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May I Send Some Snacks Recipes Kids Can Make Themselves — From Scratch?


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These 5 snacks copycat what kids see in other kids’ lunches and snacks…so your kids can eat healthy and be proud to show off what they made!

Do you know anyone whose kids:

  • Love processed snacks?
  • Are always hungry?
  • Totally have the potential to make goodies for themselves?

Sure, recipes are a dime a dozen online…but things are different here at Kids Cook Real Food.

  • Wholesome Food: Snacks kids can make with NO cans of crescent rolls, other packaged ingredients, or high sugar content.
  • Actual Independence: We don’t tell kids to “ask an adult” to do half the recipe and undermine their confidence.
  • More Veggies: Making your own dip means looking for something to dip — enter, vegetables!
  • Fewer Allergens: All recipes are gluten-free and all grain-free except one.
  • Packaged Food Look-Alikes: Granola bars, ranch dip, fruit juice gelatin “jiggles,” Larabar-lookalikes, and limey guacamole.

Low-Sugar Fruit Pizza Homemade Blueberry Gellies Homemade Energy Bites

You’ll get a recipe and cooking technique tutorial every day for 5 days via email.

Make one, make them all, enjoy quality time with your kids (as they move toward independence in the kitchen). It’s like a mini email course, totally FREE!


*Got kiddos younger than 7? We have something for you, too!