Cooking Video for Kids: Cabbage Salad Recipe Kids Can Make

Cabbage is a great green vegetable with lasting power, so if I want to only shop every two weeks, I get lettuce for week 1 salad and cabbage for week 2. Today we will show you a Saint Patrick’s Day inspired cabbage salad that we make all the time… Leah just asked, “Where is the recipe?” “In my head!” I said. It’s that good. This recipe is pretty versatile and you can substitute the vinegar or herbs out for a different flavor every time! FREE DOWNLOAD: Paleo Snacks for Kids Older kids who know how to use a chef’s knife can make this on their own and younger kiddos can help measure ingredients and mix the dressing. Cabbage Salad Recipe [Read more...]

Chef Junior Authors on Kids Setting BIG Goals (HPC: E91)

It’s still crazy to think that my 15-year-old son (and his friends) are published authors. I’m beyond honored to have interviewed them for a Healthy Parenting Connector episode, especially after getting to listen in to their 5 TV appearances and 3 other podcast interviews!! They’re so poised and articulate! We want to show you today 2 big ideas: Why the cookbook Chef Junior is SO special and really fills a need To inspire you and your kids to set big goals and really believe that kids can do so much more than we expect! As much as I feel like a failure as a parent many days, I dust myself off and keep trying — and I think all of [Read more...]

Kids Cooking Video: Healthy, 2 Ingredient Gelatin (Homemade Jello Recipe)

One of the greatest joys of my kitchen is watching my kids devour and truly enjoy real, nourishing food, especially when it’s not particularly kid-friendly in most people’s eyes. I’m proud of them for being counter-cultural. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Snacks a Preschooler can Make The second best kitchen moments in the Kimball household? Successfully making fun food that looks like other kids’ food but is devoid of synthetics and yucky ingredients and watching my kids enjoy that. It’s good for them to feel normal sometimes, too. Homemade Jello Recipe with 100% Fruit Juice The first time I tried this technique, I thought I must have missed a step. Not because it didn’t work, but because it was SO easy that [Read more...]

Don’t Let Anxious Kids Avoid Scary Things – What to do Instead with Family Therapist Andi Grandy (HPC: E90)

Family Therapist Andi Grandy spends much of her time helping parents get their anxious kids and teens to go to school. Straight up, they will let their cell phones be taken away and forfeit bribe payments because they really don’t want to go. Those aren’t the right strategies…but what is? I heard Andi speak in person and knew I needed her on the Healthy Parenting Connector. Today you’ll learn: Some popular myths behind WHY teens might be more anxious these days (some shocked me that aren’t part of the issue!) The biggest change in the last 20 years that may be causing our kids to have less capacity to deal with normal, everyday issues How this time of quarantine is [Read more...]

Easy Snacks for Kids: Famous Homemade Granola Bars

Famous homemade granola bars! This easy snack for kids has been a favorite recipe on Kitchen Stewardship for a long time and we are excited to show you how really simple it is! This recipe can be adapted to be gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free. Plus we have a magic re-toasting trick to make your bars stay together without crumbling at all. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Snacks Kids can Make I get at least 20 good-sized bars from this recipe. I figure it might be the equivalent of 3 boxes of Quaker chewy granola bars, so even though butter and honey are on the pricey side, this still works out to be nicely frugal and so much healthier. Easy Snacks for Kids [Read more...]

Simple Strategies to Relieve Anxiety as a Family

I love stress mastery for its impact on anxiety! Becoming a certified stress mastery educator was partly because I wanted to learn how to help others with this journey we’re on, but also because I needed these skills for myself! I’m so happy to have this foundation and knowledge to help us all through these challenging times we’re living in right now! What is Stress Mastery? (and What It Isn’t) Many people talk about stress management – which is all about removing your stress. It’s often impossible to do that under normal circumstances, but can especially be a challenge in these days! If we can’t avoid or remove our stress, then what? That’s where stress mastery comes in! I love [Read more...]

Breaking Down a Family Power Hour & Why You Need One (HPC: E89)

Routines are my kryptonite. 🙁 Anyone else? I feel like every time I set a schedule, I’ve just wasted time writing down that schedule because I don’t stick to it. BUT during this quarantine time, I knew we needed a little structure. Nothing too strict, but some routines without times attached to them. We haven’t been perfect, but on the majority of the days, our little checklists make a huge difference in how the family runs! This interview was filmed last fall before anyone had heard of a coronavirus, but it’s SO much more applicable now. FREE DOWNLOAD: Kid Friendly Recipes Hear from the dynamic duo of Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell, with a combined 40 years of experience [Read more...]

Teaching Responsibility to Kids: Get Them in the Kitchen!

Girl blowing a bubble gum bubble with quote from Katie Kimball, Kids Cook Real Food creator. "I don't want my kids to be adults when they're 10, but I do want my kids to behave like adults when they're 18" We’re all familiar with the stereotypical 30-year-old adult living in the basement, right? Contributing little inside or outside of the home and still relying on parents to cook, clean, and do the laundry? I think most of us would agree that is not what we want for our kids. Our goal as parents is to raise successful adults. But there is no easy ‘adult’ button. No predetermined age when cleaning up after ourselves, cooking our own meals, pitching in on household chores, and serving our community automatically become a part of our daily habits. No, these things have to be taught, and teaching responsibility to kids is one of our most important jobs as parents. Responsibility can be developed in [Read more...]

Parenting Preschoolers with Intention (HPC: E88)

When parenting your preschooler doesn’t seem like the joyful experience you expected “BK” (Before Kids)…it might be too much of YOU and not enough of THEM. Montessori certified parenting expert and early childhood teacher Jeanne-Marie Paynel joins me today with incredible encouragement for parents of preschoolers. We talk about children’s basic needs and how parents really can enjoy raising self-sufficient and independent children withOUT the overwhelm or comparison game… In today’s interview you’ll learn: What a child-driven environment looks and feels like (and why it’s sooooo good for your kiddos!) How to stop yourself from interrupting your child’s development (flow) The joy of allowing children to be “with” us in mundane tasks How sitting on the floor for a while [Read more...]

Helping Your Child Manage Anxiety with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge (HPC: E87)

Funny story – we filmed this interview before anyone knew what “quarantine” was or why the coronavirus was going to take over our lives…but boy, is it more relevant than ever!! We know that (even before all this) anxiety was becoming a big issue for kids of many ages. Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge is an expert on kids’ mental health and wise voice for parents, and I’m so honored that she found the time for us! With truly 50% of kids experiencing anxiety, all parents need this one. You’ll learn: Why we have so much more anxiety these days (even before shelter-in-place orders!) What factors are making kids less resilient, both physically and mentally The difference between stress and anxiety (and [Read more...]