Your Kids Can Cook Breakfast This Weekend!

Take the Weekend Challenge: Imagine your kids making breakfast independently!

👧🏾 Ages 4-14

🍳 100% healthy food

🏆 Live Challenge with prizes and support

🙌🏻 From Zero to Breakfast in one weekend!

Starts THIS Saturday, May 30!

I’ll do the training, your family does the eating…

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We’ve helped 13,891 families teach their kids to cook…you could be next!


What’s Included?

Lesson Video: What Makes a Breakfast Healthy

In order to make good decisions about breakfast, kids need to understand a bit of the science behind it! In this lesson they’ll learn what to look for and what to avoid, and we’ll set them up with healthy habits they’ll carry through their whole lives.


crustless quiche

Demo Video: Crustless Quiche

This recipe can be used as a framework that you can customize to suit your family’s preferences.


breakfast sausage

Demo Video: Sausage Patties with Homemade Seasoning

By making your own homemade sausage seasoning you can choose what type of meat to use. Pork, beef, turkey…it all tastes great!



Demo Video: Easy Potato Vegetable Pancakes (Latkes)

We add lots of extra veggies to this twist on a classic potato pancake recipe.


Demo Video: 5 Healthy Breakfasts Preschoolers Can Make Independently

All by themselves without ANY help!


Skill Video: Stovetop Safety


Skill Video: Mess-Free Egg Cracking


Throw in live encouragement, sharing, prizes and more, and this is an event you won’t want to miss!

You get to work in the kitchen WHENEVER you want to, at your own pace, and access to the videos won’t expire (but prizes have deadlines!).

JOIN NOW ($19)


My Mission: 10,000 Kids in the Kitchen

My big audacious goal is to get 10,000 kids cooking breakfast for their families this summer!!

I KNOW this will make a huge difference for families, and my job is to make it easier.

Healthy Breakfasts Kids Can Make Thematic SkillLab

Your kids will be able to prepare breakfast, start to finish, no mess, no fuss, no failure.

Zoom Meetings, Anxious Sleep, Distance Learning, Oh My!

Whatever your reason for struggling with mornings, I hear you, mamas.

I always laugh and cringe when productivity experts recommend moms “get up half an hour earlier” so they can start their day quietly, get a shower, and be fresh when the kids wake up.

Methinks the productivity experts don’t have children???

My husband and I find that if we seek a little morning solace time, those are always the mornings the kids get up unnaturally early, and we start our day angry and frustrated instead!

With a whole new sort of morning chaos, quarantine has been tough on a lot of families — but it also provides some silver linings.

Many of our cooking class families report that their kids finally have time to make breakfast, and the parents have been able to:

  • Start the morning off slowly with reading, prayer, or meditation
  • Attend morning meetings “at work” without interruption
  • or even…sleep in!

5 year old eating breakfast

Lately my husband and I have been choosing the pillow, and many mornings, my 8-year-old has fed himself and his 5-year-old brother breakfast and finished his daily required math and reading on Google classroom.

That kind of magic didn’t just happen, but it only takes a little intentional training.

Take the Weekend Breakfast Challenge

For less than the cost of a breakfast “out,” you can empower your kids with independence in the morning. Take the challenge for just $19 (regularly $30 video set):



Since soccer and baseball aren’t taking up your Saturdays anymore, what do you have to lose?

THIS is the time to do something that your kids will remember (and use) forever!

If you have 30 minutes to make sure ingredients are available and observe your kids learning from our videos, they’ll be cooking for YOU the next 2 weeks!

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How it Works:

1. Quick Prep

  1. I’ll send the grocery list immediately after joining the challenge, so you can make sure you Instacart your supplies in plenty of time.
  2. Join me THIS Saturday, May 30th, when I go live to start you off with all the encouragement (and practical tips) you’ll need to complete the challenge! Or catch the recording…
  3. Choose when you cook together – at your own pace!

2. Cooking Time

Use professionally filmed demo videos featuring real kids:

  • Preschoolers will be part of FIVE healthy breakfasts
  • Early elementary kids will prep-ahead a recipe for the whole family (bonus: egg cracking video)
  • Older kids challenged with a perfect breakfast-for-dinner meal (bonus: stovetop safety video)

3. Share & Win!

  • Post photos of your kids’ accomplishments with the #kidscookrealfood #mykidmadebreakfast hashtags and you’re automatically entered to win great prizes (one entry per child or work pictured).
  • I’ll go live again Sunday night to give virtual high-fives to all the families who rocked the challenge and announce prize winners!

