multimedia video course to teach kids how to cook great for homeschool and life skill enrichment studies for all kids

Thanks a ton!

That will help me serve you better — that reminds me (#mombrain), I’ll be sending some tips on kids and cooking while our enrollment is closed.

My goal is to help you see some success (and the promise of what’s to come when your kids know how to cook instead of just asking, “What’s for dinner?” 5,237 times).

Can’t wait to get to know you!

When Moira read my email about how to empower kids to participate with one simple change, she said:

I always thought kids could do more to help in the kitchen but didn’t know where to start.

This provides me with so many specifics of how I can help my youngest learn to help prepare meals and help in the kitchen, and I can start right away!”

To make sure you don’t miss that tip and the others, do this:

…and then watch for more tips on kids and cooking!

But now we have a little problem – I know how many kids you have and some of your deepest desires, but you don’t know much about me…