Kids Make Homemade Guacamole (HPC: E29)

Guacamole is the perfect dip for veggies and we make it ALL the time! This recipe is not only a family favorite it’s the perfect chance to get the kids in the kitchen to practice different skills. From letting little ones mash the avocado, to the big kids getting a chance to practice their knife skills: everyone can help with this recipe! No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes! Homemade Guacamole Video Time Stamps 0:07: Guacamole is a family favorite at our house! We love to dip carrots, cucumbers and other raw veggies in it. Did you know that when you eat raw vegetables it’s best to have a healthy fat along with them to help [Read more...]

1 Easy Step to Take Your Stress Back (HPC: E28)

Raise your thumb if you feel STRESS on a normal day! We busy moms (and dads) tend to experience stress and feel it right down to our breathing and heart rate, and it affects the way we parent, our productivity, and our own mental AND physical health. Today I’m so excited to use my stress mastery training (I’m “nearly” certified as a Stress Mastery Educator) to teach you about how our brains respond to stress, how it affects our bodies, and best of all, how WE CAN be in control of it! Check out this one simple technique that you can teach your kids! No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes! Stress Mastery Video Time Stamps [Read more...]

Why Posture will Change Your Life with a Physical Therapist and Bone Health Expert (HPC: E27)

Tech neck? Text neck? Whatever we call it, we can’t deny that we spend WAY too much time looking down these days! Alarmingly, it’s changing the shape of our spine. 😮 My guest today is a physical therapist and integrative health coach who believes bone health starts with good posture, and I am so honored to have gotten all this practical advice from Margie Bissinger! When I first heard her speak, I was texting my mom all sorts of notes about bone health, and after today’s interview, we started making little changes in our own family to improve our posture. Start young before bad habits kick in! In this video we talk about: Why posture is important – it impacts [Read more...]

The Boiled Husband Speaks on a 10-Year Shift to Real Food (HPC: E26)

Raise your hand if you WISH your spouse felt the same way about healthy eating, natural living and/or parenting strategies as you! That would have been me for almost ten years, but all of that has changed. It’s been a long road, and today, my 10-year anniversary of helping families stay healthy without going crazy at Kitchen Stewardship, I’m interviewing my husband to share his story of being dragged along on this journey! We are 100% on the same page now, and it feels AMAZING. I can’t even tell you. But it wasn’t terrible as we worked through things the past 10 years, and today you’ll hear about how we maintained respect, the keys to helping someone learn about new [Read more...]

Eating Disorders Expert & Dietitian on How to Foster a Healthy Relationship with Food for Your Kids (HPC: E25)

The very morning I did this interview, my husband was complaining about how badly he felt because of a certain number…and when I heard Heidi’s final “practical” challenge to parents, I knew we had to do it. This interview was a HUGE paradigm shift for me, and you will alternately want to turn it off as it gets challenging and find yourself cheering out loud! Heidi Schauster is an expert on eating disorders and talks with me today about how we as parents can foster a healthy relationship with food for our kids. We cover risk factors for eating disorders, mindful eating, how to handle treats at school and elsewhere, what “rules” parents should (and should not!) have for food [Read more...]

Homemade English Muffins and Freeze-able Breakfast Sandwiches (HPC: E24)

Need an easy, freezer-friendly breakfast that is homemade and will keep your kids full of energy for a busy school morning? Teach them to make homemade English muffins and then add bacon and eggs…mmmm! These homemade English muffins are so easy even kids can make them! They are a “special treat” in our house because we rarely have gluten at all and especially not white flour (they’re half and half) but they’re still so much better than commercially produced bread of any kind. And for real – the way they make the house smell is worth any time put in! Plus of course…when we empower kids to make their own food, we build confidence and show them how important they [Read more...]

3 Vital Strategies for Families to Raise Successful Children (HPC: E23)

We all want to raise successful children — not just in the kitchen, but in life! I’ve had over 34 “kid years” of parenting experience and I invite you to learn from our successes and failures along the way. These are simple ideas…but not always a cinch to implement! The three vital strategies I’ll go over in this video are: 1. High Expectations 2. Consistency 3. Repetition No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes! Vital Strategies Video Time Stamps 2:46: We want to have high expectations for our kids. Most kids will never reach higher than we expect. We want to let them know that they have almost unlimited potential. There’s a fine line here. We don’t [Read more...]

Why Meal Planning is a Key to Healthy Eating for Kids with Chef Allison Schaaf of Prep Dish (HPC: E22)

When it comes to step ONE in healthy eating, I always come back to meal planning. I invited Allison Schaaf, pro chef and founder of Prep Dish, to chat with us on how to make it happen and some unique strategies she uses that are perfectly suited to families teaching their kids to cook! This week she has a special for listeners of The Healthy Parenting Connector: Join in on the 21-day Challenge. You will be prepping 21 days of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. Prep dish will create your shopping list and organize your prep to make meal time simple and effective. Check it out here. Here are some quick notes on what we covered: Most important [Read more...]

Picky Eating Solutions Using All 8 Senses (from a feeding expert)

Many parents feel their kids are “picky eaters,” and we definitely find here at Kids Cook Real Food that working in the kitchen, being involved with food through our online cooking classes for kids, really helps kids be more open to trying and appreciating new foods. But it’s not magic pixie dust, and it doesn’t “work” for everyone. I’m thrilled to share this special interview with Melanie Potock, a speech language pathologist, best-selling author and expert in pediatric feeding. Maybe it blew your mind as it does mine that there are really EIGHT senses, and not just the 5 you learned in elementary school. We talk about how to use those original 5 senses to widen kids’ palates and combat picky [Read more...]

Got Eczema? Tummy Trouble? Quenching Inflammation in our Kids – an Interview with Sheila Kilbane, MD (HPC:E21)

America is inflamed! Our kids are suffering in so many ways from inflammation – know any little ones with eczema, constipation, tummy troubles, recurring infections, chronic congestion, mouth breathers, bumps on the backs of their arms? You (and they) need this information about how diet will help bring inflammation down!! It even affects how responsive your body will be to a normal old cold, if you happen to be dragged down this year. 🙁 I’m so honored to host Dr. Sheila Kilbane, an integrative pediatrician, to educate us on this important issue. We talk about what fats to avoid and which to focus on to decrease inflammation in our kids. Dr. Kilbane gives 4 achievable action steps that busy parents [Read more...]