The Role of Fathers in Teaching Kids A Healthy Lifestyle (HPC: E42)

My husband is back with us again today for Father’s Day week… Let’s talk about the role of fathers in kids’ healthy lifestyles and what you should do if you just hate cucumbers!

We chat about:

  • Whether there are still foods he doesn’t like and what he does about that.
  • How he can see our kids mimicking us as the examples in the household.
  • Encouragement and advice to those of you who don’t feel like your spouse is on board with your healthy lifestyle goals, and to those of you who want to get on board.

No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes!

Healthy Dads Video Time Stamps

  • 0:34: My husband was on a few months ago to share his own health food journey from cereal and soda pop everyday to choosing to eat healthy without prompting. You can watch that interview here.
  • 1:06: Kris shares the healthy foods he doesn’t like! 😮 There are also some foods that he has developed a taste for as he began eating healthier.

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen with a Free Lesson

  • 1:50: Even though he doesn’t like everything, Kris understands the importance of trying these foods regularly both as an example to the kids and in an attempt to develop a taste for them over time. Just like we encourage our picky eaters to do! 😉
  • 2:41: We talk about how the kids pick up on our commitment to exercise and it affects their activity level. Kris doesn’t remember seeing his parents work out, but we’ve intentionally made it part of our family culture.

Kids mimic everything we do, for better or for worse. -Katie Kimball

  • 3:43: Gabe, our 4 and a half year old, loves salad. We have created the expectation that dinner starts with a salad. The way we choose to eat is very normal to our kids because of the united front of expectations and example we set as parents.
  • 4:28: Our oldest Paul recently told me that he’d like to like olives because he knows they’re good for him. It might take him awhile, but he’s trying to like them and understands that tastes change!
  • 5:08: I hear from a lot of moms who say their husband is not on board with healthy eating. They tell me he doesn’t like any vegetables or doesn’t see any value in eating healthy at all. Kris shares some encouragement if this is your situation.

It did not happen overnight, it was a slow progression and we took some baby steps to get to where we are today.  – Kris Kimball

  • 6:09: We talk about setting examples, whether they be good or bad, as parents.
  • 7:29: Now we are unified in mind and not just in words. For awhile, Kris verbally agreed with me and kept his junk food out of the house so as not to set an example that was contrary to what I was teaching the kids, but it’s important (and so much easier!) that he is now on the same page as me.

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