks or breakfast!!


Low-Sugar Fruit Pizza Homemade Blueberry Gellies Homemade Energy Bites