Healthy Snacks for Your Kids’ Best Vibrant Health!

No junk food dressed up as “kid food.” Just great ideas THEY can put together themselves!

Why Kids Love Our Recipes:


  • They can eat more dip than carrots without making their parents mad (because the dips like HOMEMADE RANCH DIP are so healthy!)
  • They get to use power tools
  • They feel like hot stuff making snacks that look just like commercial packaged stuff (granola bars, finger gelatin)
  • They finally get into the kitchen

Why Parents Love Them:


  • If the kids are making food, they get a little break!
  • Homemade snacks always save money over processed foods AND pump up the nutrition
  • All recipes are gluten-free and all grain-free except one
  • Their kids might eat more veggies with these four incredible dippers

These might look like your average treats…but they’re healthy enough for snacks or breakfast!!


Low-Sugar Fruit Pizza Homemade Blueberry Gellies Homemade Energy Bites