A regular license (available for purchase here) allows you to teach ANY number of kids in any not-for-profit setting, including homeschool co-ops and even schools.

The For-Profit License is just if you’d like to charge children to attend classes you’re teaching using our materials.

If that’s what you’re looking for, here are the details:

  • The terms and conditions of the course all apply to your membership and For-Profit License EXCEPT this one:
    • Permission to use the eCourse and associated materials in any other way must be obtained in writing from Kitchen Stewardship and/or the publisher or author of the material. These materials are for the sole use of individuals registered for the eCourse or others as approved by Kitchen Stewardship. You may use the eCourse and associated materials to personally teach as many children as you would like. However, you may not pass along the materials to others (either for their personal use, or to teach other children).
  • In place of that paragraph, we’ll agree in writing that your For-Profit License conditions are as follows:
    • With the For-Profit License, you have permission to use the course material to teach others for-profit for the duration of 12 months. You may renew your For-Profit License at that time.
    • The memory tools (Flash Cards, Beginner Spice Cards and Daily Nugget Cards) and the entire Recipe Book(s) may be printed, copied and disseminated to your paying students. The PDF Lesson Plans may not be copied or shared with others; those are for the use of the teacher only.
    • Access to the membership site and videos is restricted to your personal and professional use. In other words, you have permission to show the videos to any number of students but NOT to share your login information and allow families to watch the videos in their own homes. The video files are for the use of the teacher only and are not to be disseminated.
    • In the VIP bonus area, you may copy and disseminate to your students the Extension recipe book and teach the bonus class live, but I can’t give permission for you to disseminate the e-products authored by my colleagues that are included in that membership.
  • Pricing for 12 months
    • Access to all 3 levels plus VIP bonuses (including downloadable videos, bonus lesson, extra recipe book) for $750.
    • Your login would continue with lifetime access, but the For-Profit License must be renewed every 12 months if you plan to continue teaching for-profit.

A note: The Activity Guide would actually be really helpful for you to be able to copy off for your students, and I’d be happy to put you in touch with its creator, Laura Coppinger, to ask her official permission to do so.

Thanks for your interest in the For-Profit License! If you have further questions or are ready to get started, please email [email protected] or request a follow up email below, and I’ll be in touch!