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Chef Junior

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When 5 kids come together to write a cookbook full of healthy foods, you know it’s going to be something special!

Be part of the movement to show that kids can achieve big dreams AND that they belong in the kitchen, learning life skills, prioritizing wellness!

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The authors, Katie Dessinger, Anthony Spears, Abigail Langford, Paul Kimball, and Will Bartlett, are between the age of 11 and 15 and hail from various states in the US (California, Florida, and Michigan), as well as Canada.

The book is very allergy-friendly and is a great fit for both “real food” families and those just transitioning from more of a standard American diet.

Your kids will love recipes for homemade pizza, pesto pasta, mac and cheese, and burgers, along with Texas Style Breakfast Tacos, Avocado Chicken Salad, Pizza Cauliflower Soup, Pineapple Lemon Ice Pops, and even some healthy-ish desserts.

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Are you part of a Homeschool co-op? After school program? Every child should have this book! You could be the generous benefactor of kids not only being inspired to cook healthy food but seeing the inspiration of other kids doing something special (writing and publishing a book).


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  • Meal Plan for a Month of “Kids Cooking Night” (with  grocery lists, 4 nights)

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family in kitchen cooking together

  • “Chef Junior Summer Camp” (4 videos of recipes for your kids to cook along with the authors)
  • Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make Thematic SkillLab from Kids Cook Real Food ($25 value)

How about a DIY Summer Camp to do with a group of friends?? The videos offered at this level would be so fun to share together, while we’re apart! Of COURSE if you gift copies, you may share all the bonuses with each of your recipients! We think these videos will be particularly fun for kids to watch. 🙂 


After you place your order, fill out the form here to get the bonuses!



We’ve discovered some corrections that will be made in future editions of the book, but feel free to mark these down in your copy:

  • 1/4 cup yellow mustard is supposed to be in the cheeseburger soup on p. 106 (added at the end).
  • There’s a typo in the recipe on p. 145 – it says “2 tablespoons cup raw honey” — it’s tablespoons! 
  • There are a few recipes where the kids decided to tweak to reduce a seasoning after feedback, optional:
    • P. 32 less cinnamon in the French toast (2-3 teaspoons)
    • P. 62 less salt in the taco meat (¼-½ teaspoon) and in the dressing (½-1 tsp.)
    • P. 129 adjust salt in the spice mix to ½-1 teaspoon
  • Otherwise just know that there are some recipes that call for specialty ingredients like sprouted flour or specific tortillas, but please feel free to adapt to regular whole grain flour and any tortilla that fits your family’s needs.