Could You Live Without Dairy? Why (& How) You Probably Should Try it & How Not to Die Trying (Interview with Sheila Kilbane, MD) (HPC: E53)

Dr. Sheila Kilbane can spot a child with high inflammation walking down the street! But many parents can’t even see it in their own kids – dark circles under the eyes, mouth breathing/snoring, red ears or cheeks, eczema and more.

Inflammation is a more prominent problem than most people think (even medical doctors), and it’s causing all sorts of issues for our kids. Are you willing to cut dairy to find out if it would help your kids?

This interview will surprise you with how little Dr. Kilbane tests blood and how often she recommends elimination experiments, particularly with dairy! There is a huge difference in a true allergy, an IgE reaction, vs. a sensitivity, IgG. Be sure to watch the interview for how to do it, how long it may take to see results, etc. As a result of this information, my daughter has discovered that dairy isn’t treating her well, and it’s time I jump into the Healthy Kids, Happy Moms course and find out what’s next for us!

Although dairy is public enemy #1 for elimination testing purposes, other inflammatory foods include:

  • gluten
  • soy
  • wheat
  • eggs
  • corn
  • peanuts
  • tree nuts
  • sesame
  • shellfish
  • citrus (may include citric acid, in particular if kids get the rash around the mouth that’s hard to get rid of)

These 11 foods cause 90% of our inflammatory issues! This doesn’t mean all of us need to omit all these foods, but that they should be part of an elimination experiment.

*** Super important! 20-40% of kids sensitive to dairy are also sensitive to soy – so soy milk is NOT a proper alternative when eliminating dairy!

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Ever heard of a pediatrician who says, “Nah, don’t switch to whole milk at a year…”? Healthy fats like coconut oil, salmon, even butter are better choices, and if you really want dairy, homemade yogurt was her #1 choice.

Watch the video for the scoop on how to get calcium without dairy (around 21:30) and the importance of weight-bearing activity for healthy BONES – the focus on calcium is hype!

We end with a message of hope and some foods you CAN eat even if you’re sensitive to dairy, like NadaMoo ice cream as a special treat. 🙂

Eliminating Inflammatory Foods Video Time Stamps

  • 0:27: Dr. Kilbane is an integrative MD which means she helps people get to the root cause of their health issues. She has an online course to help parents find the root causes for their kids.

Why are we so inflamed?

  • 1:10: You can watch my last interview with Dr. Kilbane here. We talked all about the rise of inflammation in our bodies due to processed foods and the increased intake of inflammatory foods and fats. She gives us a quick run down of systems of inflammation in the body.

Packaged and processed foods are very inflaming. -Dr. Sheila Kilbane

  • 2:41: Cutting out some kid favorites can cut down on inflammation and heal a myriad of health issues. Dairy is usually Dr. Kilbane’s top recommended food to cut. My family goes through 3.5 gallons of raw milk a week and gets panicky when we’re low on cheese so I’m not sure I even want to know why we should cut out dairy!

Should everyone eliminate dairy?

  • 3:20: If your family is healthy, you have no skin issues, no emotional or behavioral issues and everyone’s bowels are moving properly, then you may be ok with dairy. Whole fat raw milk, unsweetened yogurt and aged raw cheeses are better options if you determine that your family can tolerate dairy.

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  • 5:50: If your child or anyone in your family is exhibiting inflammatory symptoms then dairy is definitely a food you want to try eliminating.
  • 7:23: Children who are on daily medications such as laxatives, antacids or steroids can greatly benefit from being off dairy.

Food sensitivity or allergy?

  • 7:56: Food sensitivities and allergies are on the rise in the last couple decades. Dr. Kilbane describes the difference between a sensitivity and allergy, how to test and her approach to testing.

A food sensitivity doesn't always last forever. -Dr. Sheila Kilbane

  • 11:24: A 3-4 week elimination is only the first step towards healing. Some kids will need to be off dairy for several months, some years or even their lifetime. Resources such as Dr. Kilbane’s course and blogs like mine can help you stay on track, make a plan and give you recipe ideas to make it easier to remove foods long term.

What foods cause inflammation?

  • 11:56: There are 11 foods that cause 90% of our inflammatory health issues. They are: dairy, gluten, soy, wheat, eggs, corn, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, fish/shellfish and citrus. If removing dairy helps, but not entirely, continue avoiding dairy and begin pulling other foods from this list. 20-40% of kids sensitive to dairy are also sensitive to soy, so that’s Dr. Kilbane’s next recommendation.
  • 13:31: Citrus is not a commonly discussed as a food sensitivity. In cases where your child has a persistent rash around their mouth consider removing citrus.

Elimination diets for kids

  • 16:31: There are many gut healing, elimination diets out there that adults use such as Whole 30, GAPS or AIP. We talk about whether or not these are appropriate for children.
  • 18:18: Dr. Kilbane shares an elimination success story from her practice.

We really do have to be detectives as moms. -Katie Kimball

  • 19:58: We talk about starting off babies and toddlers with a clean diet to avoid inflammatory issues later on. Dr. Kilbane does not recommend cow’s milk starting at age 1. They don’t need to be avoiding all dairy, but choose smarter dairy products. Young kids need plenty of quality fat. Butter is ok, coconut oil and salmon are better.

But how do I get enough calcium without milk?

  • 21:43: In a cup of milk only about 35% of the calcium is absorbed. In a cup of bok choy over 50% of the calcium is absorbed. We discuss some ways to support healthy bones without consuming dairy. 24:26

So much goes into healthy bones other than calcium. -Dr. Sheila Kilbane

  • 24:27: We end with some super practical advice and discuss what you CAN EAT while eliminating dairy. There are more and more dairy free options available now!

Resources to Help You Eliminate Dairy

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Should you eliminate diary from your diet?

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