Cooking Video for Kids: Kale Chips Kids Love! Seriously, My Kids LOVE These

Kale chips are an incredible side dish as far as nutrients go, they’re perrrrfect for little ones to help with independently, and my kids literally include, “Thank you God for kale chips at dinner,” during evening prayers, they like them so much. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Snacks Kids can Make If you have some kale, time to use it! If you’re still shopping, time to grab some! Can’t view the video? Watch it here on YouTube. Kale Chips Recipe Kids Love Ingredients 1 medium bunch of kale Drizzle of olive oil 1/4-1/2 tsp. salt Directions Wash the kale really well and then rip it into chip-sized pieces. Don’t use the hard stem, tear the leaves away from it. Drizzle with olive [Read more...]

Cooking Video for Kids: Instant Pot Mexican Lentils and Rice Recipe

We’ll show you how to make a super simple, inexpensive dish that’s full of flavor – whatever flavor you choose! This is truly a “choose your own adventure” meal. It can be made in the Instant Pot and we show you how to make it Mexican, but we also like Italian  – what other flavors might you try? Can’t view the video? Watch it here on YouTube. This recipe is part of our Instant Pot SkillLab. For slow cooker instructions or Italian seasoning instructions join here! Grab your FREE Instant Pot Guidebook Instant Pot Mexican Lentils and Rice Recipe Ingredients 3/4 c. dry green lentils 1/2 c. uncooked rice, white or brown 3 tsp. taco seasoning 1/2 tsp. garlic powder [Read more...]

Q&A on Raising Healthy Kids with a Functional Medical Doctor

Today I’m here with Dr. Lauren Jefferis and we’re talking all about raising healthy kids by answering your questions! If you have a specific area of interest scroll below to see time stamps for each topic or watch the whole thing for some great advice to keep your kids healthy! Can’t see the video? View it here on YouTube. Q&A with a Functional Medicine Doctor Video Time Stamps 1:08: Dr. Jefferis introduces her medical background and how her own health struggles opened her eyes to the value of diet and lifestyle changes and other more natural approaches to health. What is a Functional Medical Doctor? 2:41: What is functional or integrative medicine? There is a focus on finding the root [Read more...]

How to Teach a Preschooler to Carry a Plate

This is a game-changer, parents!! When your 2 through 5-year-olds can carry dishes carefully, they can properly participate in family life by setting the table, clearing smaller food after a meal, and taking in their own plate to the dishwasher. I believe that our little kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit for in the kitchen. Give your preschoolers new skills and responsibilities and watch them rise to your expectations. Teach them intentionally to prevent messes – use our 4 steps and watch how smoothly it goes! FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Snacks a Preschooler can Make Can’t view the video? Watch it here on YouTube. 4 Steps to Teaching Preschoolers to Carry a Plate Feet Down [Read more...]

Easy Snacks for Kids: Homemade Blender Hummus Recipe

NO food processor (or adults) needed for this healthy snack! My kids will show you how easy homemade hummus is and how they even cut the veggies to go with it. Healthy Snack Kids Can Make Hummus and veggies are a great healthy snack! It contains protein, fat, and carbs for a balanced and long-lasting snack. When you eat fat with your raw veggies you actually increase the nutritional uptake! FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Snacks Kids can Make Homemade hummus is really easy, much cheaper than store-bought and you can avoid processed oils often found in pre-made hummus. Can’t view the video? Watch it here on YouTube. Blender Hummus Recipe Ingredients 1/2 cup tahini paste 1/3-2/3 cup water drained from beans [Read more...]

Kids Cooking Video: Homemade Ranch Dip for Veggies

Homemade snacks are so easy! Watch how your kids can make homemade ranch dressing and vegetables 100% on their own. The perfect snack! Most ranch dressings contain MSG (a neurotoxin), soybean oil (highly processed and no good), and added sugars (is that really necessary?)! Your kids can make this homemade ranch with healthy ingredients that actually help your body absorb nutrients from your veggies! FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Snacks Kids can Make The recipe for this dip is from our Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. The ranch seasoning is made in beginner lesson 4 and the dressing itself is made in intermediate lesson 1. If your kids love this recipe, we’d love to have you in the course! Homemade Ranch Dip [Read more...]

Healthy Dessert Recipe Kids Love: Dessert Hummus (3 Ways!)

Have you tried the “dessert hummus” you’ve seen in Aldi and other places? Did you know it’s EASY and INEXPENSIVE to make at home!?! Today’s video is a super fun snack or dessert made from pantry staples. It’s one of Leah’s favorite treats right now! We have three kinds of dairy-free dessert hummus and will demonstrate the chocolate chip cookie dough version, with all possible substitutions so you can make it no matter what you have at home. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Snacks Kids can Make Healthy Dessert Recipes Kids Love Chocolate chip cookie dough hummus (the one we demonstrate in the video) Chocolate dessert hummus (see recipe below!) Snickerdoodle hummus This is a great recipe for kids of any age [Read more...]

Kids Cooking Video: Potato Pancake Recipe

This Latke recipe (also called potato pancakes) is written in my own hand from 1988, when I would have been in third grade. Food has always been a part of my history, and this traditional dish from my Polish heritage is a perennial favorite. When I first served them to my husband, he was incredibly skeptical and didn’t think he’d like them, but now they’re a great go-to “breakfast for dinner” meal for the whole family. FREE DOWNLOAD: Kid Friendly Recipes Better yet, they’re an awesome way to have vegetables for breakfast! We all know we should be having veggies in larger quantities than most other foods, but sometimes they’re tough to get into the meal plan except at dinnertime. Why [Read more...]

Discipline With No Punishment at All! (Especially for Parents of Aggressive Boys!) (HPC: E95)

I used Tosha’s tips the very DAY we recorded this interview, and I have to tell you — they work. So well. Once you hear about her strategy for reducing frustration and nipping “negative spirals” in the bud, you’ll know why when my husband spent a ton of time hanging with our 5-year-old, Gabe, over Christmas break, he said: “You know, Gabe has had a really good break. He hasn’t been having any tantrums or behavior issues at ALL. And I’m really treasuring my time with him…he won’t be little for very much longer!!” FREE DOWNLOAD: 3 Ways to Build Brain Resilience Tosha Schore is a parent coach who specializes in the biggest surprise of her own life — parenting [Read more...]

Cooking Video for Kids: Healthy Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Recipe

This frugal BBQ chicken recipe is a great staple recipe! My kids and I make it several times a month. It can be made in the slow cooker or Instant Pot and it’s free of gluten, grains, eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, corn, sweeteners (optional), and more – so simple to feed everyone! FREE: Reading Nutrition Labels Worksheet I don’t know if you’ve looked at the ingredient labels on store-bought barbecue sauce lately, but yikes! You’re avoiding a lot of processed food additives when you make it from scratch like this! If you haven’t already figured out, my kids looooove this recipe. It’s very mild in flavor and easy to chew for tiny ones. Can’t view the video? Watch it here [Read more...]