“Mom, I Can Do It!”

If I’ve learned one thing as a parent, it’s that kids can do more than we expect, and they’ll rise to our expectations (especially if we set them high).

Sometimes we just have to get out of the way.

Little Kids with Big Confidencefacebook testimonial

Big Kids, Little Kids, Moms Who Aren’t Awesome at Cooking…it Works for Everyone!

Starts in:


The “Beginner” level is really great for ages 4-6, maybe down to 3-year-olds. Kids who can read and follow directions can handle the Intermediate level, and kids up through middle or early high school will enjoy the Advanced class.
If you have older kids (8 and up, ish) with some experience in the kitchen, you could simply make sure the ingredients are in the house, settle them in with the videos and expectations, and get away with less than 30 minutes of adult time. If you have younger kids who need a parent around, this may take more like 60-90 minutes. And if you have a variety of ages or simply want to be present for the experience start to finish, the challenge may take up to 3 hours to complete all of the videos together. The great news is that after the challenge, the kids will feel empowered to make breakfasts on weekdays, so you immediately get the time back!
Access never expires. You can login the day you complete your purchase and work at your own pace (although the prize component has deadlines on Sundays).
Nope! You can access the Saturday kickoff video anytime throughout the weekend, whenever you’re ready to start. The deadline for being in the prize drawing is 5 p.m. EST (2 p.m. PST) on Sunday, however. All the challenge videos are at your own pace, so if you’re not a schedule person, no worries. We realllllly want to encourage you to make time THIS weekend though, because that means you’ll get it done and start reaping the benefits!
As long as you’ve given the classes a try, as demonstrated by progress in the member area, if independent breakfasts (or perhaps ingredients in the recipes) really don’t work for your family, we’re happy to refund your purchase price anytime during the first two weeks. Entering the prize contest by sharing photos with the hashtags will serve as commitment not to request a refund, however.
I assure you that safety is a top priority in the lessons and videos, and we teach stovetop safety in a way that makes parents and kids extremely comfortable. There’s no guarantee that accidents won’t happen, but walking carries some risk too, yet we all manage to do it and let our kids do it as well. 😉
We keep things pretty simple around here, but for planning purposes, to make all 8 recipes, you’d need a blender, pot, pan, grater OR food processor, pie plate or 8×8 glass casserole dish, and average kitchen supplies like measuring cups and spoons.
Nope! All the course lessons are inside a password-protected member area. The only part of the challenge that is on Facebook only is the live kick-off and prize announcement video. If you’d like to enter for the prize drawing without social sharing, you are welcome to email [email protected] with your photo and copy 5 friends on the email. Our goal with sharing is to get others excited about cooking breakfast with their kids, so thank you for including your friends!
The videos are not downloadable, but the PDF plans and recipes are, so you can keep them forever.
Kids Cook Real Food has always been very allergy-friendly, but if eggs are a problem for your family, I wouldn’t join this breakfast challenge. Of the 8 recipes, 3 include eggs. One of the Beginner recipes and the Intermediate recipe include dairy, but they may be possible with dairy-free alternatives. No grains or gluten are used in the lessons at all.
My team and I are here for you and answer emails within about 6 hours on weekdays. Shoot us a note at [email protected]

Success Guarantee:

If you take the challenge and it really doesn’t work for your family, you may ask for a refund anytime during the first two weeks.

We will look for you to have been active in the dashboard, as this is TOO important to simply “change your mind.” Entering the prize contest by sharing photos with the hashtags will serve as commitment not to request a refund, however.

Why Take the Zero to Breakfast Challenge from Kids Cook Real Food?

  1. In 30 minutes adult focus time and 3 hours total for kids to learn, you get independent breakfasts after ONE weekend!
  2. Costs less than one family breakfast “out” and sooooo much healthier.
  3. Prizes for sharing, skills that last a lifetime, confidence for your kids!
  4. Motivation to make it happen – a live challenge gives you a deadline! Classes are still at your own pace, but prizes have deadlines.
  5. Success Guarantee – if you try it and it doesn’t work for your family, you get a full refund.