Food is Medicine: No More Waiting for a Diagnosis! (HPC: E51)

If we believe food is medicine, we have to stop waiting for a diagnosis before we do something about it!

On today’s edition of The Healthy Parenting Connector, I’ll share a bit of what I challenged a few hundred natural health practitioners to do in their practices two weeks ago from a big stage — the best news is that YOU can implement the same strategies (even better) in your own home starting this very afternoon.

WHY do we teach kids to cook now before they’re sick?

1. Prevention using diet (and the confidence that builds)
2. Getting the whole family healthier (strong connections extra bonus)
3. Inspiring and laying the foundation for healthy eating as adults (and how creativity plays into this)

I met the greatest kids’ health champions and world-changers 2 weeks ago, and we all swore that this is the beginning of a revolution. The problem with kids health isn’t that they’re so sick….yet. It’s that nobody is paying attention!

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen with a Free Lesson

But it’s time for change to happen and lots of brilliant minds are out there fighting for your kids and mine — and in the next 2 weeks we’ll hear from 2 practitioners who truly believe that food is medicine, that kids’ health is important, and how what kids eat makes ALL the difference!

Food is Medicine Video Time Stamps

  • 0:00: My husband has crohn’s disease and we’ve worried about our children inheriting it since before they were born. It took me about 10 years to finally get it right to protect them. Hear the story that helped me realize that I needed to teach my kids how to take care of their health.

We can't change our kids' genes, but we can give them the capacity to make healthy choices. -Katie Kimball

  • 1:37: I wasn’t raised on real food. Remember the spray “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter?” 😮 Many other parents my age weren’t taught to cook or eat healthy food as kids either, but now we can change that cycle with our own families.
  • 2:11: Natural health is getting really good at finding the root cause, but habits formed in childhood are the “root cause of the root cause” of adulthood disease.
  • 2:37: I share some alarming statistics on the rise in childhood health issues.

If food is medicine we have to stop waiting for a diagnosis before we do something about it. -Katie Kimball

  • 3:31: I gave a challenge to hundreds of health practitioners a couple weeks ago at a conference, and I’m going to share the same challenge with you parents!

We need to protect our children from being on the wrong side of the statistics. -Katie Kimball

  • 4:30: Our kids’ generation is the first generation predicted to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. It’s because we’re creating so many health problems. Our diets are the foundation of healthy habits.
  • 5:19: I’m going to share three reasons why you need to get your kids in the kitchen. I don’t care if you use my course or not, I want you to start teaching your kids how to make healthy choices and equip them with the skills to cook their own healthy food when they are adults.
  • 5:34: At Kids Cook Real Food we talk about connection, confidence and creativity being built in the kitchen.

Cooking Increases Confidence

  • 6:55: You don’t need to wait for your child to have a chronic disease or food allergy/sensitivity to make changes. How much better is it to prevent a problem in the first place by making healthy changes now!?
  • 8:34: Statistically kids are more likely to eat healthy food when they’re involved in the preparation.
  • 10:34: When kids are able to see the impact they  can have helping in the kitchen and serving other people it’s a boost to their confidence.

Foster Connection Through Food

  • 11:30: Getting kids involved in the kitchen can get the entire family healthier. Having just 2 family dinners a week reduces incidences of drug and alcohol abuse, depression and suicide and increases academic performance in teens. If your kids are helping prepare a meal at home, you’re more likely to all be sitting down together to enjoy it.
  • 12:20: Did you know that suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens?! That is mind blowing! We spend so much effort keeping our kids safe, we’d better be doing something to protect our kids from mental illness and suicidal thoughts as well.

The best suicide prevention is connecting as a family. -Katie Kimball

  • 13:42: We all want to raise healthy, competent adults, but it’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day of running a household. We need to intentionally teach them life skills (like cooking!) and give them opportunities to practice those responsibilities.
  • 14:58: I share a story about my kids cooking pancakes and me being called a lazy parent. 😮
  • 16:02: I don’t want my kids to be calling me for cooking instruction as young adults. I don’t want them sitting in doctor’s offices trying to figure out their myriad of symptoms. I want them to be out there changing the world.

We've got to raise our kids to be inspiring adults who are contributing to the world instead of figuring out how to feed themselves. -Katie Kimball

Boost Creativity in the Kitchen

  • 17:14: As kids get more competent in the kitchen they can infuse their own creativity into the process. Even if you just follow a recipe verbatim, you’re still creating something with your hands.
  • 18:00: Experts say creativity and executive function are sorely lacking in the children of today’s digital age. Learning to cook gives them a way to flex both those muscles.

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  • 19:04: I would love to partner with you to help you teach your kids to cook, but even if you don’t want to join Kids Cook Real Food, I challenge you to get your kids in the kitchen and get them started with good eating habits. See some more resources below to help you out.
  • 20:15: Two weeks ago I was at a conference with hundreds of natural health practitioners. I met some amazing people who are vowing to make a difference for our kids’ generation.

The biggest problem isn’t that kids are so sick…yet. The biggest problem is that no one is paying attention. -Katie Kimball

Resources to Build Healthy Habits and Get Your Kids in the Kitchen

3 reasons to teach your kids to cook


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